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  1. This 100%. Big tackles help, but the guards need to have good feet an be able to move. They also need to be smart.
  2. Coach Sharpe was pretty darn successful in a pretty physical conference (DAC). I certainly wouldn't call the DAC the "rural leagues". The players here in LP loved him and the community did too. Give the guy a chance. Best of luck to Coach Sharpe. You have a bunch of fans in LaPorte who will be cheering you on from up north.
  3. I've seen Valpo personally twice this year and watched a couple games via stream. They are the real deal. Personally I think they would have been a legitimate threat for the 6A title this year just like they were last year. They are loaded with talent and size on both sides of the ball. It will be quite the atmosphere in Valpo on Friday night.
  4. I honestly don't think it's going to matter. Valpo by 14. I could certainly be wrong. Mishawaka is always a tough place to play, but Valpo is really, really good folks.
  5. The Penn-LaPorte deal is only for 2 years as I understand it. The games were scheduled while Dave Sharpe was still the head coach at LaPorte and it had nothing to do with Jeremy Lowery taking over. I wouldn't be surprised if the series ends after next year.
  6. Ahhh, misunderstood where you were going. I can tell you this. There was an official posting for the job. There were a lot of applicants. I'm sure Paul Condry was consulted in that process due to relationships that people who were on the committee have with him, but I'm sure they didn't just go from a short list provided by him. I was sad to see Coach Sharpe go, and I couldn't imagine going through what he and his family did over the past few years. However, Coach Lowery is the real deal. These first few games have been challenging, but I'm confident that the program is in good hands.
  7. Bob James is not a media member. He's the offensive line coach hand has been with the program for almost 20 years.
  8. The answer is the last time they played. Valpo knocked Penn out in the sectional championship game last year 21-0 at Penn. In back to back games Valpo has beat Penn by a combined score of 55-14! The game of the regular season will be in week 4 when Michigan City visits Valparaiso.
  9. For DAC fans, here are some short interviews from the 2019 RRSN/IFD Region Kickoff Show: Portage - Head Coach Darren Rodriguez - https://youtu.be/D_xMYd6raX4 Merrillville - Head Coach Brad Seiss - https://youtu.be/ZNdwSstRh64 LaPorte - Head Coach Jeremy Lowery - https://youtu.be/TjOZ-D65Zjk Crown Point - Head Coach Kevin Enright - https://youtu.be/jYr8qywY_Yg Chesterton - Head Coach Mark Peterson - https://youtu.be/JSFlO-y6bc8 Valparaiso - Head Coach Bill Marshall - https://youtu.be/2YCx0R4MJjo
  10. Yep, both of these scrimmages are happening tonight. Penn @ Crown Point and Concord @ Mishawaka
  11. The "stay up" points are only for those teams that were bumped up based on success points. The criteria starts with enrollment. Valpo dropped to 5A based on enrollment (and other success factor movements) first. They do not have the required 6 points over the past 2 seasons to force a move up in classification. Trust me, I would prefer Valpo stayed in 6A, but it is what it is.
  12. Valpo is the real deal. Not that far away from LOS in 6A last year.
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