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  1. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    I think that is the best fit. For the Colts and for him. He knows how to use multiple tight ends, especially when they are athletic route runners-which the Colts have, and he knows how to use multiple receivers of all sizes and ability in multiple alignments to get them open. And he is familiar with Brissett, just in case Luck does miss more time. And he is great at game planning to find matchups that benefit the offense and taking advantage of them, whether it be using a running back out wide or a tight end
  2. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    He did good work at Temple, but talk about little experience. Just one year in the NFL as an assistant and one year at Baylor, which you really can't judge with what all happened there before he took over. Might be an interesting OC option if he would be willing to do that, but I don't see it as the HC choice.
  3. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    Such a Bears move..your team just blew a 21-3 halftime lead and you gave the NFL's leading rusher the ball only 11 times? You're hired! Hopefully Andy Reid was more involved with play calling duties Saturday; I did see several shots of him talking on the headset with his oversized call sheet out--if not calling the play directly, maybe some highly influenced suggestions.
  4. I think it is largely overblown, but I don't doubt one bit that Belichick was upset with the Garrapolo situation. He has never been a fan of QB's who are older and not very mobile (Kosar, Bledsoe) and I largely believe he wanted to keep Jimmy G around and coach him for a year or 2 after Brady leaves to ensure future success for the Patriots. I can certainly understand Kraft not wanting to push Brady out the door before he is ready though. At the end of the day, these guys are all so focused on winning I don't think it will have any effect on the game field. Will be interesting to see what might happen if a 6th ring, big if I know, is won this year.
  5. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Saban isn't going to leave Bama. Especially for a job like the Giants, where you have no QB and a diva wide receiver to deal with, or a job with the Bears where you have very little talent and play in what is becoming an extremely tough division in the league once Aaron Rodgers returns next season. I would pick the Bears over the Giants, but I don't see a 66 year old Saban leaving a place where he is more or less running the campus, if not the entire state and conference, and is about to tie/pass Bear Bryant in number of rings. And I agree with coachfields, if Saban does leave any time soon Dabo will come in and have the same level of success. Bama isn't going anywhere
  6. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Bama. I don't see a frosh QB who isn't a threat to run the ball beating Saban and Co. That said, I freaking love Roquan Smith and Georgia's running back tandem and think they will keep it interesting.
  7. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Go get Josh McDaniels
  8. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    As I said, there might be better pass blockers than Mglinchey. But, he is a tone setter and would start at RT from day 1. The Colts need to replace Costanza (yes, I know his real name) at LT but doubt that will happen anyway If the Colts stay around the 3rd-4th draft pick by year end they will be in great shape. You can get some good value out of that in the trade market, especially if Darnold comes out as he will be a lock at 1 or 2, or you can select a playmaker--I wouldn't take an OL player that high this year.
  9. I thought the adrenaline drain was very noticeable; in fact I told a friend of mine when the game started that I was afraid EG was a little too fired up before kickoff. Sure it is a very hard thing to control though
  10. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Planning on making the trip up for this one, I'm expecting a close game til the very end. Good luck to both teams. I think it is going to come down to turnovers, I know East's defense is good enough to cause a few. If they can do that and make a big play or 2 on offense I think they can win it late.
  11. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    2 catches for 23 yards for TY. Typical big-game performance for the "ghost". Maybe we can give him a pass for the groin issue. Maybe. Why only 1 target to Moncrief as well? He catches a 60 yard TD at the start of the 2nd quarter and you reward him by not throwing it to him again?
  12. After the semi-state game at Linton last year I had Lutheran as a shoe-in to win 1A South this year. Now, not so sure, with EG being able to run and now throw the ball I think this will be a VERY good game. I'll still go with LuHi to win a close one mainly due to home field advantage and experience.
  13. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Where's he playing next year? Getting any offers?
  14. As I said, East picks how much they wanna win by. Congrats to the O's! Can't wait to see the showdown next week
  15. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    If Cathedral wins by 21, and I won't rule it out because I haven't seen them in person this year, I would be extremely impressed and would venture to say they will easily win state and could contend for the title in 6A. East is very good, very strong, and very well coached. As I'm sure Cathedral is too, which is why I see this as a very tight game decided by a late score.
  16. East always gets a good crowd
  17. East. By as many as they want this week. Can't wait to see the showdown next Friday
  18. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    This is my point, Ballard knew all along that he wouldn't play this year. Like I mentioned in an earlier post asking if Colts fans wanted Luck to play I think the plan all along was to take it very slow with 12 and start rebuilding the roster; you are correct though they didn't want to say this in August and lose ticket sales. This is the perfect time to "tank" and rebuild in the AFC; the Patriots and Steelers are on the last couple years of being atop the league and you never know with the Chiefs and Alex Smith. The Broncos are struggling and that defense isn't getting younger, the Texans haven't shown an ability to win big games yet, Tennessee has yet to live up to expectations, Jacksonville still has several flaws, Oakland has been a disappointment this year, the list goes on. Responding to a different post, but as for the Trade TY Logic: I think he is a horrible locker room guy, a very poor leader and influence, and is easily replaceable with a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. Yes he has big games like yesterday, but he also has streaks where he disappears--usually in big games--and he is limited in what he can be used as for an offense. I certainly wouldn't give him away, but if you can get a 2nd rounder for him or a package of similarity to what Kelvin Benjamin brought I would make a culture statement and ship him out.
  19. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Luck won't retire, he just doesn't want to play for Pagano and doesn't want to play for a team with no talent and no protection for him when he drops to pass. Best news of the season for Colts fans. Going to end up with a top 3 draft pick and an even easier excuse to dump the entire coaching staff and let Ballard continue the rebuild. The question now is how low can you trade down and still pick up a good OT to protect Luck? The McGlinchey kid from Notre Dame is a stud, but Connor Williams from Texas might be a better pass blocker. If you can trade down a few spots and get one of those 2 and a few extra draft picks you are sitting pretty. Also, trade TY Hilton ASAP this spring.
  20. Good luck to both teams tonight. I'll take FC by...err sorry, already in the basketball state of mind here in Bedford I guess lol For most of this season I thought FC could compete with East due to the speed of their defense and their threat of passing the ball on offense. After the beat down East gave us last week I'm not sure they aren't the best 5A team in the state when they are firing on all cylinders. Their O-Line is freakishly strong and extremely well coached. Hogan and Miller are both very good backs, and Majors would be an All-State running back as well but he is playing the QB position and can beat you with his arm if you gear up to stop the run. Defensively they are very fast and aggressive. 93, 60, 20, and 12 are all STUDS on that side of the ball at each level. I hope FC can keep it close into the 4th, but I just don't see it happening. Congrats to both teams on great seasons, Glesing is the coach of the year IMO and I know that team will be fired up to get another shot at East and a sectional title. But I still think O's by 5 TD's.
  21. This is very inaccurate. The issue a lot of the time was that the DE and OLB were getting too far up the field and the ball was cutting under them; that's how East's offense works. They are very good (especially their tackles) at adjusting their zone blocking based on where the defense goes.
  22. I think for Columbus East not having a bye is the best option. They seldom face competition weeks 3-9, so I think the more game time they can get the better they will be later in the tournament. For a team like BNL playing East week 9 I don't mind a bye week so much to rest up and recover. With FC and NA playing each other week 9 and then again in the tournament I think a bye is good to make the 2nd game more interesting and give the losing team from week 9 more time to get their morale back up and learn from mistakes. In the end, the better team is still going to win whether it is week 10 or week 11. A bye can be a very bad thing for a team that is lazy on the bye week and doesn't improve, an extra game can be a bad thing for a team that comes out over-confident and plays slow.
  23. When you don't have a good answer to someone else's question you ask a different question...i'll give it a try Does the other team feel better about themselves? Am I considered a good "sport" if I only put 1 player on the field every defensive possession in the second half until the other team gets within a certain score and then put my starters back in to secure the win after giving the other team false hope and letting them score?
  24. Is kneeling the ball in the 3rd quarter really that good of "sportsmanship"? Should the team that is up 50-0 just allow the other team to score 6 or 7 times in the 3rd quarter to be good sports and then jump on them again in the 4th and win 80-49?
  25. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    Does it have to be hurry up? I think spread systems can work in the NFL (with the right personnel) but I don't think full on hurry up will ever work regardless of the system. I am not sure I can see Leach's personality working well with pro players either lol