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  1. Since you asked. Here we go. A Scecina -Big win over Beech Grove. You can't take too much off for a loss to #1 4A Roncalli. The Crusaders as predicted are the most improved ICC team. A- Monrovia-tough loss to a solid Linton team is only thing stopping them from an A. They must earn this grade on Friday vs the Grove. B+ Beech Grove- loss to Scecina in some minds may evoke a lower grade. That's how much I like Scecina this year. B+ Triton Central- Coach Able always has his teams well prepared. His teams always get better as the season goes on C Lutheran- Right where I thought they would be. They can improve on their grade with a good showing vs Scecina. D- Park Tudor- Only reason not an F is they have a win over Southern Wells. F Speedway- There is some talent, but no depth. Program numbers continue to drop. F Ritter- On pace for worst offensive output and team record since 1998. 14-14 last 3 seasons. Looking like 3rd straight season without a sectional title.
  2. Scecina Beech Grove Park Tudor Speedway Triton Central
  3. Last week Park Tudor wins big over Southern Wells. It was nice to see the Panthers get their first win. Lutheran looks like they took out frustration on Oldenburg by scoring 71 points. Monrovia remains undefeated in ICC with a nice win over Triton. Ritter defeated Speedway in a defensive battle 10-8. The Plugs are the only ICC team without a win this year.The big game of the week and maybe the season was Scecina beating Beech Grove in a low scoring battle. It looks like the Scecina defense is for real, holding the high powered Grove offense to 13 points. This week. There are now two undefeated teams left in the ICC. A lot can happen until these two meet in week 9. Beech Grove and Triton still remain in the mix for the ICC title. Ritter and Lutheran have an uphill battle to get a share of the title. Scecina at Roncalli- The Crusaders take on big brother Roncalli with a legitimate chance to play with the #2 ranked 4A Rebels. 1994 was the last time Scecina beat Roncalli. While I don't think they will this Friday, I expect them to be competitive with the Rebels. A competitive game and everyone finishing up healthy would be a huge boost for the Crusaders. They are one year away from beating Roncalli. Rebels by 14 Chatard at Cardinal Ritter- Here is another team playing big brother.Both teams off to 1-3 starts with both teams struggling to putting points on the board. Chatard has faced the 6th toughest schedule, Ritter the 97th. Chatard coming off a 3 game losing streak does not bode well for the Raiders. I wish I could say the Raiders keep it close, but I don't see it without some changes to the offense. The Raider defense has played pretty well this season, hopefully they can slow down Chatard somewhat. Indian Creek at Triton Central- I expect TC to get back on the winning track at Home vs IC. Lutheran at Park Tudor- Lutheran looks to pad their offensive numbers for the 2nd week in a row. The Panthers will put up a few scores to make this a high scoring affair. Lutheran 42-14 Monrovia at Speedway- This battle goes back to the days when both were in the WCC. Monrovia has too much firepower and Speedway not enough depth. Just a little advice, do not kick it deep to Jones. Monrovia 42 Speedway 14 Howe at Beech Grove- Hornets vs Hornets. Howe won last year. Both teams coming off close losses last week. The Grove needs a win to get the season back on track. I'm going Hornets by a touchdown.(: CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak Indianapolis Scecina 3-0 65 22 4- 0 131 42 Won 4 Monrovia 2-0 52 38 3- 1 124 62 Won 1 Beech Grove 3-1 162 77 3- 1 162 77 Lost 1 Triton Central 2-1 88 47 3- 1 119 68 Lost 1 Indianapolis Lutheran 1-2 35 81 2- 2 106 88 Won 1 Indianapolis Ritter 1-2 41 47 1- 3 48 80 Won 1 Park Tudor 0-3 23 111 1- 3 58 125 Won 1 Speedway 0-3 56 99 0- 4 64 148 Lost 5
  4. Triton Central Chatard Beech Grove Lutheran Roncalli Monrovia
  5. Beech Grove Cardinal Ritter Lutheran Park Tudor Triton Central
  6. Last Week Linton gave Monrovia their first loss in 17 games in a battle of teams who both played at Lucas last year. I have been to Linton a few times and it is tough to win down there. Monrovia does not have time to lick their wounds as they will face Triton Central this week. The Beech Grove offense has picked up where it left off last year in piling up the points on Speedway last week. Love seeing two Ritter alumni Coach Weller and Purichia bringing success to the Grove. We shall see if the Scecina defense can slow them down next week. Scecina and Triton Central both cruised to easy wins over Park Tudor and Lutheran. Ritter hung with Brebeuf for a half but the Braves turned it on in the 2nd half to win 33-7. This week- The battle of the conference undefeated Beech Grove at Scecina- Neither team has really been tested so far. Will the Scecina defense be able to handle the Beech Grove Offense? I know it's early, but the team that wins this one will probably win the ICC this year. Triton Central at Monrovia- the 2nd undefeated ICC battle this weekend. I would not be surprised to see Triton win this battle. Ritter at Speedway- I went back as far as I could go, and I could not find a season where both teams came in without a win when facing each other for the Westside Super Bowl. Both teams are at 0-3. The Raider offense has scored 38 points in 3 games this year. I went back all the way to 1996 to find a year when the Raiders scored less points in their first 3 games. This game is still a rivalry even with Ritter winning 8 of the last 10. The Raider offense needs to figure out how to put points on the board. Oldenberg vs Lutheran. Lutheran gets back to .500 in this one. Park Tudor at Southern Wells- This is one of two winnable games for Park Tudor this year. CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak Beech Grove 3-0 149 63 3- 0 149 63 Won 3 Indianapolis Scecina 2-0 51 9 3- 0 117 29 Won 3 Triton Central 2-0 67 13 3- 0 98 34 Won 3 Monrovia 1-0 18 17 2- 1 90 41 Lost 1 Indianapolis Lutheran 1-2 35 81 1- 2 35 81 Lost 1 Indianapolis Ritter 0-2 31 39 0- 3 38 72 Lost 4 Speedway 0-2 48 89 0- 3 56 138 Lost 4 Park Tudor 0-3 23 111 0- 3 23 111 Lost 7
  7. Beech Grove Triton Central Brebeuf Jesuit Scecina Linton-Stockton
  8. After 2 games the ICC is shaping up to be a battle for the conference title as expected. Monrovia, Scecina and Beech Grove are right where they should be. Biggest surprise is that Ritter is 0-2 for the first time since 1998. Brebeuf is next on the schedule so it does not get any easier. Monrovia will have a huge test vs Linton this week to keep their winning streak going. Beech Grove and Scecina should have wins to go to 3-0. Triton and Lutheran winner will decide who remains near the top of the conference. The following weeks games will clear up the conference race picture a bit. CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak Beech Grove 2-0 81 21 2- 0 81 21 Won 2 Indianapolis Scecina 1-0 21 6 2- 0 87 26 Won 2 Monrovia 1-0 18 17 2- 0 69 17 Won 16 Triton Central 1-0 34 6 2- 0 65 27 Won 2 Indianapolis Lutheran 1-1 28 48 1- 1 28 48 Won 1 Speedway 0-1 6 21 0- 2 14 70 Lost 3 Indianapolis Ritter 0-2 31 39 0- 2 31 39 Lost 3 Park Tudor 0-2 20 81 0- 2 20 81 Lost 6
  9. My apologies to Lutheran. I'll think twice next time before I open my mouth. Nice rebound from last week.
  10. Ritter last 0-2 start was in 1998.
  11. LC Guerin Brebeuf Roncalli Triton Central West Lafayette Mater dei Brownstown Central
  12. Probably easiest week to pick all season. Monrovia Beech Grove Ritter Scecina Triton Central
  13. No one is going undefeated in the ICC this year. Top to bottom I think this will be the most competitive ICC season ever. While I have Park Tudor with no ICC wins, they should be a much improved team. Both Lutheran or Triton could flip flop with one of the top 4 as the top 6 teams don't have that huge of a gap between them. I'm going with the Grove as my ICC champ if I have to choose one. Beech Grove 5-2 Ritter 5-2 Monrovia 5-2 Scecina 5-2 Triton Central 3-4 Lutheran 3-4 Speedway 2-5 Park Tudor 0-7 Ritter does not bring many starters back from last season. How this group matures during the season will decide if they go 5-2 or 2-5 this year.
  14. We have had 30 + 8th graders, 40 7th graders and 20 6th graders so far at tryouts. Last tryout is this Sunday at Westfield HS 2pm-5pm. We have had 6 Castle MS kids at tryouts from down your way.
  15. Chatard Roncalli Guerin HC TriWest