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  1. Best analogy I have seen used ever on these forums!
  2. If you are not aware of the fact that you are watching (or choosing not to watch) some of the highest quality football there has ever been at all levels of the game then you my friend are not paying attention. If actually building meaningful relationships with your players and being able to relate to them is seen as "bro culture" then I am as bro as they come. Just because you don't like something does not make it an infection of the game. I will also use this platform to continue to refute the notion that what you call "bro culture" is negatively impacting the game.
  3. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    How do we know this is the reason? He has been coaching a long time. He has had success in many seasons. Maybe he just wanted to call it a career and do/be something besides a football coach. Just because someone doesnt coach until they die does not mean they are unable to adapt with the kids along the way.
  4. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    I don't see how adapting to the culture and kids you are coaching is a bad thing? Obviously there is a line between player and coach, but just because it isn't the same as it was in the "old school" days doesn't mean it isn't successful or productive.
  5. 40-Second Play Clock

    As a coach I like the 40 second clock. I think that it helps with rhythm offensively from a play calling stand point because you have a set amount of time that is constant between each play. In the past, you would have some crews who would be able to set the ball quickly or vice versa and as a coach you would have to adjust like-wise. Now, the spot of the ball is almost an after thought.
  6. IFCA All State Teams

    At each region meeting, region all-stars are chosen. (separate from all-state) The North/South teams are then chosen from that pool of all-stars.
  7. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    Great coaches and kids on both sides. I have known Coach Ho for a while now and know they will be extremely prepared. They have talent at every skill position and a big o-line. Obviously Pioneer has been doing something right the last few years as well. Knowing a lot about MC and a little about Pioneer (and seeing the weather forecast) this game will come down to line play. If MC's line can give the backfield time/space to work they can score points with anyone. If Pioneer can be disruptive up front, that could be the difference in the game.
  8. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I know, I know. Just throwing some sarcasm in there for my own entertainment. I will say that, without knowing a ton about either team this season, Im guessing this game will be closer than people think and will be a fun one to watch.
  9. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Darn you for bringing aspects of the actual game that is going to be played back into the discussion!
  10. I wonder if they have reached out to Coach Hoffman for guidance through all of this? I played for him in the North/South game in 2011 and in just that short week it was evident how dynamic of a leader he was and why he was so successful as a coach. Hopefully the kids can take it upon themselves this week and band together to play well!
  11. Illegal Substition

    We had a situation where we had a false start, but the defense had 12 on the field. Does the false start eliminate the ability to have a substitution/participation penalty since the play has not actually occurred?
  12. 7 Man Crews in the Playoffs?

    We just played a game in which the opposing team threw the ball every play. Literally every play. Don't get me wrong, the officials we had did a very respectable job, but I am sure that another two deeper wing officials would have been beneficial to all when there are 61 pass plays in a game.
  13. Not smoke blowing, but I get your apprehension. The kid is a freak in the weight room. His older and younger brothers are/were as well. He definitely developed early and had experience in the weight room as a middle school student as well. The 4.5, 40 is the only one that is debatable because it was hand timed. I think he went 4.54 or something like that at a camp laser timed.
  14. I would say the two best I played against were both Ft. Wayne guys. Tevaughn Hurse in 2010 from New Haven, dude had wheels. The other was Remound Wright from Ft. Wayne Dwenger 2008-10, power and speed.
  15. Believe it or not these are actually his frosh #'s. He has added about 50 to his bench and 90-100 on squat. As much as we run him it comes in handy!!