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  1. In other news........the Bears have not sought new ownership. The current owner remains in place. 🤣
  2. Tom Crean provides some insights into what he had to deal with when hired at IU. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/tom-crean-says-it-was-worse-than-you-think-when-he-took-over-at-iu/
  3. I agree that Alabama should not leap frog anyone. I was messaging an older brother during the game, and he put it best. If the conference title games mean anything, give more credit to a team who played in one, especially if the loss was a close one.
  4. I think what may have stayed under the radar is the relationship between Pyne and Rees. There is one very notable incident where Rees chews him out, but many other times, I thought it was obvious that Rees was frustrated with Pyne's play.
  5. To clarify, the field expands to 12. I wonder if we will see conferences put an end to their championship games? Especially with the coming 12 team playoff. A potential loss in an extra game could put a team in a bind as far as seeding goes, especially with 1st round byes involved.
  6. The independents, Angus King ME and Bernie Sanders VT caucused with the Democrats, so they get to count them.
  7. I count 7 that are not part of the North Deanery; St. Michael (West), St. Monica (West), St. Susanna (wow, what a drive, but West Deanery), St. Simon moved and was an East Deanery Parish, but the Archdiocese lets them choose Scecina (East Deanery) or Chatard; or at least it did at one time, St. Elizabeth Seton (Lafayette Diocese), St. Barnabas (South), St. Malachy (West) Including the player from out of State, there are 12 from non feeder schools/parishes. Years ago, there was an agreement among the high schools that they would charge a deanery rate for tuition and a rate for students outside the deanery.
  8. Sad news; hoping he recovers quickly
  9. USC at 5? Will Bama leap frog them?
  10. This topic deserves the same fate as the team this year. We ready for the 2023 offseason/season now?
  11. Things that make you go hmmmm
  12. No pro level experience though. Maybe he can head to IU? 🙂
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