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  1. Welcome to La Porte Coach Lowery! https://www.heraldargus.com/sports/out-of-the-blue/article_555c16b0-32c9-5991-865e-b3f4cdc4bc20.html
  2. Things will definitely be different... the reason is right in the article: "It all sets up the passing game." Welcome to La Porte Coach Lowery!
  3. I assume that the "GID brass" did it for the same reason I volunteer to coach youth football, serve on youth organization boards and to work varsity games on Friday nights; they love this game and believe in its value.
  4. I would hate to see this site go to a pay site. I'm happy to donate now, but I think there are a lot like me who will lurk and post only once in a while. Youth and high school football in Indiana is driven by volunteers. Yes, there are paid coaches at the high school level, but for the most part it's peanuts. Assistants, parents, players, boosters, youth coaches, etc.... none of us are in this for the money or for profit.
  5. Dave Sharpe was a great coach for this team and this town and personally I hated to see him go. When Coach Sharpe was hired it was not because of the Power T. He was hired because he was believed to be the best candidate. I think the results he was able to get out of the program for the 4 years he was here is solid evidence that he was a great choice. I have faith that the selection process this time around will produce another great selection. Personally, I loved the Power T, but that wasn't the only reason those teams were successful. There were good players and good coaches who all believed in each other and the systems they were running. Remember, the year before Coach Sharpe arrived La Porte was in the 5A state finals. I'm not going to theorize about why Coach James wasn't hired the last time around. I love that guy and I'm so glad he's a part of our community.
  6. My understanding is that interviews at La Porte are underway. There were lots of good applicants and hopefully there will be a resolution in the next few weeks. Yes, Bob James publicly announced this week that he did not apply for the position. Bob is the heart and soul of the program and we are so lucky to have him around.