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  1. One of very few real tests for the Irish in Athens, GA tonight, especially since Michigan replaces Florida State as the consistently most over rated team by a mile spot. While it was close, Georgia was more convincing. Way too many costly mistakes for ND. It seemed like a bad combination of plays not being called in and players being confused. That cost them a time out in each half. Imagine if they did not have to waste time outs like that. Huge difference in QB play as well. Fromm looked poised and comfortable most of the night. I thought it might be good that the Irish defense got some shots early on him. Book had one drive that looked good. He had the Georgia defense guessing wrong and they got down field in a hurry with a great mix of short passes and long passes. They never did get back to anything resembling that. Even on the last drive, there was time to run routes over the middle. It was wide open. The defense started out fantastic. I love the overall speed and the way they fly to the football. But they were on the field WAY too much that second half. While I am glad it was not a blowout, the score is not really indicative of how much better Georgia really is. The question does come up though; is this as far as Kelly can get them? I am not saying he should be gone per se, because who is out there to actually take this to another level? Is it really a matter of being a player or two short of the next level? I am no fan of moral victories....a loss is a loss. I disagree with Gary Danielson too. No matter what happens the remainder of the season, the Irish are on the outside looking in. Too many people complained last year, even after it was all settled and they proved they belonged in the playoff. Clemson won’t lose. The ACC is weaker than the B1G in my mind. There very well could be two SEC teams in, and Georgia will be one of them. Is Alabama the other? Even if they meet in the conference title game? LSU has a great offense, but their defense is nowhere near as good as Georgia’s imho. Ok....rant over. Time to finish tonight’s work on hudl 🙂☘️
  2. Understood, and taken into consideration before I posted. The guy that was being held was 270 pounds, and was not the fleetest of foot. 🙂
  3. Thank you for that explanation Bob. Over recent years, we have seen number 3 flagged against us many times. We also see number 5 being a factor. We ran a jet sweep and after the ball carrier reaches the hashes, our guard on the side away from the play is called for a hold at the LOS. I would add that there are times we are flagged when number 6 should be a factor.
  4. I saw this on my timeline today. This is pretty cool. This is the last game I have seen at Lambeau; Favre's last win as a Packer. I was able to take my brother and his wife to the game as well. They had never been to Lambeau for a game. I still vividly remember Brett doing this in that game. Not only was it a playoff game, but it was snowing hard most of the day, and the Packers won. It was a surreal experience; one I will never forget. As time has it, it is just a couple of weeks away to reach the one year anniversary of my brother passing away. https://madison.com/wsj/sports/football/professional/state-journal-shot-of-brett-favre-named-one-of-best/article_64def49c-ba9a-5431-b36d-782e7224302f.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR2zZ3I2sXtD989SfzzDCjwHHagbvP3VgqxMhu0NYpe2uddlOBQrl_g_Dbc
  5. I agree completely, especially since I HATE Duke and Laettner.
  6. Still one of my favorite plays of all time. Pretty impressive arm strength on the throw by Flutie.
  7. Another icon from the post disco era and punk era passes. The Cars had such an unusual sound, but it sounded great. RIP Ric https://www.thedailybeast.com/ric-ocasek-the-cars-frontman-found-dead-in-manhattan-report
  8. I agree on all counts. IU was able to hang with OSU teams for 3 quarters in previous years; BUT in each of those OSU really should have run them off the field like they did Saturday. The talent level and depth in Columbus has always been superior. But realistically, all the discussion around paying players this last week or so..........has been happening for YEARS now. IU cannot match the cash of bigger programs. They just rarely played up to it. That type of play bit them big time in WL, and they paid dearly for it by being on the outside of the playoff picture. Deservedly so, I might add.
  9. The first 3 drives were as impressive as anything we have seen from this team in years. The defense is legit though. They were on the field a LOT, and held that offense to 16 points....impressive. I liked seeing pressure put on Cousins. Not sure what happened to the offense as the game wore on though. The first drives, Rodgers was firing lasers, but it was a mix of deep routes and underneath routes. The running game was solid as well. On a side note, I do think there was some obvious tension between Rodgers and LeFleur. The offense has a lot of work to do. I could not see what was happening in the secondary, but Rodgers was holding the ball way too long. Was it good coverage? if so, there is a LOT of work to do. They got away from throwing underneath as the game went on as well. A hallmark of the Homgren era was "just move the chains" would still work in today's game. One final observation; there were a LOT of flags thrown against both teams.
  10. More Mike Leach shenanigans 😂 https://twitter.com/espncfb/status/1172711248166891520?s=21
  11. Or the flipside....if you get 100 yards rushing, I can make some cash. I will give you a cut of that.
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