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  1. What's ironic is that Ritter could win state next year and still not move up depending on the next seasons result.
  2. I took a peak. The Driven One is a poster there.
  3. Glad I could educate you. Raider is only legendary for being called the black hole. Only one CYO legend I knew was Coach Bill from CTK. Go to Cyoarchindy.org and that might help you understand. Lutheran is not Catholic school and Cathedral is not considered an Indy Parochial school. You can do better.
  4. CYO is what churns the butter at all 4 Indy Parochial schools. Raiderx2 knows a little about Ritter as both his sons are graduates and he coached in the CYO feeder system even without a kid on the team. He is correct 13 of the 16 starters played CYO football filling 18 of the 21 starting positions. CYO continues to be one of the best feeder systems in the state of Indiana.
  5. Eastbrook stats 4,500 + yards rushing and just over 700 yards passing. I'm gonna guess a wing t type offense. Someone out there can clarify offense type? Looks like lots of guys carry the ball for them. Ritter should be prepared as they just faced a similar run first type offense in Monrovia. Impressed with the history of Eastbrook. They are used to winning. The same head coach for 28 years and only 1 losing season since 1994. That's impressive.
  6. That would be University of Cardinal Ritter.
  7. Dead even game last night in the cold rain. I'm still frozen and wet. The two Monrovia turnovers and what looked to be a bad handle on the extra point tipped the scale the Raiders way. I don't think it was a fake EP as I did not see anyone go out for a pass on the play. 2 key receptions by Trevor Browder and always reliable Kyle Price kept Raider drives alive. Small did a great job of managing the game with no turnovers. Monrovia did a great job slowing down the running game. Nice job by the Ritter kids to turn the season around when everyone including myself thought this season was lost. Monrovia got in that one key pass play down the middle which led to what should of been game tying touchdown. The Monrovia folks got that one right. These 2 teams always seem to make it exciting. Great season Monrovia. Now on to Eastbrook.
  8. Ritter Lutheran was a mud bowl. Always have a spot for Linton in my heart.
  9. Going with the Rebels in this one. Heard the Chatard EC game got a little chippy earlier in the year. Rebels will be ready.
  10. For those expecting a high scoring game, I just don't see it that way. Ritter has only given up more than 21 points this year to two teams(Chatard and Brebeuf). The defense held the team together until the offense was able to catch up with a run the ball attitude. Monrovia's defense has been just as solid with only Beech Grove, Linton and Mater Dei scoring more than 21. I'm looking at both defense's that will bend but not break on Friday, both giving up nice drives but getting tough as teams get in the red zone. I'm not even going to compare common opponents as the ICC has been very unpredictable week to week. The first game Ritter lead the whole game until a late 4th quarter comeback by Monrovia. A Monrovia big pass play set up the game winning touchdown. No doubt it was a tough loss for the Raiders at the time. Some posters have joked about the Monrovia passing game. I doubt it is a factor on Friday. The Raiders have a couple key injuries that I wish could be on the field, but that's how it goes sometimes. It sounds like Monrovia is as healthy as they have been all season. Plus I can never post about a Monrovia-Ritter playoff game without this gem from 2009 that keeps on giving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4PmddGmQJo I'm going with Ritter 21 Monrovia 20
  11. Having visiting Linton twice I would have to agree with you. A great place to watch a high school game.
  12. Not a lot to say about this game. Nice season for the Indians. Hall continues to roll and the defense continues to be stout. Monrovia Ritter for state seems fitting.
  13. Evansville Mater Dei Ritter Lutheran
  14. I agree. I think the player you speak of is IMO the best player on the team. Injury slowed him down some, but he is still pretty good.