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  1. It was a couple of plays in a single game.
  2. Yes, too bad. I will now have to forego the warm feeling I would have gotten from voting against him.
  3. I haven’t looked at this in a long while. But my understanding is that there is a presumption of no bail in murder cases. It’s up to the defendant to show, in a hearing held for that purpose, that the prosecution’s case is a weak one.
  4. The 49ers have a Top 10 offensive line. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/2022-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-by-positional-unit/
  5. Heard this one this morning: 49ers trade Trey Lance to the Titans Brock Purdy becomes the 49ers’ backup, as he takes a full season to get back from his ulnar collateral ligament surgery. He is the heir apparent for 2024. 49ers sign Tom Brady at a hefty discount … and win the Super Bowl. Change my mind.
  6. Unfortunately, the ability to replay plays, slo-mo, and infinite camera angles have outstripped the capabilities of 7 officials watching 22 very large, very fast and athletic human beings spread out over a large area, and intending to do violence to one another. Sure, the officials can do better … but only marginally. They’re human, and they are the best in the world at what they do. But they can’t see everything 22 cameras can, and they can’t take the time to review every call or no call in slo-mo from numerous angles. It’s just expecting too much. But before you decide to turn NFL officiating over to automation, remember The Law of Unintended Consequences.
  7. In just 2 weeks, after the dust has settled from the Super Bowl, we’ll be in the 2023 off season. Story lines abound. Some coaches need to be hired. Free agency is coming up. Teams are positioning themselves for the Draft. Some to rebuild — others just to reload. What will happen with Tom Brady? Aaron Rogers? Lamar Jackson? Who will coach the Colts? Going to be a very busy next 5 months or so until training camps start. What are the questions you want to see answered, the story lines you want to see developed?
  8. I’m not 100% sure myself. But I certainly hope it isn’t the national team .. for BD’s sake.
  9. When people think of IMG, they think of their “national” team, the one that goes everywhere. But they also have team that plays mostly other Florida schools. It’s the latter that’s coming to Indy, I believe. From the IMG website: “With three teams competing across various levels, IMG Academy football will identify which program is the best fit for prospective student-athletes grades 6-12 as well as for post-graduate players based on their age, skill level, position, and overall goals. IMG Academy is a full member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), and the National Team competes as an independent. IMG follows the practice requirements and standards issued by the FHSAA.” https://www.imgacademy.com/boarding-school/athletics/football
  10. It’s only half-repealed. Indiana teams are still only permitted to travel 300 mi. from the Indiana state line. No restrictions on who can come to Indiana, though.
  11. The SCOTUS position basically said that non-union members can have the benefits of membership without paying dues. Human nature being what it is, I figured that would sound the death knell for the public unions. I wasn’t alone. But it hasn’t worked that way … yet. https://www.manhattan-institute.org/disalvo-public-unions-money-members-since-janus-v-afscme
  12. So, if you’re an AD assessing expansion of your conference - or contemplating a move to another or creation of a new one - what are the priorities, and in what order? Revenue? Competitive issues? Geography/travel? Historic rivalries?
  13. I am a bit surprised that public sector unions are still around 4 1/2 yrs. after the SCOTUS decision in Janus v. AFSCME which held that requiring non-members to pay dues was a violation of the 1st Amendment.
  14. Nobody’s 1st head coaching job should be HFC of an NFL team trying to rebuild.
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