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  1. Freeman won't ever be let go for not winning the big one, just as Kelly wasn't let go. If he can average 9 or 10 wins per season, his job is safe as long as he's running a clean program. Willingham and Weiss aren't good comparisons. Willingham couldn't recruit and Weiss just flat out lost focus after awhile. I think Notre Dame attracts the type of kid that think's he's capable of taking the Irish to a championship level. And if he doesn't, well, he has one hell of a degree to show for his hard work and time. Can a championship be achieved using the current model? I think so. If you look back over the last 13 or so years, Notre Dame's had at least two teams that were a great quarterback away from winning the whole thing.
  2. My vote is for Notre Dame to not sell their soul to the devil. Getting to a high profile bowl game with a bunch of smart kids should suffice. Throwing a bunch of academically unqualified young men into the university for the sole sake of winning a championship compromises the integrity of the university. And I'll be the first to admit, it's a breath of fresh air to see their kids intelligently articulate themselves during interviews after the game. The chances of Notre Dame winning a national championship is a lot lower than what it was back in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. The college football landscape has changed, integrity appears to be at an all time low. Finishing in the Top 10 is the new benchmark for the Irish unfortunately.
  3. The way I'm reading it, Bob is correct. The best Notre Dame can do is #5. The system already needs to be reworked though. I'm on board with the Big 10, ACC, and the SEC getting a first round bye. Each of those conferences are going to produce a legitimate contender. But with Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington jumping ship to the SEC and Big 10, I'm struggling with the Pac 12 and Big 12 getting that fourth spot. I get it, the NCAA wants the conference championship to mean something. But the Big 12 and Pac 12 aren't what they once were. Long story short? It's time for Notre Dame to make a move. The Big 10 makes the most sense. If Notre Dame wants their brand to stretch from coast to coast, the Big 10 will provide that and secure their annual game with USC. Keep Navy, ditch Stanford for Washington or Oregon. Replace Clemson with (cough cough) Maryland or Rutgers. Play one of those games on the road when hosting Navy that year. That way their brand on the East Coast remains. Notre Dame's only concern at this point is lack of brand in the Southeast.
  4. I think Amstutz is in the top five percentile as a head football coach. Hate to see him go, but I get the decision. Those are gritty kids up there in Kendallville. Hopefully their football tradition is maintained. Good luck to the next coach.
  5. Luke Amstutz leaves the head coaching position to become AD? Not an easy replacement, a major hit to the football program in my opinion.
  6. Why do you feel they lost that one game? There's flaws all over the place with these polls. Indy Lutheran isn't beating Carroll, sorry. They aren't beating Merrillville or Valpo either. No way no how. Side note: I do appreciate the polls and what they have to offer, we just have to acknowledge them for what they are. They're computers that process numbers. They've never seen a game.
  7. I'll give it "semi-accurate," right up there with Sagarin. Great polls for sure, but they have their flaws. Westfield and HSE over Crown Point? Snider at #12? I'll pass.
  8. Got it. I was wondering how she was 7th in the nation and 6th in the state. Thanks for the education :). That comeback from down 9-1 had to be quite the scene. Gotta love high school sports.
  9. So to clarify, she was ranked 7th in the nation among girls? Also, didn't know there was a girls tournament.
  10. I remember seeing her at a meet a couple years ago. My wife thought it was pretty cool to see a girl out there. I remember telling her that I respect the young lady for competing out there, but the chances of her winning were slim. Well, she won, and I'll never doubt another female wrestler again.
  11. I guess that explains why she's so damn good. Are you sure she's ranked 7th in the nation?
  12. Presuming she wrestles again today? Keep us posted.
  13. That's also a good point. As a fan, I'd take the 10th game in a heartbeat since the season always seems to go by quickly. I'm sure the AD's wouldn't mine the extra revenue that a 10th game would provide.
  14. Good point. Things are certainly different now than what they used to be. If I'm doing the math right, doesn't the risk for a player getting injured before the postseason go up approximately 10% by adding another game? Is it really worth it?
  15. As a fan, I don't care one way or another. I would imagine, as a coach, you're probably in the minority with regard to eliminating the scrimmage. I'm guessing most coaches would rather knock heads against another team in a practice game before kicking off when it actually counts.
  16. He's pretty good with an enrollment of 2100. Scary how good he could be with 3500. But where is he more than likely going to make deep runs in the playoffs? He might be better off at Valpo in 5A..................Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Marshall take over at Penn. The Kingsmen would be a force. I think the rest of 6A north would have their hands full.
  17. I love Notre Dame as much as anyone, but high school championships are meant to be played inside :). Let's do semi-state in South Bend, I'm down for that.
  18. I second that. No point in allowing weather to be a determining factor in the state championship.
  19. Without running the numbers, I always felt that it should be 32 in 6A and 32 in 1A. Well, I guess that's why we run numbers. IHSAA got it right.
  20. That makes more sense. Actually, won't they stay in 6A since they won a sectional?
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