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  1. But Hart’s statement does if that’s the route we are taking here.
  2. I’m not sure the two that showed up at Center Grove last year were actively recruited by anyone in Greenwood though once again I could be wrong. Don't know about the BD kid and IMG speaks for itself.
  3. Eh, I’m not sure this is personal but I could be wrong.
  4. It does work in reverse but as we spoke of in the other thread, the flight outward is becoming much more common in football than it ever has. It’s just sort of funny that you are implying that the schools that have been “the bullies” for decades now need to “do something about it.” I know the residence topic is dicey but I’ve seen this more often than you’d think. State caliber athletes living in one public school township and attending school in one on the complete opposite side of town. I’ve never asked questions or dove into it in depth however. The IHSAA is in a pickle. It’s easy for you and I to sit in here and say they need to “put their foot down” (we actually agree in principle). But doing it is a whole other animal. Just like with the MIC ordeal, the power of public PERCEPTION is higher than its ever been. All cases are not created equal and the last thing you want to do as an organization is come across as not putting student-athletes first. That’s exactly how it will be painted on social media and in the news if you aggressively begin to “put your foot down.”
  5. I’m not sure how you draw that conclusion unless I misread or overlooked something. I do know they had a couple of kids transfer out last year and have at least one heading to IMG this fall.
  6. I don’t disagree with most of this post but it would still be rich considering the county schools you are attempting to build sympathy for are now on the “other side” of the transfer portal. What happens in a situation where parents are divorced and dad lives on the west side and mom lives on the east side? Does it come down to custody? (I honestly don’t know but have experienced this.) Loyalty is dying quickly. The 3-4 high school thing is becoming more common than you’d think.
  7. Dude has zero sarcasm detection and is too dumb to even realize he is the punchline of the board. @DumfriesYMCA was obviously taking professional football…not surprising an amateur like Ron let that one go over his head.
  8. Well, their AD just took a job in a different township and they also have an assistant AD position open currently so… Warren fighting a transfer wound be such sweet and rich irony…and fighting a kid that wants to transfer to NEW PAL, lol?
  9. Is there a bigger loser on this board than Ron? If so, I’ve yet to find him/her. Meds, @gonzoron, now.
  10. Which I wouldn’t have had a problem with. You had your shot. Of course I’m biased/bitter because my favorite program plays its rival in a pseudo playoff game more often than not and because of WHEN the game is played, the loser goes home. I will take the 2016 loss to my grave. College football has a major regional representation problem. I want to see every region of the country represented in the playoff.
  11. Nobody “laid down” but Georgia WANTED to win that game and Bama NEEDED to win that game. Big difference.
  12. Can’t disagree. But to prove my point look no farther than the SEC title game last year…
  13. He’s having trouble getting his baby formula, (er meds)…you’ll have to excuse him.
  14. Yep. Thanks for making my point. He must’ve taken notes from the Curt Hopf basketball situation from a couple of years ago. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2019/11/18/curt-hopf-transferred-forest-park-barr-reeve-because-bullying/4230908002/ Kids’ mom cost him a year of varsity eligibility because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.
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