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  1. Lol, if that makes you feel any better. Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Could sitting in a bus stagnant for 2 hours, then getting out and playing in wind chill temperatures of 5 degrees have contributed? Just saying. HSE had a lot of injuries that game. Carroll didn't. I dunno, maybe Carroll just hits hard.
  3. Penn is a bad example. It was just a few years ago that they embarrassed Carmel and this year they were leading Cathedral in the 3rd quarter. Elkhart is a brand new school, they won't win state overnight. Someone from the Region will have to tell you why Lake Central is bad. And no one ever said it was all about numbers. Numbers is just a major contributing factor.
  4. Hamilton Southeastern was obliterated by injuries during the game and Carroll was not. Was that a testament of Carroll's hard hitting ability? Or was there maybe a contributing factor?
  5. Best contribution so far. Rodney for Governor.
  6. Thank you for the education. My respect level for Chatard just shot up to my respect level for Dwenger.
  7. Eric Moore era.......two decades. I think we can move on from "recent." You guys keep bringing up Center Grove. Ok, we get it. Westfield is good, I'll give you that. But I'm citing state championships. Carmel, Warren Central, and Ben Davis own that category with 9 each. The three largest schools. It's not just coincidence, there's more to it. I'm sorry to rain on anyone's parade that "they just work harder and do it better." Center Grove has a long way to go to catch up, but they've certainly bucked the trend. Kudos to Coach Moore and the effort he has given that program over the last 20 years. You guys are exhausting.
  8. With the exception of Cathedral. If I'm a Catholic parent with a son who has D1 potential, I'm choosing Cathedral first and foremost. If travel is an issue, then I'm going with the team closer by......Roncalli or Chatard. I thought Dwenger was an anomaly. Are 95% of Roncalli and Chatard's players from within their feeders?
  9. When did I say class had anything to do with it? Football inside the circle (IPS) stinks no matter the enrollment.
  10. Not really. There are no other conferences from top to bottom, maybe the Duneland, that are anywhere near similar to the HCC and MIC in terms of enrollments. Bad example.
  11. All predictions go out the window in Friday's weather conditions. To be fair, same can be said for the HSE/Carroll game.
  12. Again, one example. Center Grove. Eric Moore could accomplish the same thing at any school in the state that is similar in size or SES. Geography doesn't matter in this case.
  13. "The IHSAA thru ticket sales and on-line profits are used for operations and supports the give back to schools." Not a horrible thing.
  14. I'm just saying football in inner city Indy is bad. I mean really bad. You have a point with Pike, I guess they are one mile inside the donut...........which is the area I cited.
  15. Private schools in Indy have a metro area of 2 million to choose from. I don't think Indy Catholics are a good example. Center Grove. Good example. But one example isn't good enough in my opinion. You guys keep hitting us with Center Grove. You can't erase the fact that the three largest schools in Indiana have won most of the large division championships. Friday's game: Center Grove is Center Grove. It's hard to predict against them. I'll say Trojans by 14.
  16. I'd take Fort Wayne South Side over most inner city Indy teams, maybe by a couple of touchdowns. South Side football isn't bad, it just looks bad because they play in the SAC. I'm pretty sure Carroll beats Warren Central. I have Snider and North Side even with the Warriors (this year). Indy is four times the size of Fort Wayne, so the list of schools competing with Warren Central is small.
  17. No, the arrogance isn't warranted. The large school divisions (6A and formerly 5A) have been ABSOLUTELY dominated by the 3 largest enrollment schools. Coincidence? Definitely no. Kudos to Center Grove for "debunking" that trend in recent years. Eric Moore is the real deal. For the most part, teams outside of the Indy area that are getting beaten by them are lower enrollment schools. Conclusion: The MIC contributed to what the HCC is today, and now the HCC is making them pay. "Competition breeds excellence." Indy suburban schools have either an enrollment advantage or an SES advantage over most of the schools they encounter outside of the Indy area. If I was forced to give an answer as to where the best football is played, I'd have to give Suburban Indy the edge. Good coaching + big enrollment + strong SES + strong competition = good luck to everyone else.
  18. Forgot to mention I was using the Sagarin ratings as a basis for my argument that "inside the Indy donut" schools are struggling badly.
  19. It's not pretend. Indy arrogance has been around quite awhile. It took years just to get anyone to acknowledge the enrollment advantage.
  20. If suggesting that Carroll being one of the Top 3 teams in the state makes me arrogant, then yes, I'm arrogant. It's not just one win Temp, they've been proving themselves all season long. They beat Snider, North Side, and Penn. Beat Homestead by a wider margin than HSE did. Beat Penn by a wider margin than Cathedral did. Beat a very good Jefferson team on the road. Why is it arrogant suggesting Carroll is Top 3. I'm starting to wonder if you really do want a team up north to do well. You seem a bit disturbed by the idea now that it's happening in real time.
  21. Can't read the story and won't. It's subscription only. I won't support any newspaper that clearly leans one direction politically. No different than FW newspapers. Those running the newspapers aren't smart enough to understand 'don't mix politics with business.' I think I get your point by looking at the title of the link. In most cases, every team has a story, some more powerful than others. Elaborate please. Thanks
  22. You and 75% of all the other posters are taking CG. Probably a smart pick. Damn, they're Center Grove. Sounds like an easy pick to me. I just find it hilarious that you guys continue to point out that football is "better" in Indy. The Indy burbs has some of the best football (with obvious advantages) in the state. Indy proper has some of the worst. It's a wash.
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