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  1. I think the rule of thumb for some time was "can I raise my draft stock?" If not, you go; if so, you stay.
  2. I was way back when. IUPUI actually had a class in it; I got licensed in football, softball, baseball, and swimming.
  3. That is EXACTLY what they did. The actual decisions are being made by the local schools/districts.
  4. Stopping this post now. There is no new info. This is NOT a platform to simply spout political views. It started halfway down the worm hole the other locked posts ended up in. And NOTHING has been added to raise it. Plenty has been done to drive it urther down that wormhole; with the usual cast of characters taking the usual stances. BE BETTER
  5. And another downward spiral is going full force. Come on guys.
  6. I agree 100%. I pray we do not shut down. My confidence level is not as high as some here, but I hope we pull it off.
  7. In a perfect world, sure. But, if an offer has been made and the kid accepts(signs LOI), now the school has an investment; whether they redshirt or not. They have one less scholarship available for the year. In my 28 years now of coaching, I have no doubt many of those kids will be told to not play. Even if it is 1%, there is still an impact on the game or the team directly involved. In this area, St. Francis, NAIA is playing in the Spring, so that may take more kids out of the picture. Obviously, nothing is certain. I do believe the IHSAA is now all in on the season being this Fall, no matter what happens. We will not see an entire system shut down like we did in March with ALL schools statewide. Now, things could get bad enough to warrant that, but I cringe at the thought of how bad that would be.
  8. I disagree. The season would start after signing day. Any D1 kid would likely be told to skip the season, or work to get those kids on campus early. I am sure a few of those kids were actually planning to be on campus for the 2nd semester. There may even be FCS schools, and D2 schools doing the same; especially with many of them moving their seasons to the Spring already.
  9. I believe a couple people said they viewed a zoom meeting with Robert Faulkens, and he said that the minimum game standard has been waived.
  10. Ok....another one bites the dust. Having a topic or two regarding what is happening with schools opening and sports beginning is ok. The personal attacks are broing. Venturing off into the politics is for the OOB forum, not the football page. We are 10 days from scrimmages.
  11. OOB Question....your response has absolutely nothing to do with my post. I was showing Statguy where he could have posted the additional closings, delays, or other disruptions to programs instead of starting a new topic each time.
  12. Calling someone a d bag on here is a pretty classless thing to do.
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