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  1. Nah. WLFI game of the week resides in Jasper County !!! 😂😂
  2. a great resource for REGION football analysis http://usa-365.com same with regionsports.com
  3. Quick pop in tonight Hope all are enjoying a start of their seasons. Looking forward to next 7 weeks of Hoosier Conference action for my Bombers, starting with Hamilton Heights Word on the street is we will have someone's WagonMaster Virginity taken pre game. Good Luck Hoosier Conference!! Cheers
  4. SCAM NEWTON Watch him in All of Nothing Amazon Prime Series when he was with Carolina. cringe worthy
  5. I believe they are currently making some stay and play housing right by the driving range. Sandy Pines hosts Boys Golf Regional that pulls rom NWI down to Carmel area, needless to say, you better be a dude to get out of that field. Been very fortunate to enjoy that course for so many years. Glad you enjoyed yourself. hard not too.
  6. Snapped their losing streak tonight when they defeated West Central. After watching them vs NN, I do not think it will be their last win of the year if they can keep getting their talented Freshman class up to Varsity speed and keep their Mr. Everything QB healthy Kuddos to my friend @CoachDurham and crew
  8. Roncalli had a kid taken 2 or 3 years ago in the comp round at the end of round 1, I want to say 37th overall maybe?? Nick Schnell
  9. Oh boy does he, all it takes is 1 !!! But yes, Crouser is UNBELIEVABLE talented thrower.
  10. All I know is Chuk throws in about 40 mins. Couldn't be more excited
  11. Coach Funk is such a genuine guy, full of energy and fortunate to call him a friend. Miss having team camp with him with Ole Miss, but still enjoy locking horns with current Indians each summer at Manchester. Always be rooting for those Tigers of Fishers!!
  12. that didn't take long: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31942467/source-qb-quinn-ewers-no-2-prospect-2022-skipping-senior-season-join-ohio-state
  13. anything Bears can get for Foles is a WIN at this point
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