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  1. He started one on the main forum to serve as a distraction as to what was going on, and it was moved here. He is one that did not dare to venture into the OOB Forum until now. 🙂 I did merge the two just now.......Welcome aboard Gipper.
  2. I REALLY hope you are right. BUT, with not to get too far off topic; if there is no viable vaccine, the fact is the virus will always be around, just like many other viruses and strains of them. With no vaccine, we could easily see another outbreak of this as people start going back to work, school and practice, as well as gathering in large crowds. Not to create fear, but the fact is we will wake up to a different world once this outbreak has eased up or even passed.
  3. My guess for the short term will be to ban workouts in June. I think we are in a wait and see mode through the month of May though. I don't think any decision will come sooner than mid May.
  4. He has the reach of an OT. He is MUCH more fundamentally sound as an OL than he is a DL. It is obvious from the few plays on DL that the coaches just let him freelance and try to reek havoc in the back field with no real gap responsibility. As Coach Nowling said too, at that height, leverage would be an issue against O linemen he would be up against on the next level.
  5. A friend of mine brought up this question as well......remember late last year we were seeing the stories about so many people dying because their lungs were being destroyed by vaping? In general, vaping had not been considered that unsafe. It was the THC in the vape that was causing these problems. I am not sure what the thing is called that contains the material that is inhaled, but those were made in China. We had this discussion in our teachers lounge before the shutdown that there did seem to be a lot of absences and extended illnesses among staff and students late last semester. Not trusting the Chinese government at all, I have little doubt the virus was here before they reported their first cases.
  6. 3M is making 10 million masks a week, but the person in charge in Florida cannot buy a single one because he does not have the cash up front to pay for them. 3M says their dealers are selling them to foreign countries for cash up front though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW3dyjRR8V8&fbclid=IwAR1YXguEPXmCVFu_G7N1LXEZ8VNVFvBkG2Sn2Jq6MaOB_9WQE8fhMNnCdpA
  7. I understand your position on this, but I also understand the concerns about the virus. It is a double edged sword. How many lives are worth losing to keep the economy going? Is it worth contaminating the food supply chains that exist in the country? How many people would lose their jobs because they do get sick, and need the extended time off beyond what an employer allows? Are we ok with the notion that with no limits, that hospitals will be the ones deciding who to treat and who to not treat? I already know of a few cases in this area of those choices already being made, but with no closures or orders, how many more would that involve? Ultimately, wouldn't the economy end up being just as damaged or even worse than it is now if there were not bans or restrictions in place?
  8. I get that; neither statement answered my question though. But, based on your logic, you are saying we SHOULD be listening to Dr. Fauci then, who said we need further testing, research, etc. before approving this drug for this treatment, since he IS an expert in the field and NOT to President Trump, since he is not an expert, right?
  9. Notice the very top of the article is labeled in large print "Opinion". I have seen "opinions" on a lot of topics that have been published; from both sides. So, what exactly in the article is inaccurate? IF this treatment does work; awesome. But the comparisons to people who have been treated with it to those who were not are not overwhelmingly convincing. If we reach a point where there is no doubt, awesome. I really do hope this does work in the long run, especially since I am in a higher risk group. The one concern the article did raise is that people who need the drug for treatment of Lupus, are being left short of the supply they need because so many others have chosen to self medicate with it.
  10. Says the guy who reacts by unpinning a topic the OWNER posted and pinned. DK is not a moderator; his time, effort and financial commitment to this site earns him the right to pin whatever topic he sees fit.
  11. Don't like it, you can leave. We have had plenty of conversations about pinning topics. Not getting into that whole discussion again. Want to pin your own opinions, do it in your own club. Pinning an opinion implies that it is the opinion of the administrators and moderators on the GID. While many may hold a similar opinion, it is not an official stance.
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