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  1. bobref

    Seeded sectionals

    A playoff format that eliminates the bottom 50% of each class from playoff competition, but adds a 10th regular season game, will result in the same number of games being played as the current all-in format. So there is no net loss in the number of games the kids end up playing. And I’m not sure why you qualify as the spokesperson for the “majority of kids” playing high school football in Indiana.
  2. bobref

    Sectional 32

    Have at it. Robert Faulkens, Asst. Commissioner, Football rfaulkens@ihsaa.org Indiana High School Athletic Association 9150 Meridian Street P.O. Box 40650 Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 (Phone) 317-846-6601 (Fax) 317-575-4244
  3. bobref

    Sectional 32

    One of the duties of the officiating crew before the game is to inspect the facility for dangerous conditions. If a dangerous condition is found - and this seems to qualify - but it cannot be remedied by game management, the officials are instructed to play the game, but make a post-game report to the IHSAA. This looks like it’s been there for a while. Hard to believe the IHSAA hasn’t been made aware at some point.
  4. Fourth and 5 for A from the B 25-yard line. A1 runs to the B 22-yard line where he is tackled. B2 then piles on to A1. A1 retaliates by taking a swing at B2, although he misses. How are these penalties enforced? Down and distance?
  5. You remind me of something that people say about me from time to time: "Often wrong … but never in doubt."😜
  6. bobref

    2018 Fighting Irish

    Best remedy for that is run the ball! With a home run hitter like Williams, you will eventually break a big one.
  7. bobref

    Inadvertentley Not Blowing A Play Dead.

    Well, if I'm the referee on that crew, I'm telling my back judge "Come over to the sideline with me and explain to the coach that we're picking up that flag because you didn't blow the whistle when the ball was caught." That usually insures that it never happens again.
  8. bobref

    2018 Fighting Irish

    I was there yesterday … and very disappointed in the play of the offensive line. They couldn't run the ball at all, and gave up several sacks and a number of "hurries" and "pressures" against a Pitt defense that was considered average at best. Book's 2nd interception occurred because his arm was hit. Their defense is legit, as is the kicking game. But they're not going anywhere with a one-dimensional offense.
  9. bobref

    Inadvertentley Not Blowing A Play Dead.

    The decision whether to flag the receiver of a fair catch for delay of game when he runs after the catch involves a lot of judgments. Did the covering official blow the whistle immediately to kill the play? How far did the receiver run? What was the game situation? Was the receiver already moving when he caught the kick? Without actually seeing the play, I couldn't really comment further. But if the receiver who caught the kick was the one that signaled, I don't see how he thought he was about to "get smoked" if he didn't move. How do you know that was his thought process, not that it really matters?
  10. I'm in. No payment required. Buy me a hot dog at the State Finals. 🌭
  11. I was confident coach O'Shea, given the athletes at NC, would turn that program around. But this is faster than anticipated, especially playing in the MIC. Great job by a great coach.
  12. Fair point. But there are about a thousand football officials in Indiana. I can't be responsible for all of them. 😁 Seriously, most of the time I'm not "defending" officials, but simply pointing out some things that non-officials probably haven't considered, simply because they do not know much about the finer points of officiating. I view my role as more of an educator than a defender. But you are correct, I am an advocate for the officials' point of view. Still, I have no problem pointing out officiating errors where they exist.
  13. Conspiracies are generally beyond the capability of average folks. You just can't keep the secret very long. But I always enjoy the conspiracy theories that surface right after the ping pong balls fly.