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  1. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Why would losing to a nationally ranked team that has already destroyed everyone in the big bad Mic be embarrassing???
  2. Penn/Carmel

    That QB could fly , Snider's QB this year could to .
  3. Penn/Carmel

    I was at that spanking as well(both) . To this day , I still believe that 04 team was better than Warren . They weren't when it counted , mistakes doomed them . But if they played 5 times , that 04 team would win at least 3 of them .
  4. Penn/Carmel

    One of the better Snider teams I've witnessed , winner of that game was winning state . The 04 Snider team was pretty special as well .
  5. Penn/Carmel

    Valpo's defense was much better, as well as their QB.
  6. Penn/Carmel

    You mean you don't like the ground tackling your players ? Sorry I had to throw that in . I was at that game .
  7. Penn/Carmel

    Kind of glad we didn't play Snider tonight . Game would of been at Penn , and it absolutely down poured here with thunder and major lightning .
  8. SemiState Scores

    Penn-34 Carmel - 7 Final
  9. Penn/Carmel

    I agree , I actually gave us no chance against Carmel or Snider . Our defense has really stepped up , I wish the offense was better . I think our QB will be able to throw well in LOS , if our receivers catch them .
  10. SemiState Scores

    Penn - 34 Carmel - 7 4th
  11. Penn/Carmel

    True that, fat lady not singing yet.
  12. SemiState Scores

    Penn - 27 Carmel -7 3rd
  13. Penn/Carmel

    Penn=3380 but i get your point , What Snider does with 1800 is incredible.
  14. SemiState Scores

    Penn -27 Carmel -0 Pick -6
  15. SemiState Scores

    Penn -21 Carmel-0 3rd