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  1. Chatard has had a kids camp for YEARS now. As others have and will say, a lot of schools do. We canceled ours last year, but Trai Essex helps us out with it. He is a great dude too. one other point to raise....recruiting is not a bad word. People use it often, but a LOT of schools do recruiting of some sort, when the actual term that can cause problems is “undue influence”.
  2. Not defending anything, but wow, the case of the Smalls kid.....several programs caught up in illegal recruiting issues (just scratching the surface in the whole recruiting game). That said; the one violation of Kelly's was having a picture taken with a kid in a school cafeteria? Not excusing his behavior at all mind you, but damn......how much time passes before this type of thing is ok? After all, everything Kelvin Sampson did to get in trouble is now allowed. There just needs to be some type of paradigm shift with college athletics. Pro sports could help. I know it would be tough to d
  3. Maaaan, I don't know....Catholic kids are few and far between in the deep South. :)
  4. Having long watched the NFC North, Stafford is a one or two year option at the most. Fitz and Daulton are in the same boat. There is just something in their games that cannot get a team through a season. I hope they stay away from them. Newton just has too much baggage; horrible fit for the Indy market. Darnold stays in NY. A dark horse possibility is if Mac Jones drops that far in the draft, I think he is worth the shot. Of the 3 most recent QB's at Bama, he is the one that is a true QB. Hurts and Tua are good athlets who can make things happen, but that does not necessarily translate w
  5. hmmmm https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-super-bowls-love-affair-with-jetpacks-87001691/ "flying like Space Age supermen with their rocket belts (the more appropriate term for the technology, though I prefer “jetpack”)." But was it REALLY sooooo important that it needed to be pointed out?
  6. and jet packs :) Cannot forget the jet packs.
  7. Recap of Saturday's game. https://twitter.com/packers/status/1351696368272695296?s=20
  8. Feel free to post on the main forum as well....especially about the opportunities for women who may be interested in pursuing this.
  9. @Muda69 a little more info: NHHS: Eligible for Free Lunch 55% Eligible for Reduced Lunch 11% East Noble HS Eligible for Free Lunch 38%
  10. Here is some info for both I would add that East Noble is a one high school community. There are 5 high schools in EACS. New Haven......our actual ADM number was just over 900 students though, but the other percentages are the same. Grades: 9-12 Students: 1,092 students Student:Teacher Ratio: 17:1 Minority Enrollment: 50% Graduation Rate: 84% (Btm 50% in IN) Overall Testing Rank: Bottom 50% Math Proficiency: 21% (Btm 50%) Reading Proficiency: 39% (Btm 50%) Diversity Score: 0.66 (Top 20%) East Noble: *** minus th
  11. so now you only want stats to back up what I said.....I told you about the size of our linemen, but that was an excuse to you, even though players' height and weight are stats, as is comparing them to opponents. Should we look at scholarship athletes in a program? We have TWO that have been offered by St. Francis. That is it; no other offers, and really no looks. Last year; no offers...had a couple that could have played, but chose to not go to college. The year before, again no offers. One would think if the program had the talent you say it does, we would have more offers. Want tto compare t
  12. Still one of my greatest memories was the last game I saw at Lambeau. It was Favre's last win as a Packer against the Seahawks. It started out rough as two turnovers lead to two quick TD's by Seattle. But the rest of the day belonged to Favre. But driving snow throughout; great tailgate. I also took an older brother to his first game at Lambeau....great memories.
  13. lol Look, you want to take shots at a program, fine. Apparently you were not prepared to be called on your BS. As far as a personal shot....just matched yours is all, snowflake. two blue rings here...and 27 years of coaching...so yeah.....as if that gives you the credentials to talk about a program you have never been a part of and don't even follow now.
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