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  1. Gipper


    Interesting takes. I don’t agree with them, but to each their own...
  2. Totally sucks. Virginia will be in house until June 10...
  3. Maybe not, I just hope there will be football. The governor of Virginia had ordered a stay at home decree until June 10, could we be far behind?
  4. Gipper


    This just in, sports fans... Falcons owner Arthur Blank has floated the idea of playing a 16-game season, but with no fans, essentially contracting us. Discuss.
  5. No need to be sad, Mudster. You reap what you sow... But, thanks for your support.
  6. Horrible news! My deepest condolences to the family of this young man.
  7. Although there will be winners, there will also be losers—math always wins...
  8. Never said it couldn’t . I have no beef with you...
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