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  1. Did Southridge have any turnovers Saturday? If not, that is quite impressive. That gun wing T makes my head spin. It's like following the ball in a shell game at the carnival. I like the Ridge by 17. Do It Raiders!!
  2. LOL. Nobody was more happy we won than the equipment guys. We had a lot of fun with that on Saturday night!!
  3. Brebeuf Jesuit (10-4) vs. Evansville Memorial (13-1) GAME TIME: 2:30 pm CT, Enlow Field. COACHES: Mic Roessler, 37-23 in 5th year at Brebeuf Jesuit. John Hurley, 72-53 in 10th year at Evansville Memorial. SAGARIN RATINGS: Evansville Memorial, 84.15, 24th overall, 3rd in Class 3A. Brebeuf Jesuit, 78.16, 32nd overall, 5th in Class 3A. LAST OUTING: Brebeuf Jesuit defeated Mishawaka Marian, 17-0. Evansville Memorial defeated Danville, 28-7. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Brebeuf Jesuit 95-65, Evansville Memorial 90-58. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Evansville Memorial, 28-24. From John Herrel's website. In the final polls (that we know mean nothing) Brebeuf was ranked #12 AP and #8 IFCA and Memorial was ranked #4 in AP and #3 in IFCA. Interestingly, in the post-season, both teams have defeated a #1 team, Brebeuf having defeated West Lafayette (#1 IFCA) for a regional title and Memorial having defeated Gibson Southern (#1 AP) for the Sectional 32 title. I'm looking forward to watching the films more, but Brebeuf and Memorial run similar spread offenses with a lot of athletes on the field and stout defenses. After this past weekend, it will be nice to watch a game inside climate-controlled LOS. I just don't think my old bones could withstand another game like yesterday. It was truly one of the most miserable conditions I've ever experienced. Good luck to both teams and congrats for being one of the 12 teams who get to practice on Thanksgiving!
  4. Great job Raiders!! Good luck next week!! Let’s bring 2 home to SW.Indiana!!
  5. Absolutely miserable weather conditions in this game. Congrats to Danville on a great season. Proud of my Tigers for gutting out a very tough win!
  6. I wish we had gotten the film of that match-up. I would have liked to have seen those 2 teams battling it out!!
  7. It is interesting to look at those kinds of comparisons.... From what I understand, East Central is a tough place to play (in any number of ways). From what I heard, Evansville Central let the crowd and environment get to them, made costly mistakes, and then ultimately imploded, as many predicted all year. EC lost at Chatard, so maybe they don't travel all that well. Maybe Chatard was healthier back then too... Add to that EC only beat LBurg by a point and Memorial beat LBurg by a whole lot. I guess I could be wrong, but I don't think LBurg's problem was the travel, but trying the defend the pass and the run and a QB who is very talented running an up-temp offense. I've watched the Danville - BC film at least 10 times, and hindsight being what it is, IMO the game is a lot closer if BC had stayed with what BC has traditionally done well instead of trying to throw the ball., which cost them a lot of points... In any event, I think the game will be very exciting and an entertaining game for the fans. I know our kids and fans are looking forward to the trip.