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  1. TDunham

    Richmond New Coach

    They finished the season with about 37 players, 9-12.
  2. TDunham

    Richmond New Coach

    I know what the enrollment is. I wondered what HE thought it was.
  3. TDunham

    Richmond New Coach

    Lysander: What do you think is Richmond HS's enrollment?
  4. Per www.Pal-Item.com, Tony Lewis is Richmond's new football coach. Tony Lewis
  5. Cathedral DC Adam Barth?
  6. Please, keep your voice of reason here on GID. Thank you for that voice up to this point in time.
  7. I've seen good lay coaches and bad lay coaches. I've seen good teacher coaches and bad teacher coaches. Three things: 1. It seems to me there are fewer new teachers who have a DESIRE to coach. 2. There is much to be said for a coach being a teacher and interacting with the students all day, getting a feel for the mood of his/her players. 3. If I've had a problem with lay coaches, it's been with the real job, not the coaching quality (getting to practice on time, work schedule changes, job changes, out of town service calls, etc.). Those things are unavoidable, but they have an effect on the team.
  8. As long as students are doing what they have to do to graduate, they should be kept on sport teams. A school team may be the only discipline a kid gets in his life, and the coach may be the only positive male figure in that kid's life. Sometimes sport teams are waaaay better for the kid than the kid is for the team.
  9. The number of classes needed to be eligible depends on the number of classes offered. Our school is block scheduling, so a student could take 8 classes. Allowing 1 study hall and 1 F in a class, an athlete would need to pass 6 classes. Keep in mind that a majority of high school athletes don't go on to play any sport in college. Many of them don't go to college at all. The school corporation makes requirements based on the population of the school, not the football team. Now, if you want to discuss whether or not graduation GPAs should be changed, have at it in a separate thread.
  10. TDunham

    Free Agency

    Just because the Colts aren't SAYING anything, doesn't mean they aren't DOING anything. We'll find out in the next few days.
  11. TDunham

    lay coach

    A lay coach is a non-teacher coach. If you teach in one building or corporation and coach in another, you are not considered a lay coach. Retired coaches are not considered lay coaches as they usually still have their teaching licenses in effect.
  12. TDunham

    Adidas New Cleats

    Loved the Spot-bilt coaching shoes! Unfortunately, in my opinion, many of today's players see image over substance. Thus, buying cool stuff when it adds nothing to their game. I've always thought playing well made you feel good, not looking good made you feel good.
  13. TDunham

    Wrestling QBs

    One of my sons was a QB/Wrestler. He started at QB for Richmond, weighing about 225, then cut to wrestle at 215. Many of the guys he wrestled were smaller linemen who dropped to 215 to avoid being a heavyweight with their bigger linemen. He was able to out-athlete, out-wrestle many of those type guys. He was 41 and 7 and placed 5th in the state his senior season. I believe Adrian Panko from Avon was that year's state champ.
  14. TDunham

    Adidas New Cleats

    Buying cool is expensive and adds no benefit.
  15. TDunham

    Super Bowl XLIX

    The Patriots have definitely done more than the Colts, but I'm not sure they always did it with less than the Colts.