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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9300987/Rand-Paul-likens-gender-surgery-genital-mutilation-exchange-trans-nominee-HHS-deputy.html Rand Paul compares gender change surgery for minors to genital mutilation in furious exchange with Biden's transgender pick for assistant HHS secretary Rand Paul angrily confronted Joe Biden's pick for assistant secretary for Health and Human Services on Thursday, likening gender changes surgeries to genital mutilation and pushing the transgender nominee on if they would allow minors to decide if they want to go on hormones to stop puberty.
  2. https://nypost.com/2021/02/24/finally-the-bully-gov-cuomo-has-been-exposed-devine/ Tough contest, but Mayor Putz, Bill de Blasio, is more popular in New York these days than the Granny Killer, Gov. Cuomo. “People would tend to like a bungling idiot more than a homicidal maniac” is how “Bernie and Sid” put it yesterday on their top-rated WABC radio show. And that was in the morning, before former Cuomo adviser Lindsey Boylan dropped a bucket on her ex-boss, alleging he “sexually harassed me for years,” to the point that she felt nauseous coming to work and finally had to quit.
  3. SF is certainly NOT a Fauci fan. I recognize he is much more trained in diseases and health than I. However, I have opined since seeing and analyzing his press coverage since March of last year that he is a brilliant politician who has the innate ability to give answers supporting both sides of the same topic which gives him great coverage either way the result comes out as the smartest guy in the room. Admittedly he is in a job that kind of requires him to be that way. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/faucis-mixed-messages-inconsistencies-about-covid-19-masks-vaccines-and-reopenings-c
  4. Wait - So Covid is no longer Trump's fault? But it cured the Flu......Come on man,,, Covid, Man-Made Climate Change, And Science, SCIENCE, SCIENCE!!!!
  5. OK - pretty sure it was accidental, but if this were former President Trump who just dropped the N-bomb......Whoooo-Nelly.......(starts at 30 seconds in) https://247sports.com/college/west-virginia/Board/103782/Contents/Joe-Biden-Just-Dropped-the-N-Word--161335198/
  6. Unless they were living in a New York nursing home....... Oh come on Man - you floated that one across the plate.......
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/02/22/san-francisco-cancels-choice-to-rename-racist-schools/ San Francisco has made a stunning about-face, walking back a controversial decision to scrub 44 “racist” names from its schools — including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — after the move drew nationwide ire and was criticized for being based on flawed information without insight from historians. “I acknowledge and take responsibility that mistakes were made in the renaming process,” the president of San Francisco’s School Board Gabriela López wrote on Twitter Sunday. “Reopening will be
  8. This isn't new.....(from 2012) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2012/12/04/college-basketball-transgender-player-gabrielle-ludwig-robert-ludwig-mission-college/1744703/ ′′ She ′′ is called Gabrielle Ludwig. Biologically a man, born Robert John Ludwig, who after 2 failed marriages, had a son, this ex-Navy soldier declared himself a woman in his 40 s. At 50 years old, measuring two meters tall (6 feet and 8 inches), weighing 220 pounds and covered in naval tattoos, Gabrielle Ludwig caused a huge feeling when she made her college basketball debut for Santa Clara,
  9. And the left was able to get higher numbers of infection and death earlier to bolster the severity factor (and justify the "2 weeks to stop the spread"). Along with the shrill "we need 40,000 respirators" which less than 4,000 were actually utilized, the Javit's Center, the Red Cross Mercy ship that was brought out of repairs for New York. FYI - We are 11 months into "2 weeks to stop the spread"...... BUT - Coronavirus cured the Flu!! 400,000 hospitalizations to 165 in one year!!! #howstupiddotheythinkweare
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/02/18/activist-suggests-paying-criminals-not-to-kill-to-cut-crime-rate/ A convicted murderer-turned-community activist in Baltimore has a radical approach to combating the city’s stunning murder rate: Pay criminals not to kill. The controversial idea comes from Tyree Moorehead, who was 15 when he was put away for second-degree murder and spent 18 years behind bars, Fox 45 reported. “I can relate to the shooters,” said the activist, who now transforms scenes of deadly shootings into so-called “no-shoot zones.” “Guess what they want? They want money.”
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