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  1. I agree….I like the Rams too
  2. Portage High school has offensive and defensive coaching positions available at varsity, JV and freshman levels. Currently we have an immediate PE opening at baseball be off our Middle Schools. If interested please contact Terry Chestovich Terry.chestovich@portage.k12.in.us
  3. Not engaging in the question......but it is good to know that out of the 1,000 plus members here (based on the fact that you are the only one who believes it) that you are the ONLY one on this entire forum that truly cares about the health and safety of children.
  4. There is an inherent risk in playing the game, just as there is in any sport.....you know the answer to that question. Just like most of us know you do not want people playing tackle football until the age of 18.
  5. Being a line coach, I found this hilarious https://twitter.com/JerodBrown_/status/1484352613390815241?s=20
  6. That said, if a coach benched players for mistakes, the team would get a penalty for not having enough players on the field for a play lol
  7. Yes, coaches do bench them, but some coaches do not. Baker made a bad decision in how he tried to tackle......benching him was not necessary.
  8. If receivers are going to drop the ball, why teach how to catch? If linemen miss blocks, why teach blocking? If QB's are going to miss throws or throw picks, why teach passing? if running backs are going to fumble, why teach ball handling? Sorry, could not resist. 🙂
  9. And another.....I really enjoyed Louie's comedy. His TV show on Fox, the animated one of his childhood was great. https://apnews.com/article/louie-anderson-dead-6f70d371720c7519788ca6549d5b5c04
  10. Well damn https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-60080934
  11. The eye test is a key to see how this program is better. Basically the same kids playing that they had a year ago. But this team plays defense, and they play hard. Poor free throw shooting and a lack of consistency on offense has been their achilles heal. The effort against Purdue last night was great. There were moments I was worried. We knew Purdue would make a run in the 2nd half, and sure enough, they did. When they drained a couple 3’s early, I am sure many fans thought the same that I did…..oh no, here we go again. I am looking for the final stats, because the halftime stats showed some things that were big. Bench scoring was 24-2. If Purdue’s bench does not contribute more, it could be another earlier than they should have exit. Turnovers were 10-1 in IU’s favor. Considering that IU turned it over 23 times against Iowa, and finished last night with just 3 is huge. Rob Phinisee was noticeable all night. Jut seems like he is not a favorite of Woodson’s for some reason, but what a great game he had. That 3 for the lead was huge. Xavier was his usually self though…..still dribbles himself into trouble far too often. On the plus side, he made some huge plays, especially the prayer of a 3 he shot off balance to beat the shot clock. I wish he saw himself as more of a point guard than a shooter. Bigger picture is it is great to see this rivalry return to where it should be. It was intense, the outcome was in doubt the entire time, and it was a little chippy….made for one of the classics in this series.
  12. It's not fair to say he was never taught the proper technique. Just because he chose not to use it, does not mean it was not taught. While they may not have been taught in youth football, I am willing to bet they were taught in either high school or college. This style of tackling has been around for years now. When Bob Davie was the DC at Notre Dame, he was teaching it. I had a coaching video from that era of teaching techniques. That was in the mid 90's. Holtz' last year there was 96, so it was before that. Also, the coaching videos that we as Indiana coaches are required by the IHSAA (that the NFHS produces) to view have been teaching it for at least 10 years now.
  13. It is usually in mid February when staffing decisions are made in school buildings, so some will hold off until they know what openings they have.
  14. Instead of some retread or never really been much kind of guy, I think they should look to the draft before looking at Foles. I like the Ridder kid out of Cincy. He can play the traditional pocket passer role, but is athletic enough to extend plays and even run if needed. There is a lot of hype around Pickett, but the guys that usually get that much hype fizzle out.
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