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  1. For DAC fans, here are some short interviews from the 2019 RRSN/IFD Region Kickoff Show: Portage - Head Coach Darren Rodriguez - https://youtu.be/D_xMYd6raX4 Merrillville - Head Coach Brad Seiss - https://youtu.be/ZNdwSstRh64 LaPorte - Head Coach Jeremy Lowery - https://youtu.be/TjOZ-D65Zjk Crown Point - Head Coach Kevin Enright - https://youtu.be/jYr8qywY_Yg Chesterton - Head Coach Mark Peterson - https://youtu.be/JSFlO-y6bc8 Valparaiso - Head Coach Bill Marshall - https://youtu.be/2YCx0R4MJjo
  2. Yep, both of these scrimmages are happening tonight. Penn @ Crown Point and Concord @ Mishawaka
  3. The "stay up" points are only for those teams that were bumped up based on success points. The criteria starts with enrollment. Valpo dropped to 5A based on enrollment (and other success factor movements) first. They do not have the required 6 points over the past 2 seasons to force a move up in classification. Trust me, I would prefer Valpo stayed in 6A, but it is what it is.
  4. Valpo is the real deal. Not that far away from LOS in 6A last year.
  5. Penn and LaPorte start a 2 year home-and-home this season at Penn.
  6. City lost a lot, but they're still strong with a great coaching staff. Valpo will certainly be tough. Remember they weren't they only lost by 4 to Carmel in semi-state last year. LP should be improved from last year. Obviously, I'm biased. A lot is changing on both sides of the ball. There may be a little learning curve to get through early in the season.
  7. Bob, do you think that IHSAA should apply the revised Rule 2-5d to the classifications for Fall sports starting in the 2019-2020 school year as they have done for winter and spring sports?
  8. Cathedral is dropping to 4A after accruing 2 points in the last cycle as well (they won regionals in 2017). This has bee discussed in another topic, but no one seems to be too concerned that IHSAA is applying this rule change to winter and spring sports and not to fall sports.
  9. So if IHSAA would decide to apply the new rule to football like they did to other sports it would cause an interesting shake up in 5A and 6A. FW Snider would remain in 6A next season and Cathedral would remain in 5A. Due to the cap on the size of 6A this would push Valparaiso down to 5A starting next season and Bedford-North Lawrence down to 4A. Then after the consolidation of Elkhart in 2020 they would move to 6A and Zionsville would dropped to 5A.
  10. I can't see any appetite from any of the DAC schools to add Penn to the conference. The DAC likes being the big school conference for the "region" and adding a school from St. Joe county, let alone one that would be the big dog as soon as they got in, isn't going to be supported by any of the schools. Also, going to a 10 team league would screw up lots of traditional rivalries that these schools like to maintain. I don't see the DAC being interested in adding a private school like Andrean either. There really isn't a whole lot for the DAC to gain by adding anyone.
  11. This has devolved into another discussion about Cathedral which is not what Slice60 was getting at. The basic question is why is the revised rule being applied to basketball and not to football? The only reason I can think of is that the revision to the rule had been proposed prior to the reclassification for basketball so IHSAA took that into account when setting up the basketball classifications. If the change in the rule for classification isn't going to be applied to football next season then maybe the change for participation quarters (54-3.1) shouldn't apply next year either.... (I am in no way advocating for that. Just making a point) Hopefully the IHSAA has recognized that this is an issue, and is discussing this now and they will either issue a revised football classification list, or they will explain why the rule change will not be applied. I'm not sure if there are any other teams that this applies to, but I think the IHSAA needs to be consistent here. Either both Cathedral football and Marquette boys basketball play up, or they both go back down.
  12. This is an interesting question. On the IHSAA listing of classifications for boys basketball it is noted that Marquette is remaining in 2A "Pending proposed change in Rule 2-5d school would remain in higher class". There were no provisions made for this situation in the football classifications (i.e. with Cathedral). Basically it appears that the change to the rule was applied when reclassifying boys basketball and not for football.
  13. Boone Grove in 2A plays their home games at Valparaiso HS so they play on turf.... but don't have their own home field.
  14. Highland has turf going in this summer Griffith has turf (I think someone just mentioned that)
  15. I've played on winning teams and losing teams. I've coached youth teams that were really good and others that struggled. I've celebrated with teammates and players I've coached on the field. I've cried with them too. I find it amazing that you seem to have been able to develop a simple quantitative measurement of the value of a football program. Please enlighten us on what factors should considered when you calculate the ROI of a high school football program.... Is it monetary profit? Is it judged purely on the scoreboard or record? Championships? It seems like you spend a lot of time here for someone who appears to dislike high school football.
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