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  1. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Congratulations to Coach Kennedy on a fantastic coaching career. No doubt that those who were privileged to play for him learned many valuable life lessons. He held people accountable and had higher expectations for players and his staff than they had for themselves. I wish him the best of luck in retirement. His run from 2003 to 2009 is nothing short of impressive. Kirk Kennedy coaching record Season School Won Lost Championship 1994 Lowell 11 2 regional 1995 Lowell 7 3 1996 Lowell 6 3 1997 Lowell 8 3 1998 Lowell 2 8 1999 Lowell 12 2 regional 2000 Lowell 8 3 2001 Lowell 6 6 2002 Lowell 6 5 2003 Lowell 11 2 sectional 2004 Lowell 9 4 sectional 2005 Lowell 11 4 state 2006 Lowell 7 6 sectional 2007 Lowell 13 2 semistate 2008 Lowell 13 1 regional 2009 Lowell 13 2 semistate
  2. Thanks Fine Print for the informative posts. Can someone out there give me some information about the Knox game, I really thought that the HNAC would easily have three sectional champions. Did they have any injuries or were turnovers what did them in? Haven't heard anything about the game and am curious.
  3. SECTIONAL 41 Triton (8-3) at LaVille (7-4) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Lancer Field. COACHES: Ron Brown, 12-20 in 3rd year at Triton. Will Hostrawser, 39-18 in 5th year at LaVille. SAGARIN RATINGS: Triton, 38.64, 191st overall, 20th in Class 1A. LaVille, 36.76, 201st overall, 21st in Class 1A. LAST OUTING: Triton defeated Winamac, 48-29. LaVille defeated Culver, 19-16. VS. COMMON FOES: Triton 6-2; LaVille 6-2. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Triton 50-66, LaVille 61-56. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: LaVille, 22-11. LAST MEETING: Triton, 22-14, Aug. 25, 2017. PREDICTION: LaVille, 28-17. SECTIONAL 42 Lafayette Central Catholic (4-7) at Pioneer (11-0) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, The Pit. COACHES: Don Coller, 14-19 in 3rd year at Lafayette Central Catholic, 87-78 in 16th year overall. Adam Berry, 25-1 in 2nd year at Pioneer. SAGARIN RATINGS: Pioneer, 74.63, 39th overall, 1st in Class 1A. Lafayette Central Catholic, 45.54, 162nd overall, 16th in Class 1A. LAST OUTING: Lafayette Central Catholic defeated North Miami, 38-28. Pioneer defeated North White, 46-0. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lafayette Central Catholic 76-40, Pioneer 57-59. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Lafayette Central Catholic, 9-8. LAST MEETING: Pioneer, 28-27, Nov. 11, 2016, regional. PREDICTION: Pioneer, 35-24.
  4. SECTIONAL 41 Winamac (5-5) at Triton (7-3) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Triton. COACHES: Craig Barr, 5-5 in 1st year at Winamac, 135-100 in 21st year overall. Ron Brown, 11-20 in 3rd year at Triton. SAGARIN RATINGS: Triton, 38.05, 188th overall, 20th in Class 1A. Winamac, 29.21, 229th overall, 26th in Class 1A. LAST OUTING: Winamac defeated South Central (Union Mills), 28-20. Triton defeated Caston, 42-13. VS. COMMON FOES: Winamac 2-4; Triton 5-2. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Winamac 47-52, Triton 44-56. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Tied, 2-2. LAST MEETING: Triton, 36-19, Oct. 13, 2017. PREDICTION: Triton, 31-28. Culver (6-4) at LaVille (6-4) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Lancer Field. COACHES: Mike Zehner, 12-9 in 2nd year at Culver, 39-25 in 6th year overall. Will Hostrawser, 38-18 in 5th year at LaVille. SAGARIN RATINGS: LaVille, 36.65, 196th overall, 21st in Class 1A. Culver, 35.12, 207th overall, 23rd in Class 1A. LAST OUTING: Culver defeated West Central, 49-14. LaVille defeated North Judson, 30-0. VS. COMMON FOES: Culver 3-3; LaVille 4-3. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Culver 44-56, LaVille 51-49. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: LaVille, 23-12. LAST MEETING: LaVille, 17-10, Oct. 13, 2017. PREDICTION: LaVille, 21-17.
  5. Sagarin Ratings After Round One SECTIONAL 41 SECT RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 1 188 Triton 38.05 29.17 244 39.30 183 38.76 184 2 196 LaVille 36.65 33.21 224 37.21 192 36.88 193 3 207 Culver 35.12 26.95 268 34.85 203 35.02 203 4 229 Winamac 29.21 27.07 267 29.10 227 29.11 228 5 247 South Central (Union Mills) 24.70 27.51 261 23.63 251 24.21 249 6 279 North Judson 14.48 38.11 189 14.27 279 14.40 279 7 295 Caston 8.26 36.24 200 7.63 296 7.96 295 8 302 West Central 1.97 27.10 266 -1.04 307 0.39 306 SECTIONAL 41 (EASTERN TIME) S. Central (UM) 20 Winamac [5-5] Winamac 28 7 pm Friday Caston 13 Triton [7-3] Triton 42 Nov. 3 West Central 14 Culver [6-4] Culver 49 7 pm Friday North Judson 0 LaVille [6-4] LaVille 30
  6. Conference Indiana - Week Nine

    I hope that he does not lose his job over this, and that the "powers that be" listen to the student-athletes that he has heavily invested his time, effort, and energy. The team captains and seniors have acknowledged that what he did was wrong, but they know he is concerned about their success on and off the field.
  7. Very boring week on this thread...
  8. Winamac 22 South Central 13 Look for Winamac to win the battle of the phone booth behind Rogers and a stout defensive effort. Triton 41 Caston 6 This is Triton's sectional to lose, hats off to those kids for an outstanding season. The Comets have played tough in every game of the season, but their season is coming to a close this week. Culver 28 West Central 13 The Cavs lost another close game in the 4th quarter against sectional opponent LaVille last week. They will get another crack at the Lancers next Friday as they cruise to a win against the Trojans. LavIlle 33 North Judson 0 Sticking with the point spread from their previous game as I don't see the Jays competing and the Lancers will keep any tricks they have hidden until the sectional championship. In other HNAC games... Pioneer 47 Carroll (Flora) 7 On paper this looks like a great matchup to start the post season, but the Panthers will be able to score at will. Pioneer is first class all the way and I wish them the best of luck to bring home a state championship. Knox 35 Fairfield 0 Knox gets one more week to fine tune their fundamentals before the showdown with Mishawaka Marian.
  9. SECTIONAL 41 Sect Class Overall Triton 5- 0 6- 1 6- 3 LaVille 4- 1 4- 2 5- 4 Culver 5- 2 5- 3 5- 4 Winamac 3- 3 4- 4 4- 5 North Judson 2- 4 2- 5 2- 7 Caston 1- 5 1- 7 1- 8 South Central (Union Mills) 0- 1 0- 1 4- 5 West Central 0- 4 0- 7 0- 9 SECTIONAL 41 (EASTERN TIME) S. Central (UM) [4-5] 7:30 pm Friday Winamac [4-5] Oct. 27 Caston [1-8] 7 pm Friday Triton [6-3] Nov. 3 West Central [0-9] 7 pm Friday Culver [5-4] Oct. 27 North Judson [2-7] 7:30 pm Friday LaVille [5-4]
  10. This would be well worth the trip! Saw several Rip Rogers matches at the Seymour Armory and his match against Cactus Jack at the high school was a classic for an 8 year old kid.
  11. He sure looks the part, How are his mic skills?
  12. HNAC Week 9

    Care to elaborate? From what I have seen and heard the kids in the jays uniform are not too emotional about anything on the field since the Knox game.
  13. HNAC Week 9

    takkle4, After watching all of these teams this year how would you rate them? Who do you see advancing to the Regional?
  14. HNAC Week 9

    With one week before sectionals how many teams are firing on all cylinders and how many are ready for basketball? LaVille 28 Culver 14 These two teams will more than likely see each other again in two weeks and the Lancers will prevail both times. Based on the the 33 points that LaVille put up on Friday it looks like they have finally got their offense figured out. Knox 35 Caston 6 The Redskins will look to get out of this game healthy and prepare for a sectional run. Pioneer 56 North Judson 0 Congratulations to the Pioneer Panthers on another undefeated conference season. Winamac 21 Triton 20 This will be the game of the week to watch as a fan, and I see the Warriors being able to control the clock and tempo of the game. Triton will probably keep a few tricks up their sleeve for when they meet again in two weeks.