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  1. While SF applauds this guy's efforts to further Christianity - I said it before and will say it again - public schools are not where you want your kids to be exposed to religion. It's an all or nothing game. If you allow Christianity, you have have to allow anything else. Public school is not where you want your kids taught what your belief system is, and it is against the law. The same rules apply to the other religions as well.
  2. Oh come on - It would have so much better if you were a tin-foil hat carrying member of the clan out there......
  3. https://nypost.com/2019/09/19/justin-trudeau-leaves-open-possibility-of-more-blackface-photos/ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered a fresh apology to his fellow Canadians on Thursday over his blackface and “brownface” scandal — and left open the possibility that more photos of him in the racist makeup could surface. Speaking to reporters in Winnipeg, Trudeau said he was “deeply sorry” for appearing in three images with the skin-darkening makeup. “What I did hurt them,” Trudeau, the son of late former Canada Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, said of his constituency. “The buck stops with me and I have a responsibility.” The Liberal Party leader stopped short of putting an exact number on the amount of times he’s dressed up in blackface. “I am wary of being definitive about this because recent pictures that came out I had not remembered,” he explained. “And the question is, how can you not remember that? The fact is, I didn’t understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day. “I’ve always acknowledged that I come from a place of privilege but now I need to acknowledge that that comes with a massive blindspot.” PIERS MORGAN: Blackface Trudeau should apply the same high horse standards to himself that he applies to everyone else – and demand his own racist head on a plate Couldn't have said better myself.......
  4. https://dailycaller.com/2019/09/18/white-house-toomey-manchin-gop-gun-background-check/?utm_medium=push&utm_source=daily_caller&utm_campaign=push The White House and Department of Justice (DOJ) have met with multiple Republican senators and congressmen to shop legislation on expanding background checks consistent with the Manchin-Toomey bill, sources familiar with the effort told the Daily Caller. The Daily Caller obtained a copy of an idea sheet circulating among Republican members, which indicates that the legislation in question would expand background checks to include all commercially advertised unlicensed sales. Gotta start somewhere......
  5. I guess the AR-15 (Civilian model) just jumped in value.......
  6. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/amazon-moves-into-healthcare-a-2018-timeline.html https://www.advisory.com/research/health-care-advisory-board/blogs/at-the-helm/2018/11/amazon-health https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazons-next-big-thing-prime-but-for-healthcare/
  7. I hope your right. I copied it from one of my facebook buddies. Don't know the author. It did cause me to question how far will the "red flag" laws allow the LEO's to go once they start down that path.
  8. Does anyone remember the "I hope he fails" words uttered by Rush Limbaugh referring to BHO's liberal socialist agenda?
  9. Saw this today - So I will paste a copy for your perusal. It’s a Sunday night and your family has all gone to bed. You let the dogs back in and lock the deadbolt like you do every night. All the lights are off now except a couple of night lights scattered throughout the house leaving that dim glow throughout your home. It’s bedtime and work and school are going to come early in the morning. You crawl in bed, kiss your wife and drift off to sleep being thankful for the air conditioning that allows you to pull that heavy quilt up over your shoulder despite the fact it’s still 85 degrees outside. A few hours pass... 0200 Monday morning and your wife taps your leg and says, “baby I heard something outside”. As you sit up in bed you hear the dog growling in the living room and you know something isn’t right. You grab that trusty 'ol 870 and head into the living room. Your wife grabs her 9mm and heads down the hall to the kids rooms just like you have rehearsed. “Good boy” you say as you enter the living room, trying to calm both the dog and your wife just as splinters fly across the room and the front door flies open. “Oh shit!” As you shoulder your weapon and send a load of 00 Buck across your living room and see the perpetrator fall in a heap. Before the “thank God” can even run across your brain, you see a second man coming in the door and you fire again. This time you hear the pop of your wife’s 9mm as she has joined in the fight. It has to be those damn meth heads from down in town! Just then you are consumed by a wall of bullets as you see multiple muzzle flashes from just outside the door and you realize something isn’t right. You turn to yell at your wife to “get down” just in time to see her take a load of buckshot to the face and her brain matter splatter the wall behind her. You feel the burning as 5.56 rounds riddle your body. One clips your spine as you’re scrambling away and paralyzes your lower body. The last thing you see before you bleed out is a SWAT guy from your local PD holding your teenage daughter on the floor with a knee in her back as she screams and cry’s because she just watched her parents being murdered. Why did this happen? You’re no criminal. You’re a Conservative and an honest family man. Your wife is a school teacher and your daughters are on honor roll. Why did this happen? Well two days ago, you and your wife went down to welcome the new neighbors to the community. Your wife made them some of her “world famous” cookies and you invited them to church on Sunday. Later that afternoon, you got a friend request on Facebook from your new neighbor, which you gladly accepted. They seemed a little odd, but in the few minutes you talked they were pleasant enough. The next day while you and your family sat in church, your new neighbor scrolled through your Facebook profile. He saw that “Trump 2020” post and got infuriated because he’s a staunch liberal and he hates your kind. The next thing he sees are the hunting pictures you took last fall when your daughter bagged her first buck. Now he’s seething with fury because he is wholeheartedly against the “slaughter of innocent animals”. Next he sees your post from the last range day with your buddy and sees those scary black assault weapons on the table and that does it! He has to do something about the racist, right wing extremist, domestic terrorist living next door. He picks up the phone, calls the local Sheriffs Office and reports you as a threat under the new Red Flag law. The Sheriffs Office follows their SOP’s and conducts a no knock warrant because you have now been denied due process and you are considered guilty until proven innocent. Now you, your lovely wife and two deputies have been killed for nothing. Your daughter will have absolute hell for the rest of her life. She will never be that successful person you dreamed for her to be because of the mental tragedy caused from seeing her parents murdered. The local news paper will report that you were killed after firing-on, and killing, two deputies and that “over a thousand rounds of ammo and 22 guns were confiscated from your residence”. Oh... those two deputies were just following orders. They left behind families as well and had served their community for over a decade. They didn’t know you were a stand-up guy with a great family. They weren’t allowed time to investigate things under due process. They were told you had threatened your neighbor and were out in the street waving an AR15 around. This is the reality of Red Flag gun laws. Innocent people will lose their lives, including police serving these unconstitutional no-knock warrants. Red Flag laws will be used for petty and vengeful reasons without merit by gun hating liberals who believe if you own guns, that it somehow automatically makes you a threat to society and therefore you are a right wing extremist domestic terrorist who MUST be stopped and neutralized at all costs (for the safety of others).
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