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  1. I hope he gets the help he needs
  2. Not sure what you are not getting about my repeated replies of "stop tagging me". I am not interested in engaging in any conversation with you; stop trying to draw people into them. Your assumptions in attempting to do so are not accurate ones; so just stop.
  3. There are other places on this site to critique specific writers. Stick to the original topic please.
  4. GFY and stop tagging me to stir up stupid shit like this.
  5. I remember that North South game, David Herrick from WC (and then to Michigan) played on the O Line. Those Washington teams were tough too. We barely beat them the following year by just 2 points in the Sectional.
  6. And Hank Aaron’s 715th home run
  7. Think of all the great baseball Vin saw; including the career of Jackie Robinson.
  8. This is awesome.....a true American Classic. RIP Vin
  9. The 6 game suspension was an arbitrator's ruling. I saw this from today: Again, I believe the sticking point for the case is zero indictments. "NFL is appealing for an indefinite suspension that would be a minimum of one year. But perhaps more significant given the structure of Watson's contract, source tells me the NFL's appeal will also include a monetary fine. Money is now a significant part of the equation."
  10. My views are based on the way politicians are voting on the matter. I have no doubt that if the Kansas legislators had the level of control over referendums that Indiana legislators do, that this would not have been a ballot issue. That said, it should serve as a wake up call.
  11. Lars Tate passes at the age of 56. We was an outstanding RB for North Central. He gave us all kinds of trouble at WC way back when. Prayers to his family, friends and teammates. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34336979/lars-tate-former-georgia-football-star-nfl-running-back-dies-56
  12. Classic voice of the game. RIP Vin https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34338705/vin-scully-iconic-former-los-angeles-dodgers-broadcaster-dies-age-94
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