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  1. The game has flown by. The first quarter went by with each team having one possession and Detroit early in their 2nd possession.
  2. It really shows the defense just has to get a couple stops in a game. I would prefer more, as it will be needed against better teams. That said, the Lions are a better team this year. Many did not expect much from them, but they have competed in the first two games.
  3. That TD may be the best throw in years for A A Ron.....wow
  4. yep...holding them to a FG was big with the Packers getting the ball, but they cannot waste a single possession now. Defense just needs one stop.
  5. Yep...got one stop, but horrible series. I hated the deep shot on first down. https://memes.yarn.co/yarn-clip/c2f040eb-4d15-4f4f-bc4e-966777b7b024
  6. While I say that, I would add be smart. One thing that would drive me nuts about McCarthy in Green Bay as far as play calling was that he loves taking deep shots on 3rd and 5 or less. No underneath routes to just get a first down if the deep shot is not there. One season, people were critical of Crosby for missing so many field goals. I thought well damn, let him kick a few under 50 yards McCarthy. So glad he is gone, and really happy he is in Dallas.
  7. Bill Walsh had a belief that he had to get his trick play in before his opponent did, and that if it gained a yard, it was a success. I do believe some are too conservative. As a lineman, something like a 4th and 1 at mid field and especially inside your opponent's territory is just time to man up. It's a gut check. I don't mind trying to draw a team offside; but go ahead and go for it.
  8. About time.....damn...only took 30 years 🤣🤣 🤣
  9. It’s ND’s home game though. Last year was supposed to be the home game for Wisconsin at Lambeau, but it was canceled. Kind of glad it was. I never imagined a day that I would be rooting for the visiting team at Lambeau. 😄
  10. Yep…I knew that. It was in response to the comment that longer field goals had been made in the finals.
  11. Yep…corrected myself in the previous post…thanks…should have taken more time in my search.
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