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  1. Anti‐School Choice “History” Keeps Getting the History Wrong https://www.cato.org/blog/anti-school-choice-history-keeps-getting-history-wrong A call for liberty that can only come with education pluralism was not pulled out of a historical vacuum, or based just on unhappy American Catholics, but centuries of European experience with religious strife. The need to defuse and avoid such strife is why many European countries, Canadian provinces, and other governments base education in choice of different religious schools and more. Of course, none of this gets a mention in MacLean’s piece. The other history that gets the silent treatment from MacLean is the mammoth and inescapable‐because‐government‐forced‐it segregationist history of public schooling. It was, indeed, government force that was the target of Brown v. Board, which is far more dangerous than private choice because it is ultimately imposed at the point of a gun. Even absent de jure segregation, government often de facto forced segregation via discriminatory housing policies, policies that have a lasting public schooling impact today. Perhaps because of public schooling’s long and expansive history of injustice, surveys have repeatedly shown that African Americans strongly desire school choice, which MacLean only hints at by writing that “some parents of color” have come to support choice. Research also suggests that private school choice in the United States has an integrating effect, as Friedman predicted. MacLean makes one more assertion: that Friedman wanted education to work as a free market, though she acknowledges that he said some government provision for the poor might remain. She then leaps to a conclusion: “The system…would produce staggering inequalities, far more severe than the disparities that already exist today.” MacLean offers no evidence for her conclusion. She just states it. This is a big problem, because the inequalities in the current, public school dominated system are very deep, with lower‐income students having much lower literacy and numeracy levels than wealthier children, whose tuition is often the staggering price of a house in a “good” district. More important, research suggests that choice not only leads to better outcomes for those who have it, but also public schools facing families with choice. Competition, it seems, powerfully incentivizes improvement. Of course, the ultimate case for freedom is not test scores or graduation rates, but that the massive force of government, which for so long was used to keep African Americans down, does not determine one’s fate. The formerly oppressed gain power of their own, no matter how much choice opponents try to claim the opposite.
  2. New York Firing Health Care Workers as COVID-19 Heads Northeast https://reason.com/2021/09/28/new-york-firing-health-care-workers-as-covid-19-heads-northeast/ The National Basketball Association does not have a league vaccine mandate on its players, but government mandates in New York City and San Francisco mean that three teams (the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Golden State Warriors) will be subject to the requirement. Brooklyn star point guard Kyrie Irving and Golden State forward Andrew Wiggins have been talking about missing all of their home games rather than acceding to the mandate. Far more consequentially, public school districts are beginning to adopt and enforce vaccine mandates on all eligible students. Culver City, California, started the trend, followed by the Los Angeles Unified School District, the country's second-largest. San Diego Unified was set to vote on a mandate Tuesday night. In a sign of blue-state policies to come, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona endorsed student vaccines last week. "I wholeheartedly support it," Cardona said during a visit to Detroit. "It's the best tool that we have to safely reopen schools and keep them open. We don't want to have the yo-yo effect that many districts had last year, and we can prevent that by getting vaccinated." Yet even unvaccinated kids remain overwhelmingly less likely to contract, spread, or suffer from COVID-19. Fears of the new school year generating a new surge of cases have proven unfounded so far. And the situation that Cardona is trying desperately to avoid—remote learning, which has proven educationally calamitous—will likely increase in communities where parents are skeptical about the cost/benefit ratio of vaccinating their kids. In fact, the LAUSD—where in addition to the vaccination mandate, all students and staff are tested weekly regardless of vax status—new enrollment figures for 2021-22 just came out, and they were three times worse than the district expected: a drop of 6 percent in just one year, after already falling 4 percent the year before that. Forcing vaccines on the unwilling has more consequences than merely increasing vaccination. So we're in uncharted territory here. If even 3 percent of any given population decides not to comply with vax mandates even under threat of government reprisal, that could have huge impacts on the public education system, the economy, and on hospital capacity. It's on that latter point in particular that policy makers should be looking at closely over the coming weeks, as they fire nurses and mobilize the National Guard. After the brutal COVID-19 wave in the South this summer, the 10 states with the biggest percentage increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks, led by highly-vaccinated Vermont and Maine, are all in the north. Vaccine mandates may well be the last illiberal push that results in the U.S. reaching some mythical pandemic off-ramp. But they may also create health care shortages in the Northeast right as the virus once again rears its seasonal and regional head.
  3. Cops Get Qualified Immunity After Jailing Florida Man for 'I Eat Ass' Bumper Sticker https://reason.com/2021/09/28/florida-man-jailed-i-eat-ass-bumper-sticker-free-speech-qualified-immunity-cops/
  4. Something about a player testing positive for Covid-19 resulting in something like half the team getting contact traced. A couple other FHS teams (IIRC Tennis and Soccer) had the same thing happen last week as well. That said Western Boone got their easy homecoming anyway by scheduling an equally moribund Hammond Central team.
  5. Frankfort is a "4A' school in name only. Due to socioeconomic realities it really only has about a 2A level talent/depth base. Therefore the Hoosier Heartland would be a good fit. The conference already has two 2A schools in Delphi and Eastern Howard.
  6. Yep, Tipton fans are mostly turds. I remember the days when they played Frankfort and the FHS team bus got pelted with frozen hot dogs as it was leaving Tipton.
  7. Hmm, in regards to football Crawfordsville is "fine". Really? : 2020 SEASON (0-10) 2019 SEASON (1-9) 2018 SEASON (1-9) 2017 SEASON (0-10) 2016 SEASON (2-8) 2015 SEASON (2-8) 2014 SEASON (2-8) 2013 SEASON (0-10) 2012 SEASON (1-9) 2011 SEASON (3-7) 2010 SEASON (1-9) 2009 SEASON (1-9) 2008 SEASON (4-6) 2007 SEASON (7-4) Looks like the citizens of Crawfordsville make tackle football the same priority as the citizens of Frankfort.
  8. Look for the Sagamore conference to be gutted within the next five years. One can easily see the likes of Danville, Lebanon, Tri-West, and Western Boone fleeing to greener pastures of the Indianapolis metro/urban-sprawl athletic conferences.
  9. My apologies. I meant SR75/SR32. SR47 goes thru Thorntown (had a great BBQ chicken meal at the Lions shelter during the Festival of the Turning leaves this past weekend) and SR75 goes south of town towards Dover. Hmm. It appears the Western Boone football program has outgrown the little 'ole Sagamore conference. It now has bigger fish to fry............... Look for the Sagamore conference to be gutted within the next five years. One can easily see the likes of Western Boone, Danville, Tri-West, and Lebanon fleeing to greener pastures of the Indianapolis metro/urban-sprawl athletic conferences.
  10. Good quote. I like this oldie but a goodie as well: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin
  11. Please explain this "benefit the team" rational. Is it primarily an injury risk factor, and exactly really how important is this "they play an offensive we'll only see once this year" excuse? Using this type of logic it makes sense for all the Sagamore conference AD's and varsity coaches to get together and agree on one offense scheme that all member schools would run. That way this "benefit" could be fully realized. Good to hear about the roundabouts. That intersection of SR32/SR47 in Dover is a mess. And Boone county is one of the doughnut counties, aka metropolitan Indianapolis. Ugly urban sprawl creeping north and westward is a given.
  12. Kokomo is coached by the young Austin Colby, son of Brett Colby, former Frankfort coach and one of the instigators of bringing the "Wing-T in a phone booth" offense to FHS. That offense gave other SAC teams fits for a few seasons until they started to figure out and the Hot Dogs ran out of good athletes to execute it. I can understand why the Western Boone coaching staff are afraid of the Wildkats. Oh, the Frankfort "program" is going nowhere fast. Not many people in this town really care, they are too busy working to keep a roof over their heads and food on the able for their families. American football is a frivolity for the majority of Frankfort residents, and they simply don't have the deep, deep pockets that the Western Boone farming community has.
  13. Irrelevant in regards to my direct question to you. Please tell us Bob, which school in the above scenario would you choose to play? And why?
  14. The Covid Vaccine Pass Slippery Slope: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-covid-vaccine-pass-slippery-slope/ Coming to an America near you.
  15. Again, human nature and the context surrounding this particular open date are all the support I need. Please tell us Bob, which school in the above scenario would you choose to play? And why?
  16. If you or @XStar were the Western Boone AD and had the choice to schedule either a competent 5A school in Kokomo or a moribund 5A school in Hammond Central to come to your field for a homecoming game which would you choose? After all one of the Western Boone homers on this board did say this: Yet here we are with the Stars playing a 5A school. So what exactly was the decision point between choosing 5A Kokomo or 5A Hammond Central? According to Harrell's the Wildkats still have an open date for 9/24, so it's not like Kokomo picked up an opponent while the Western Boone AD was mulling his options, leaving only Hammond Central available.
  17. National Cathedral Will Replace Confederate Stained Glass With Racial Justice Imagery: https://www.npr.org/2021/09/23/1040088768/national-cathedral-confederate-stained-glass-windows-racial-justice-marshall
  18. Human nature. It's mostly tradition to schedule your homecoming games against a cupcake opponent. Don't want the fans and alumni to walk away from the football field disappointed.
  19. The Virus Isn’t Your Fault: Big-Picture Pandemic Data https://mises.org/wire/virus-isnt-your-fault-big-picture-pandemic-data
  20. https://reason.com/video/2021/09/23/magic-mushrooms-oregon-legalizes-breakthrough-treatment/ Good news. Once again government has no business telling adult individuals what they can or cannot put into their bodies.
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