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  1. The EIAC in sectional 32 has 6 teams. SD and L'Burg will inevitably play week 9 and 10.
  2. I'll tell you, as a coach at a 3A school, that has been shrinking for the last several years, we are tired of having an enrollment of ~680 and facing schools with enrollment of 1100+. Presumably a few other schools in similar situations, so we are pretty pumped about the change.
  3. South Dearborn High School in Aurora, Indiana is looking to host 3 teams for a 7v7 on Wednesday, June 15th from 5p-7p on the turf field. This will be a light competition, each team will compete with each other for 30 minutes. (15 min offense/ 15min defense) Any Interested teams, please contact myself (kenny.higgins@sdcsc.k12.in.us) or HC Rand Ballart (rand.ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us) SD football boosters will provide hot dogs, chips and water for visiting teams following the competition.
  4. I believe there's a conference bylaw that requires all or nothing.
  5. I would be in utter shock, if they split up L'burg, South Dearborn and Madison from the rest of the 3A EIAC schools. (I know Madison isn't in the EIAC)... Just makes too much sense geographically to have them all together.
  6. Oh no that makes total sense, and I agree, I was simply saying if they want to continue this format, it would need to be revamped heavily. Based on those new enrollment numbers, only one team in the conference will be in the 4A division. EC
  7. Lawrenceburg wouldn't be required to play those schools, East central doesn't currently play all the conference teams, only the ones in the 4A "division". The difference between Lburg and EC is that EC is the odd man out population wise in the EIAC, Lburg fits with the rest of the EIAC size wise. The entire conference structure will likely have to be revamped with most of the schools falling to the 3A class
  8. East Central, Connersville and Rushville from the EIAC. All for different reasons, but all three of these teams would likely be better served in different conferences. East Central may benefit from being independent, better competition available to them, and ability to keep existing rivalries (Lburg, SD, Harrison OH)
  9. Did the Connersville job come open? I haven't seen that anywhere.
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