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  1. On that note, I knew it would be a matter of time until one of the other eleven topics would be brought to the table. I'll be the first: 4. New topic coming soon. 11. Were spoiled in Northeast Indiana with high school football coverage. The media eats it up. What's not to like? You have Snider, Dwenger, and Luers with their many state titles. Homestead, Leo and Carroll have top notch facilities and threaten to be a statewide player year in and year out. Throw in the occasional Concordia and Wayne, and you have some pretty interesting football up here. Not to mention other teams in the Fort Wayne viewing area. South Adams, Adams Central, Eastside, and East Noble. Then you have Summit City Sports that provides every SAC game every Friday night. Again, pretty lucky here in the Summit. As far as interviews go. Didn't you get a response from Snider and Carrroll?
  2. Add Penn and Bloomington South to the list. Indiana has been well represented over the years considering we're a "basketball state."
  3. At the end of the day, it's fun to see your team ranked high in the USA Today Top 25. That's where we're at with Center Grove. Warren Central, Ben Davis, Carmel, Cathedral, and Snider have been there. Some finished 1st, some 4th and 5th, and others 15th. It's a fun poll, that's all that it is. There is absolutely no way to determine where a team falls in the Top 25 without playing one another. Again, it's a fun poll, and that's it. Maybe Center Grove is 5th, maybe they are 25th, who cares. They are state champs and that is what matters most. Center Grove will go down as one of the better Indiana teams of all time, and that in itself is a major compliment.
  4. I believe Carmel was Top 5 in 1986. And they weren't even the best team in the state. Take it with a grain of salt. Ben Davis 1991? I thought they finished 1st that year.
  5. Agree. But I would bet any kind of money he doesn't duplicate the success he had at Florida or Ohio State.
  6. When I first saw it, it looked brilliant on the part of the quarterback..........and it actually kind of was. But also b---s--- at the same time. He was basically telling the defenders.............."hey guys, I'm about to slide, please don't hurt me." They defenders clearly let up in order to protect the guy. Good rule change.
  7. Correction, Michigan came in at #12 (not including this year). Hardly reason to fire a coach.
  8. Good post. I about vomited when someone suggested he be the next coach at Notre Dame. He's washed up, I think you are right about the MAC...........or a low level Power 5.
  9. I just saw that Vegas has Georgia as a 7.5 favorite. This game may be the most fascinating of the entire football season. Of the four contests pitting the SEC vs the Big 10, Vegas has the Big 10 winning three. I'm looking forward discussing who the best conference in the country is after the post season. Right now I give the edge to the SEC. We shall see.
  10. Once again, let's talk about body of work. Up until this year, Harbaugh had never beaten Ohio State or made the playoffs. Somehow that equates to him being a poor football coach. Earlier this year sometime, I put together a topic discussing the who the top football program in the country were over the last five years. Surprisingly, and quietly, Michigan graced a ranking of 6, 7, or 8 I believe. Anyway, they were in the Top 10, which is pretty damn good. It just goes to show you that the only thing fans seem to measure Michigan by is their ability to beat Ohio State and make the playoffs. That's a pretty high standard. Those affiliated with Michigan should be flattered.
  11. And Snider had two weeks to prepare while Homestead did not. Snider drew a bye while Homestead had a tune up game against Marion that was over at halftime. I put 2002 right up there with 1998. I'll always be an advocate for seeding.
  12. I can't really argue other than "almost losing to Toledo at home." Notre Dame is a far much different team not than they were then. Their new quarterback and entire offensive line was trying to find their stride at that point in the season. That being said, Notre Dame is where they deserve to be at #5. Some people will make a case for Ohio State, but I'm going to stick with what I said a couple of weeks ago. No team with two losses should be in the playoffs. If you lose two games in the regular season, you can't call yourself champions in the NCAA. On a different note. I just saw that Kyren Williams opted out of the game against Oklahoma State. Not sure how I feel about this. We come down hard on coaches for leaving before the post season. Should it be ok for a player to say, "nah, I'm not playing in the game. " What's to stop them I guess, they could just quit.
  13. They didn't know what hit them. Too many expectations to win that game. They weren't ready for what Alabama brought to the table. They'll do better as the underdog next time around, if there is one. What is your spread on Georgia/Michigan? Without looking at the Vegas odds, I'm gonna say Bulldogs by 4.
  14. And they were up 10-0 at one point early in the game. It takes a good team to do that.
  15. I don't think so either, but he does make a decent point. Should any team that gets waxed at the end of the season go to the playoffs? The committee thinks so. Notre Dame last year and Georgia this year...............body of work. I'm good with that.
  16. Homestead's 2002 team that didn't even get out of sectionals might have been their best team ever.
  17. Should Cincinnati and Notre Dame have bumped Georgia?
  18. I'm not sure how you can put Cincinnati over Georgia. Remember, the committee stresses the importance over body of work over the entire season. Georgia's resume is a bit more impressive than Cincinnati's. I actually thought they got the seedings correct. I think, if anything, Michigan could have made a push for #1. In the end, I think they got it right.
  19. Four pages of this crap and you single out Temptation? What am I missing here? Keep up the good work DT. You provide 50% of the (good) content on this forum.
  20. All good points, but I'm still rolling with the Dawgs. I've been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. I put a lot of stock into how two teams did against a similar opponent. Maybe too much stock? Possibly.
  21. Was that Rex Grossman? Snider had a chance to play them the year before, but fell to Penn in the "Mud Bowl." Snider/Homestead 1997/1998 was a great two year rivalry. Both teams manhandling their opponents leading up to the games. Huge crowds.
  22. After Notre Dame, I root for Indiana and Purdue. Then I pull for our midwestern neighbors. I'm with you on this. I want Michigan to win badly for the Big Ten. They have as good of a shot as anyone in my opinion after their eye opening 42-3 victory over Iowa. Why Georgia? Mainly because they beat every team they played in the SEC by a decisive margin leading up the Bama game. And I think we can agree that the SEC is the best conference in the country. I was really impressed during their three week stretch against Arkansas (37-0), Auburn (34-10), and Kentucky (30-13). Then they thumped Florida on their home their home field. A Florida team that is a few plays away from being a two loss team. They pass the eye test for me. In my opinion, based on their body of work for the entire season, they are still the #1 team in the country. Why they laid an egg against Bama is beyond me. We'll find out more in the playoffs..........where I'll be rooting for Blue!
  23. I'll roll with 30% for Cincy. They'll be motivated. People have been doubting them all year. Alabama will underestimate them and won't know what hit them until it's possibly too late. I've got Michigan at 35%. I think they are pretty good and wanted to give them more, but Georgia will be on a mission. The Bulldogs feel that this is their year and want another crack at Alabama............but that could be an undoing of it's own. I'll take Ohio State by 14+ in the Rose Bowl. The west just doesn't pose much of a threat anymore.
  24. Shoo shoo, run along now little fella.
  25. After Notre Dame beats Oklahoma State by 14 and Ohio State beats Utah by 14, you'll still come on here and say that the Buckeyes would beat Notre Dame convincingly. The Committee, the AP, and Sagarin all disagree with you. It's no secret that you don't like the Irish.
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