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  1. You may be right - I thought I was wrong once - Turns out I was mistaken......🤣 Acknowledging his sexual orientation is one thing and YES - it was a necessity for him to do that - but then the victim-hood line of the story relative to Pence is another (especially when it is not true).
  2. I agree - BUT that's the story now (kinda the point of my post) - AGAIN - not sarcastic - just making a point (The corner he got painted into - read the entire post)
  3. AGAIN - (For BO's benefit) NOT SARCASTIC - My mother-in-law who is over 80 now and lives in Florida (originally from up here) absolutely loves Mayor Pete and was incredibly energetic about the opportunity to vote for him if he makes it through the primaries. She voted for President Obama and Hillary Clinton and (FYI) I normally employ the words of Charles Schultz through Linus when I say there are 3 things you don't talk about amongst friends and family - Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin. I mentioned his recent nuptials - She never knew or realized he was gay.......And THAT in her mind now has changed everything.....Cannot believe he is gay - and married to boot. That's the reason for my question - Is the country ready for a gay President? Unfortunately for Mayor Pete he has allowed himself to get painted into a corner - He is THE GAY CANDIDATE. Nothing else now. Yeah, he is a mayor, and served in the military, but the most important thing is that he is gay. Not his record of working with the Republican Governors (Both Pence and Holcumb) I mean Pence really liked the Mayor and was impressed with him, that's how the millions of dollars flowed into South Bend and things that the Mayor is touting happened - The Mayor and former Govorner really gelled and got along great. Why couldn't he focus on his ability to be that potential "McCain - reaching across the aisle" kinda guy for the Dems? He fell (too easily for the smart guy that he is) into that trap for the Dems. As I said - they really don't want him to become their President as much as they want the ability to project the diversity of the candidates.
  4. SF thinks Mountain.....Molehill??? Lighten up Francis....Normally - Easter worshipers are Christians...... The greater story here is not whether the media is referring to religions correctly, and whether the GID left/centers agree or disagree (you will never feel like you win that one), it is that the warnings were largely ignored by Sri Lanka authorities. SF wonders if the warnings were willfully ignored or if it is a case (left hand/right hand) like the US had prior to 9-11.
  5. Actually they were born and raised in Chicago.......They are Americans.....
  6. Nothing sarcastic - Just one of the Democratic front runners in the presidential campaign and his husband. Is the country ready for this yet? Will Chas then become the first "first man"?
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