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  1. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    It is true. 2 year contract.
  2. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    That my friend will probably never happen as long as they play in the NCC.
  3. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    LCC has a home and home with Tri-West Week 1. Lafayette Jeff-West Lafayette is a 4 year deal.
  4. I think Jack Kiser would still stand out. His statistics wouldn't be as eye opening. Who knows he might not play offense at all given the fact that Ben Davis has a Louisville commit at Running back in the 2018 class. Sometimes because 1A kids don't specialize in one side of the ball it is hard to project them into the college game unless they are absolute studs (I.e. Danny Anthrop). At the bigger schools, those kids get to play one position and work all of their drills specializing in that, but you will see the smaller school kids excel once they get that opportunity. A great example of that is Jackson Anthrop, I'll admit I didn't think he would get a chance this early at Purdue, but he leads their WR in touchdowns as a Redshirt Freshman. Now that he's able to focus solely on offense he's become a fantastic weapon. It's hard to project how Kiser will do in college, when you see him play right now, because he is not playing the position he's being recruited for. I do know the kid has an excellent work ethic, and once he gets to campus and gets to focus on just playing OLB he will definitely get his shot on the field.. I just hope it's the Old Gold and Black.
  5. Ahh, Mistake move by EG. That ball is hard to find against a black jersey.
  6. I feel like MC is in trouble with the location move. The Pit is exactly as it's name sake, but Kiser on turf will not be good for any defense.
  7. The Dream is Alive!

    HA! Bobby Cox will love this.
  8. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    Maybe it's time to vote in a new board. Private donations. Someone has to be willing to start a campaign. Seems like a good off season project for you. Every donation matters, big or small. LCC got a new playing surface for this season. It is beautiful. The base work was done by a farming family and a construction company owner. The school purchased the 1600 pounds of seed, 6 inch sand layer and pipe under layment for the field. We didn't have any grass at all on the field until July. That bad boy can handle up to 6 inches of rain per hour supposedly. Biggest question of the week is will Laville get on the scoreboard this time around?
  9. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    This was similar to the thoughts when I first saw the PIT on Friday. There are farmers with the equipment to do all of the work, just need someone to be willing to ask.
  10. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Concussion protocol. For the safety of the kids, we have a very active new trainer. The two special teams plays really killed the knights. Two Pioneer TDs on short fields, just can’t afford that against good opponents. Nice job by pioneer scouting that and taking advantage.
  11. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    It would be interesting if the IHSAA went to one year reclassification for football only. You win state you move up, if you win a regional you stay in that class.
  12. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Nicklebackjack, Congrats, swing your manhood around. Stop trying to give a lesson on humility to LCC you’re doing a poor job of it. You seem to forgotten about 09-15 vs LCC. Your humbleness rivals that of 09er. In fact, here’s a reminder how how not humble I’ll be, the score of program status is 7-1 As for the rest of the Pioneer Faithful, You have a really good team. Good Luck and finish the job this year. This game turned out as expected. Pioneer moves on and LCC is looking for a head coach. It wouldn’t be a problem in my eyes to see Onken at the helm. Objective 1. Tackling practice.
  13. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Here is your original point. I took out LCC's best two teams they played against, but left in Pioneers best two. The Schedules are STILL NOT EVEN CLOSE. In what world is a 50 and a 30 not one sided? Pioneers Schdule Central Catholic's Schedule Rank Rating Rank Rating 129 Knox 52.26 147 Indianapolis Arlington 48.81 191 Triton 38.64 67 Tipton 67.28 201 LaVille 36.76 83 Rensselaer Central 63.51 213 Culver 34.56 167 Twin Lakes 43.01 235 Winamac 28.53 179 Hamilton Heights 41.14 282 North Judson 14.24 222 Benton Central 31.21 297 Caston 8.32 91 Guerin Catholic 61.22 101 Lewis Cass 58.69 Averages 136.571 50.8829 301 North White 4.12 Average 216.667 30.7 I say again, LCC is a 30 point underdog in this one.
  14. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Computers don't have bias. http://sagarin.com/sports/hsfsend.htm Game Note:This is by far the best passing team Pioneer has probably ever had.
  15. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Conjecture. Pioneer might not lose any games against LCC's schedule.