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  1. St. Edwards (Ohio) vs. Cathedral

    I'm here, come say Hi! BobRef I would love to meet you! PHJ good to see you!
  2. I really don't have much left to say, everyone makes great arguments for and against. I support Cathedral's decision. TD - As far as saying the best is in 6A, the Mega schools, I believe the best are any given team on any given Friday night.
  3. No, the Rules don't say stay in 6A. Obviously the IRISH didn't compete well enough to stay in 6A or the IHSAA would have kept them there.
  4. Just following the rules. You are darned if you do, darned if you don't, so it's best to follow the rules.
  5. I remember that game too. One of the best games played that year. and those milk jugs ..... Back to the topic. When you have a great coaching staff and program, talent will come. Look at all the successful schools. Why do parents and students decide to send their kids to that school? The Program works and the Coaching Staff walks the walk. Hands down one of the best programs in the State. The Cathedral Irish are following the rules set by the IHSAA, no more, no less. period. Do you like the program, do you want to come to Cathedral? Call the Admissions Office and set up a visit.
  6. Cathedral Schedule

    We play them here next year, early October. location to be determined.
  7. Penn vs Carmel

    Agree with Black_Gold2007. Why can't Penn ever finish? They've got talent, they have size, they got depth, lately we could have written this same blog for the last few years! I would love to see them back in the State game. Not saying I would root for them, I just think they have what it takes to get there.
  8. Cathedral Stadium?

    These comments are all very interesting.
  9. Lawrence North @ Cathedral @LN

    See you there PJHIndy. Irish will be on the Visitors side. Hope lots of Irish fans come out for the game. It will be a good one.
  10. Cathedral at Brebeuf Jesuit

    Just curious AAM - How many "exchange students" does Penn have that are "Varsity" Athletes?
  11. Cathedral at Center Grove

    Thanks! I have gone to a few games. The Hunt's and Mitch's are fun brothers to watch! Jimmy isn't playing football anymore, he decided he would take the paid position and be one of the Teams managers. Sigh....... , he is really happy and loves DePauw.
  12. Cathedral at Center Grove

    No Coach, wish I was though.
  13. Cathedral at Center Grove

    not sure if I'm going to this game. I have to be back down in Bloomington early the next morning. Hoping for a good game from the Irish. See you if I decide to go, PHJ and TD.
  14. New Palestine 84 Pendleton 17

    Thank you, just wondering. I was not at the game.