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  1. Not very often does the Snider staff play a player on both sides. It works for New Pal, but it's not Snider's model. I don't remember him playing defense, I could be wrong though.
  2. They can no longer lay claim to being that small school that competes with the Mega Schools.
  3. We're just getting started.
  4. How about the guy who got offers from Ohio State and Texas A&M............Demon Moore.
  5. Then you're in good company with Notre Dame and Michigan. Many fans are unaware of this and most probably don't care, but Michigan rivals any Power Five program not named Notre Dame, Northwestern, or Stanford when it comes to academic standards for student athletes. Looking forward to it.
  6. Maybe the rule is different for college and high school . Possibly the reason Bobref was incorrect on that one.
  7. Homestead and Carroll will always be 6A. Fort Wayne is experiencing a growth explosion.
  8. Nope. Body of work. Your Final Four is Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, and Cincinnati. No need to watch the show tomorrow. Iowa has a 0% chance of beating Michigan tonight.
  9. Is Baylor throwing this game on purpose?
  10. Lol. Thanks for the championship, here's your street sign. It's an interesting question. My guess is he get's the statue.
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