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  1. It wasn’t that bad up here, just sprinkles.
  2. Congrats to Culver! I seriously undersold them last week. Best of luck against North Judson. Merrillville will most likely assert themselves.
  3. Just don’t let Brady Allen get injured! I’d love to see him start for the Boilers next year.
  4. Not totally surprised. If Jeff wants to get by a DAC opponent in the Sectional, it would be the Indians.
  5. Yep, right up the road from me. Rainy tonight up here. Whoever’s got the better running game will win.
  6. I’m trying to find the Jeff-Lake Central score.
  7. From Illinois: York 3, Minooka 0 YHS’ nickname is the Dukes—pretty cool, huh?
  8. Merrillville 14, Crown Point 0 Lowell 7, Gary West 0 Hobart 7, East Chicago Central 0 all in First Quarter
  9. Rainy night in the Region: a thing of beauty…
  10. He’ll be needed in the playoffs as I feel he is our most effective TE.
  11. Tonyan tore his ACL—out for the remainder of the season.
  12. She took the new car…
  13. We need to drink together: skål, salud, ni hao
  14. Need a cardiologist stat! I don’t sleep: Mrs. Gipper is away—time for another beer.
  15. Did some things right in the first half as well as mot so right…
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