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  1. What does Munster pay teachers vs Griffith? Coaching is extra for sure, but at the end of the day us coaches have to take care of #1 which is the day gig, the salary vs the stipend. I have not talked to Coach Geffert, I just know that Munster pays more than Griffith.
  2. I think the verb do, needs to go to does, that would fix the problem as well
  3. in 2014 our best Corner was our QB, but we were loaded and did not have to play him at CB, but we did for 4 games. West Lafayette, LCC X 2 and State game vs Mater Dei If anyone remembers state game, early in 1st, Mater Dei got loose, this corner took like a 90 yard angle from backside, knocked the runner out of bounds at the 3. 2 plays later we cause a fumble and held them out of EZ, all because of his effort on the play.
  4. Sorry, just got around to validating account from last 2 weeks, appreciate the patience for those who signed up or resigned in after the rebuild. Cheers Coach Nowlin
  5. I only was able to partake one time thus far in the mysterious Knepp Field, what a dandy it was in 2005. Saw this come across my wire recently, Pretty Awesome idea by the Jimmies, kuddos
  6. Both resigned recently Lots of southern Indiana hirings recently as well
  7. INDIANAPOLIS CATHEDRAL FIGHTING IRISH Coach: Bill Peebles, 6-6 in 2nd year at school, 80-71 in 15th year overall DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 23 at Noblesville 6A 7:00 pm Aug. 31 at Cincinnati Moeller (Ohio) 7:00 pm St. Xavier Sep. 6 at Cincinnati Elder (Ohio) 7:00 pm Sep. 13 Indianapolis Chatard 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 20 at Cincinnati St. Xavier (Ohio) 7:30 pm Sep. 27 Jeffersonville 5A 7:00 pm Oct. 4 Louisville Trinity (Ky.) 7:00 pm TBA Oct. 11 at Brebeuf Jesuit 3A 7:00 pm Oct. 18 Center Grove 6A 7:00 pm I would say that these 9 games won't impede any D1 players aspirations or stunt program growth both in the short or long term. Also, development of players is not strictly 3 month period August thru November. That is archaic thought, cmon man, Get with the Times Old Man 😎
  8. As a member of IHSAA they are treated just like Rensselaer Central. So yes Now of course they have a storied history of success, we can go in over and over and over again of what some feel are unfair parameters to P/P/Charters. I am so exhausted from all of that I choose to ignore any and all.
  9. That by-law change had ZERO to do with Cathedral going to 4a. Cathedral is in 4a because they did not earn enough points to stay in 6a, so they dropped down to 5a, also did not earn enough points to stay in 5a, so in this classification cycle, they were placed in the class per their enrollment.
  10. Big shoutout to GM Chris Ballard and HC Frank Reich along with his staff for providing an incredible night of food and football for Indiana HS football coaches, all for the price of FREE. This past Thursday, Colts welcomed coaches from all over the state to their complex with opening remarks from GM Ballard, HC Reich, sessions on Strength and Conditioning along with Nutrition. Final session was 2 hour breakout room with position group you chose on registration. I spent 2 hours with Tom Rathman, RB coach, that was NOT a bad time. FOOD: I have been to so many different clinic last 15 years, first time Shrimp cocktail was served!! Many know that I am an avid Chicago Bears fan and season ticket holder, however I continue to appreciate the fantastic partnership Indianapolis Colts has with IFCA and Indiana H.S. football overall, easily the BEST in the NATION.
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