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  1. Lowell vs East Central!

    BD OLine was young but some of them are getting recruited. One player even D1 prospect. And Lowell controlled the line of scrimmage. If EC is young and not being recruited big advantage Lowell
  2. Lowell vs East Central!

    Especially if they have “no seniors” on the line. According to their coach no OLine player is getting recruited and if they are all juniors it is going to be a long night for EC
  3. Yea but Luers is “not a true 2a”. He played mostly bigger schools until state tournament. No “true 2a” will win it as there is always the argument that “there are a number of kids that can put up those numbers against 1a and 2 a competition” sometimes it’s hard to tell how good a kid is unless he is playing against really good competition. So 1a-3a kids have a disadvantage for mr football
  4. Lowell vs East Central!

    Yes but they did have a couple games on turf this year also
  5. On paper some of these state games may not be close. Both 6a and 5a I believe have a big favorite to win. I also think Lowell will pull away and control the 4a game. What will be the best game of the weekend?
  6. Lowell vs East Central!

    If EC has no passing threat Lowell wins this game by 2-3 scores.
  7. Lowell vs East Central!

    In 2007 Lowell was dominated, in 2009 Lowell was the better team but just didn’t get it done, they were inside the 10 twice and didn’t score which ended up being the game
  8. Lol Wildman, Im a Lowell fan, but He might be the worst running back in the last 20 years at Lowell.
  9. Lowell has the utmost respect for Dwenger. I’m pretty sure the other thread has to do more with Lowell’s history with Radtke than it has to do with NP. Radtke is Lowell’s favorite coach to beat for numerous reasons. I’m sure Lowell will have to be ready for Dwenger but at same time Dwenger will have to be ready for Lowell.
  10. Great game! Congrats to NP on a good season. I felt Lowell was the better team overall tonight but NP made it interesting.
  11. Lowell 21- NP 7 but game not as close as the score indicates
  12. With all due respect to NP I just don’t see how this game will be close. NP may be able to hang for a 1/2 or so but Lowell is on a different level this year. NP will have to score 21 to even have a chance and I don’t see Lowell giving up 21. If NP stacks the box they will leave #2 1 on 1 and #6 (IU recruit) 1 on 1 in the passing game, which will be dangerous. If they have safety help Lowell will be able to run. Griffith averaged 380 yards and game and 49 points a game and had negative yards in the 1st half and didn’t get a 1st down until 30 seconds to go in the 3rd. The only reason Griffith had 65 yards for the game was 50 if that was vs Lowell JV. This has been the same type story for every team they have played. Griffiths opening TD on kick return was actually the 1st time Lowell has trailed all year. But you never know what Radtke has up his sleeve Either was should be great atmosphere.
  13. HNAC All-Conference

    That's probably the reason that your TE was IFCA all state over south centrals.
  14. 1A Season Thread

    why does Pioneer go for 2 on the first score??? Don't get that decision at all
  15. HNAC Sectional

    scum will roll NJSP. You are ridiculous.