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  1. #LEO Love Every One and Tom Allen's Hoosiers https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/rodney-mcgraw-250721
  2. will get that updated and send a nasty gram to my staff who incorrectly updated the opening.
  3. Likewise from what I Have been told as well
  4. how did I miss the Over Under at the Pro Bowl was at 51 points. That was EASY money
  5. I believe you are referring to Lexington Steele used to be a thing on Howard Stern show they would play clips of that guy
  6. In cases like this, there is far more that goes into the situation that appears to ever be actually reported. Sure it was shocking story, story that was explosive, no doubt, however, only side thus far that has been actually heard was from the initial report. Wish Roncalli well in their search
  7. Congrats to those who were selected yesterday 2019-2020 - Region IV All-Region Team MEDIA.pdf
  8. Wish Coach Marsh well in his new job. I am sure Roncalli will have a nice pool of candidates to choose from. Lots of tradition for the Rebels
  9. Plainfield HS Business (CTE certification desired, but not required) added to IFCA Board
  10. big time hire for Tom Allen, no way around it
  11. Fumbles we will send the guilty party to do 10 pushups, or short jog to the baseball field, which is about 200 yards away or so. Dropped pass in practice 10 pushups. Jump off sides we typically give a verbal warning, happens again during team offense session, then offense will do some Up Downs. Team Sled however, different story: If the team doesn't all clap, if one of the bags is unmanned, when they run up to the drill, or if anyone jumps off side will be team up downs. If the player rolls the wrong way exiting the 5 man sled or "holds" the bag, they will have to do 10 up downs to the side individually. we believe in team sled for 2 purposes, pad levels but mostly for team discipline, we rely on discipline to run our system and this is vital part of it.
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