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  1. By all means please provide a comprehension list of these "sins", as defined by the Christian Holy Bible.
  2. No Dante, yours did. But you go right on believing your are right. After all you are a supposed educational professional.
  3. David Koch, Billionaire Conservative Philanthropist Dies: https://www.nationalreview.com/news/david-koch-billionaire-conservative-philanthropist-dies/ Methinks some here on the GID will be overjoyed by this news.
  4. Looks like your English teacher failed you as well. I didn't know the U.S. Constitution was written in Old English, as you intimated in your original statement.
  5. Just because you and your students refuse to learn and understand Old English is no reason to throw the document out.
  6. For me a break in this hot, humid weather means a rare opportunity to go hiking/backpacking for the weekend. I'll be in the woods, not in the stands. Sorry.
  7. I know you are joking, but you may not want to go there. At least that is what I was told growing up.
  8. True. You have/are probably going to receive far more from the ponzi scheme than you ever paid in.
  9. Yes, he did. Your continued disparaging remarks of a dead man who knew more about history and government than you obviously every will is duly noted. Do you teach your students that the founders fathers were in effect arch-villains? What is your true history of slavery in the United States, gonzo?
  10. Since I don't have that sweet, sweet, SS money stuffed underneath my mattress like you do such an expense is currently beyond my means, Mr. Huskie.
  11. As part of its ambitious “1619” inquiry into the legacy of slavery, The New York Times revives false 19th century revisionist history about the American founding.: https://reason.com/2019/08/21/the-founders-were-flawed-the-nation-is-imperfect-the-constitution-is-still-a-glorious-liberty-document/ Agreed. Methinks this New York Times series is but another effort to popularize and push reparations on the general public. As one of the comments to this commentary states: "Let’s not be deceived about the real purpose of this series: There is a presidential election in fifteen months, the incumbent president is a Republican, the Democrats lost the last presidential election because African-American voters did not turn out in the numbers they did in 200 and 2012, and the Democrats and their allies in the media are bound and determined not to let that happen again. Thus, the incessant drumbeat about racism, white supremacy, reparations, and the legacy of slavery. Which is not to say that the incumbent Republican president doesn’t play into their hands by providing constant fodder for his opponents. But there clearly is a reason this “1619 Project” was not published during the Obama years."
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