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  1. Purdue QB Brady Allen enters transfer portal a second time: https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/college/purdue/football/2023/04/25/purdue-qb-brady-allen-enters-transfer-portal-a-second-time/70151477007/ Trading Indiana High School Football Royalty for D1 Program Mediocrity is a tough pill to swallow. I hope Mr. Allen can find a happy home somewhere.
  2. Harry Belafonte, activist and entertainer, dies at 96: https://apnews.com/article/harry-belafonte-dead-2d8cbdf0043e4383a6c4a85c862cdbe1?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=TopNews&utm_campaign=position_03 Truly an American Icon. He will be missed.
  3. https://reason.com/2023/04/25/robbed-by-the-taxman/ There is practically nothing government will not attempt to steal from it's citizens.
  4. But Bud Light isn't beer. It's practically tasteless swill.
  5. Bribes or blackmail immediately come to mind.
  6. I never said to screw CG at all costs. And you never answered my question concerning 3A/4A A.D.s & coaches. Exactly how am I purportedly "lost"?
  7. So theoretically Center Grove, or any independent school for that matter, could choose not to schedule any regular season games, then be allowed to enter the IHSAA state tournament. I'm liking Bob's long standing contention that Indiana needs a playoff qualification system more and more.
  8. I haven't been compiling those statistics and posting them on the GID for several years now. Frankly I got bored with it, but your statement may make me reconsider for the upcoming season. Depends on how much time I have.
  9. What 3A/4A A.D. or Coach in their right mind would willingly schedule Center Grove at the moment? They either must believe than can make mucho $ at the gate or they are truly desperate.
  10. I'll leave that to the rules lawyers at the IHSAA to work out. But in my mind scheduled <> played. What ultimately should count is what teams take the field on that Friday night. Schools, primarily government schools, are political entities. Always have been, always will be.
  11. Yeah, maybe lazy. But mostly true nonetheless. Five games was not an arbitrary selection. In a 9 game regular season 5 games constitutes the majority (> 50%) of that that season. Hence my choosing fives games, so that schools have to play the majority of their regular season games against other IHSAA schools. If my 5-game proposal along with no other scheduling proposals would be approved by the IHSAA executive board then yes, they would have that collusion power.
  12. Encourage the competitive inclusion of member schools to schedule games/contests again each other and not non-IHSAA member schools.
  13. I'd move to Thorntown just for the BPT and onion rings at Stookey's.
  14. Should they be punished for 3 straight 6A state championships? No, I don't believe they should. But other IHSAA member school A.D.'s seem to feel differently. Do you believe the IHSAA should step in and force other member schools to schedule CG football? And life isn't fair, regardless of how little thought you believe it takes. Admitting such is along the path to wisdom.
  15. Why be a member of the IHSAA if you are not going to schedule games against other IHSAA schools?
  16. It usually does work. It's not the IHSAA's fault that CG has become some kind of football scheduling pariah.
  17. Because IMHO if you want to be an IHSAA state champion you should then play predominately other IHSAA member schools during the regular season. If the IHSSA would adopt this rule then its approach to regular season scheduling would not longer be as much "hand-off", would it?
  18. A 5-Year-Old Pulled Down a 3-Year-Old's Pants. The Preschool Workers Are on Trial.: https://reason.com/2023/04/03/poncha-springs-schoolhouse-daycare-kids-preschool-trial/?itm_source=parsely-api *sigh* *groan* What is wrong with this country?
  19. Not with it's current 2023 schedule, no. And I expressed my reasoning in a previous post. Sorry for the children but also as I stated before life isn't fair. Get used to it.
  20. Because in the IHSAA tournament you will only be playing IHSAA member schools, correct? Therefore IMHO the majority of your regular season competition should be against those IHSAA member schools. Otherwise go play in some other states' tournament.
  21. Stuff of Parents’ Nightmares: Washington State Bill Hides Runaway Kids From Transgender-“Unsupportive” Parents: https://www.heritage.org/gender/commentary/stuff-parents-nightmares-washington-state-bill-hides-runaway-kids-transgender The horrifying reality is that Washington’s bill is not the first of its kind, nor is it likely to be the last. Within a few months of Washington’s introduction of the bill, California—already a “sanctuary state” for minors seeking so-called gender transition—fell in line and introduced a similarly devastating bill. The California proposal would allow a minor to obtain “gender-affirming” mental health interventions without parental knowledge or consent. But all is not lost. Some states are taking the opposite approach of California and Washington. In response to increasing attempts to transition children in the state of Missouri, for example, Attorney General Andrew Bailey recently issued an emergency order restricting the use of experimental transgender interventions on minors. His order was backed by a group of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals, despite the predictable hue and cry of “bigotry” from transgender activists. In addition, bills like California’s and Washington’s are so devastating to parental rights that they are unlikely to survive a legal challenge. As I’ve written about here, the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized for at least 100 years that the Constitution protects parental rights to direct the upbringing of their children. As recently as 2000, the Supreme Court reaffirmed that parental rights were among the “oldest of our recognized fundamental rights.” In the meantime, parents who are skeptical of government efforts to divest them of their right to parent their kids might want to start looking for real estate in places like Missouri. This is scary, scary stuff for parents. Let us all hope this never happens here in Indiana.
  22. I just said your angry and probably don't really care about the integrity of the IHSAA. Not your personal integrity. Stop taking things so personally Bash. I don't have a Twitter account and never will, so I can't comment on the average 15 year old on that service. Why do you converse with 15-year old's on Twitter? I believe I would make a good IHSAA commissioner. Probably doesn't pay enough though. You are welcome.
  23. In a way it is. If you can prove there has been actual collusion going on between multiple Indiana high hchool A.D.'s to deny Center Grove football contests then by all means provide that proof to the IHSAA. Otherwise the IHSAA should stay out of it, the last time I checked they were not in the business of scheduling regular season athletic contests. It is not. But it should be.
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