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    Poorly written queries were causing MySQL to crash. There were other issue but they were related to the above. Long queries were being logged and the hard drive filled to 100% which locked the machine up trying to ready and write to a full drive. I think I have things resolved but anything can happen.
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    Hats off to New Pal for being willing to play anybody.
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    That is Luke Shively from Tipton. Awesome you guys got to see him. Great young man!
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    This kind of reminds me of Perry Meridian bailing out of Conference Indiana. Couldn't compete, so they looked for softer opponents. You either play the people in your conference or look else where. East finding opponents mid season won't be easy, especially when you figure the six remaining Confence Indiana teams are looking to fill their schedules with Perry Meridian and Franklin Central leaving that conference. Unless CE wants to step up and schedule CI teams. Moving the C. East - C. North game to mid season might be interesting.
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    Bombers at NIU ran into some big ole Lineman ........ https://goo.gl/photos/fyvaYrZv15snpnKXA
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    Nice! Can't wait for opening kickoff! sidenote to Jennings Co... please step into the 21st Century
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    New pal had a great great team for .two years, that 'may' have been able to compete with CG during those seasons for maybe a half or three quarters. I think the reason NP may have been able to compete with cg for a half during NP's run was because cg is usually beat up with the mic schedule. I am really surprised that CG agreed to this series Maybe if Eric Moore wasn't there and the cg program was like a franklin central program ( similar enrollments but just a ho hum h.s. fb program like fc) then yeah maybe it would be competitive.
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    The reasoning in the article, for the end of the Whiteland series, is due to it not being a competitive series. You would have to think that the same will happen when these two teams face off. I am hoping for great matchups, and would love to see this becoming a rivalry, but would honestly be shocked if that happens. I do know that coach Ralph will have his teams as prepared as possible for these games.
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    As mentioned before, Mississinewa is changing from grass to turf as well as a new track surface at Fisher Field. Here is an updated photo of the new turf.
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    Better call cousin Brett too.
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