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  1. Not much love for Luers and South Side?
  2. Old school, I like that. Lymon was one of the best high school athletes I've seen in person. Easily top 5 out of the SAC. Right up there with the Rod Smith, Jaylon Smith, and John Goodman.
  3. If I'm being honest, I never took the NE8 seriously until this year. I think this conference is as strong as it's ever been. I love that NE8 teams have the opportunity to clash with the SAC in Weeks 1 & 2 now. I think that only makes the NE8 stronger moving forward. East Noble impressed me when they went up against Snider. Tonight I get a look at two more solid programs.
  4. Not sure why I thought that to be honest.
  5. Easily the game of the week in all of Northeast Indiana. This game needs a thread of it's own. Should be a heck of an atmosphere in New Haven, one that I'm looking forward to being part of. Columbia City is the higher ranked team in the AP Poll. New Haven ranks higher in Sagarin and Temp's Top 25. In the pick-em challenge, not one person other than yours truly is taking Eagles in this one. Honestly, the only reason I did that was to be different and take the risk. Is it really a risk picking the Eagles? I don't really think so. They were the top team last year in the NE8 and seem to have picked up where they left off from a season ago.................schedule so far as been suspect though. New Haven already has two quality wins over Luers and Leo. I think this one could go either way. The Bulldogs want to prove that they are the frontrunner to represent the North...............none of this Kokomo talk. Columbia City's getting no respect in this one, which could light a fire. Gimmie the Eagles by 7.
  6. Don't wanna hijack this thread. You might appreciate the new topic I'll be posting in 5 minutes.
  7. No kind of performance supplants Snider as the favorite. Snider has two good victories over Carroll and Warren Central. That being said, I think Valpo could be a co-favorite if they beat Crown Point by any amount.
  8. For sure. I get that divine intervention played a role in their final three victories last season, but they have nearly their entire team back. They have to be considered a serious threat to repeat. If Snider brings it every week, then the title is theirs to lose. Just don't underestimate the Vikings. Tomorrow nights game is arguably the best in the state. Right up there with Brownsburg/Westfield and Columbia City/New Haven.
  9. I get that. Both teams just seem to be playing at a level that hasn't been seen since LCC. I think either team would take 2A, and would easily make the 3A top five.
  10. True north vs south would be drawing a horizontal through downtown Indy. I view it as Central Indiana vs everyone else. I'm torn on Luers. This doesn't seem to be a good year for 2A North. No one is mentioning Valpo, that's dangerous. Lutheran vs AC seems to be set in stone. 6A North and 4A North are a crapshoot.
  11. I'm not so sure there's 53 teams out there that can beat them. I think they'll be a handful for Lutheran.
  12. Yes, impressive for a 1A school. Adams Central is right behind them. Looking forward to that matchup.
  13. Sagarin has it's flaws. Sure, I think it's a reasonable measuring stick, but I'm not going to lay any money on them (#11) beating Crown Point (#12), Warren Central (#14), Carmel (#15), Snider (#16), or Carroll (#17). In fact, every one of those teams beats Lutheran by multiple scores. I'm not predicting a running clock, because Lutheran does have a good team. But we have to be realistic and understand that Sagarin isn't the end all be all. I think Lutheran sits somewhere between 25-30.
  14. When Snider hits, they just seem to be able to hit back. The school districts are adjacent to one another and the rivalry goes back to the 80's and 90's when it was the most intense. Their coach even said it............."I just want to beat Tippmann." Nothing you said is wrong, it just seems like a different atmosphere when these two meet. North Side is always the underdog, so I think they normally 'want it' just a little more.
  15. Columbia City over New Haven. Might as well be the only person on this forum who says "I predicted it."
  16. Tried editing my last post.................. That link doesn't show anything. I did, however, find a video that showed the actual tasing. Abuse of power. I agree, he could have been wrapped up. I think the band director could have handled the situation in a MUCH better way, but didn't deserve to be tased. Now, looking at it from a cops point of view. Should a cop have to engage in a physical altercation? Tasing does seem easier. Doing what the cop says just seems to be the better decision in my opinion.
  17. I don't see any actual footage of the tasing. The video shows screaming in the beginning, then the cops telling him to go. I'm curious what happened in the moment that he was tased. Am I missing something. He seems like a great guy, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I feel that we're missing relevant footage.
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