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  1. Yet they are still most likely "here on our shores" today, regardless of the American lives lost of the last 20 years.
  2. Guess it depends on your perspective. My last property tax bill was for approx. $900. For the entire year.
  3. While I understand the meaning behind Veteran's Day, in today's America or the America of the last say 60 years, the statement "the other died for your freedom" frankly doesn't hold water. What military event since WW2 has been even a remotely serious threat to American sovereignty and "my freedom"? I say zero, and most it not all the recent military adventurism in the Middle East has been to protect oil or drug interests.
  4. Where did I say that I cared? Only an observation, that's all. Sushi at a government high school cafeteria is not the norm for the state of Indiana, wouldn't you agree?
  5. I don't recall ever saying that it was.
  6. It was closed. I had a cheese sandwich, a stale bag of chips, and some lukewarm lemonade for lunch.
  7. I had an opportunity to visit the Carmel High School "Freshman Center" this past weekend. What a monument to government spending and excess. I'm sure the overtaxed residents of Carmel/Clay township are proud of their boondoggle. Did you know at the "Freshman Center" cafeteria you can purchase sushi for lunch?
  8. But teenagers attending p/p schools are frequently different than their government school counterparts. It is one the numerous advantages p/p schools have.
  9. Links please. My consistent principles are maximum personal freedom and minimal government. What are yours?
  10. Do you think there should be? Just mimicking the big government, socialist stances you have taken in the past on this forum.
  11. Well, there ought to be a law forcing them to take this child, right?
  12. So government schools are the only option for those kind of students? I find that hard to believe.
  13. So this Wildcat Strike date is on all government schools calendars, Irishman? What happens if we get the horrible, horrible winter as predicated and the weather eats up all the allocated 'snow make up days' that usually allocated in the spring? A child's summer vacation has to now be shortened because some teachers want to stage a one day Wildcat Strike. Once again the children get the shaft......................
  14. Looks like it's now up 20 government school corporations calling off classes on 11/19 to allow their teachers to strike. Add the Community Schools Frankfort to the list.
  15. Looks like at least two more government schools districts are ignoring their educational mandates and closing due to teachers calling a de-facto one day wildcat strike on Nov. 19th: https://www.wthitv.com/content/news/Vigo-County-Schools-call-snow-day-on-Red-for-Ed-Action-Day-564657641.html https://www.wthitv.com/content/news/North-Central-Parke-Community-Schools-announce-closure-on-Red-for-Ed-Action-Day-564660721.html
  16. Approx. 10% of the K-12 education market is not "flourishing", no matter how you cut it. And the public sector unions like the ISTA and NEA are fighting school choice away from traditional government schools tooth and nail. *yawn* Whatever you say Joker.
  17. Agreed. So why does government education pigeonhole/own something like 90% of the K-12 education market? And I have never advocated for one method of education. Without the government school hegemony private schools, parochial school, homeschooling, co-op schools, etc. will flourish and grow. All potentially different methods of education.
  18. When do the amount of "personal days" become a de-facto strike, which IIRC is illegal for public sector unions under Indiana law? How many government school corporations are going to be shut down due to these 'personal days', Irishman? The last count I saw says 17, and that will probably climb. I believe burning crosses and carrying confederate flags, while distasteful and nothing I personally approve of, are allowed under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
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