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  1. Noll has told everyone they are playing a Varsity schedule this year, at least from the conference standpoint. They were added to the classification for football, which mean they will get placed in a sectional. No different really from the last 2 years when Bowman Academy served a suspension from post season play, that left a hole in the sectional 1 year and a team received a bye
  2. from most of these Bears pundits: A lot of love for Penn State's running back
  3. here is Bears insider HOGE mock https://wgnradio.com/2019/04/22/hoge-2019-bears-mock-draft-3-0/
  4. I would love to see them take Cathedral WR Terry McLaurin He would be a Special Teams SUPER STAR: A winner with winning pedigree They need more Corners as well
  5. I believe they take a RB in 3rd round: Maybe a injury type fella: Like LOVE from Standford I like the Memphis kid: Henderson, Assuming Pace has a lot of film on him when scouting Anthony Miller last year yes
  6. all you need to know https://www.chicagobears.com/news/bears-in-position-to-win-with-young-core 6 guys under contract for multiple years https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-the-top-101-players-from-the-2018-nfl-season
  7. he is available: HOWEVER I do not see him coaching any big time places in NFL or otherwise in next 2 years it seems https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/01/patriots-greg-schiano-resignation/
  8. $115 ticket went for $456, my cut $410 Sorry pal, I am a simple man with simple econ in my background. Thursday Night, no way I could miss walk thru and then be a wreck for Friday school/game.
  9. HYPE IS REAL IN CHICAGO After release of the schedule I was able to sell 4 games in 20 minutes and made back my entire season plus 3 hundo Thank you very much
  10. hard sell to IU when they just got another 4 star transfer with immediate eligibility
  11. I would imagine they would released on April 30th or evening of the 29th. Once the final approval is done (which is my guess will be this meeting we are talking about) then they will put together the PDF, add to the website and press release it. I do not think it would take more than next day, once it gets to the executive board meeting its just a rubber stamp as it has went through the committee level already on sectional realignments.
  12. Indeed That amendment will get voted down by score of WHATEVER THE VOTES ARE to ZERO I believe the 6 quarters of football is a HUGE plus for small schools I expect that to pass
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