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  1. yeah...he can take that stance; it's no skin off his back. If he sticks to this stance, he may face some stiff competition. He may be wondering what all the flap is about.
  2. I am curious to see how the list grows. For those that have followed the changes closely; is basketball experiencing the high turnover rate in head coaches that we have been seeing for several years now in football?
  3. " Well let me ask you a question. Am I the Ultimate Fighting Champion?" lol
  4. No Al Bundy, huh? Well, I guess EVERY bracket ever created will lead to a discussion of who was left out 😄
  5. Well, the Packers sure made it look like all talk in the Super Bowl.
  6. The NIT makes me nervous....a bad showing by IU could set the program back for YEARS. The last part of the first half looked to be heading down that path. Looks like a good ass chewing from Miller woke them up at the half. Langford sitting out????Is this equivalent to star players in football sitting out their bowl games to stay healthy for the combine? I still say if the NBA is on his mind for next season, it will be a HUGE mistake.
  7. I did see that.....funny story. Our senior year, all football season, one of our teammates, Bobby Limbaugh (RIP) found one 4 leaf clover each week during our stretching. Yep, found 14 of them on our practice field. Coaches would call him out when he was late finding one; but every week we heard "Yep, here is another one". We went 14-0 that year; so there is a special place in my heart for the 4 leaf version. 🙂
  8. Most of you are probably too young to know this; but this guy is an Indy native. His dad was a longtime DJ (Adam Smasher and the Smash) and local musician in Indy. One of my favorite local bands growing up was Roadmaster, a band Smasher was a part of. IndyStar caught up with the Smash in 2016. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/02/21/whatever-happened-adam-smasher/80601710/
  9. Come on now folks. We are talkin bout the Crimson Tide of Alabama (in my best Keith Jackson voice possible) against the Mud dogs of South Central Louisiana State here. Those big hosses up front would crush Boucher before he ever got a shot at Forrest.
  10. I love that the season finale the last few years has come while I watch from the beach in Florida 🙂
  11. It was good to see the flashback to what Darryl and Michonne went through to get the scars. Going to say the preview for next week was a bit unsettling.....something to the effect of sacrificing one to save the others? and the look Darryl gave to Michonne?
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