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  1. North wil have a new sectional 4 winner alright. I am incredibly bias here but think Westfield's program does it right. Since we are talking future I wonder if we will see seeding come about this decade? Who will change conferences? Will another class be added? Kickoff changed to perhaps the XFL version?
  2. I would have lost a bet. I thought we had the least, Westfield to Carmel stadium 5.9 miles. 1 stop sign, 2 round abouts, &1 light.
  3. Who had the furthest to travel for the sectional championship game? How does that compare to your furthest regular season schedule?
  4. What's a computer? 😀 I agree that it's a back and forth game. I say Sullivan takes this one by 1 score. Gold Pride!
  5. I'm hoping to find some school's who have recently completed a fitness room. Looking for vendor's for weight equipment and cardio equipment. Thanks
  6. Westfield had a middle school B team game vs Mt. Vernon (Fortville) many moons ago. The next day I get an email from a mom who went for a loooooong drive to watch her son play some football. Apparently there are 2 Mt. Vernon's in our state. You would think after so long she would have turned around. Still laugh every time I hear the words " Mount Vernon". Can't make this stuff up.
  7. If this goes in a different forum I apologize, I couldn't find the youth forum. For several years Westfield Middle School has hosted a 7 on 7 scrimmage for incoming 7th and 8th grade teams. We play for about 20 minutes then switch who plays who. I would like to invite you and your teams to join us. This year I am trying an evening rather than Saturday morning. We will play from 6-8pm (possibly a little later on the ending time) on July 18th. If you are interested but the date is what is holding you back feel free to throw out a date and time you can come visit us. We host workouts for our players on Mon and Thursday mornings so fitting in a 7 on 7 scrimmage with just 1 team would also be doable. I already have 2 teams committed. We limit this to 6 teams per grade. We play on the turf as well as grass fields. There are no refs for this, coaches make the calls. I have charged officially in the past but I going to let you decide if you want to donate. I have used the 7 on 7 fee to fuel our community service projects. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Email is hagemeiert@wws.k12.in.us
  8. Slightly disappointed Steve Lattimer and Lucy Draper did not make it to the big dance.
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