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  1. During the post game interview coach Hart was exasperated with some of the effort by some of the titans, paraphrasing here, I dont like playing players both ways, but were going to find 11 "dude's" that want to play titan football even if that means having to huddle. I dont know if that was just heat of the moment frustration or he was serious, but I wouldn't want to be a titan at practice this week.
  2. Let's get back to the game, a 7 year tenured coach wins this one. 🙂 PS I heard 54 is cooking brats. 🤓
  3. titandad1971

    PAC Week 5

    After looking at this weeks schedule, the biggest burning question is(no pun intended), if you live in Gibson county, is your boat secured?
  4. titandad1971

    PAC Week 4

    It sounded like the problem was in the O line, no holes being opened, low snaps, little time to throw...but I agree that 2015 D line was pretty tough. 💪💪💪😁
  5. titandad1971

    PAC Week 4

    When was GS last shutout? I can't remember any in the Hart era? Lol, thanks cs.
  6. titandad1971


    Donation sent.
  7. titandad1971

    Sectional 32

    All this bickering about HH and GS, I think everyone else in 32 should be worried about what to do with the monster from Evansville, at least this year. If early season results reveal anything, its they're very strong and barring injuries, they are and should be the heavy favorite.
  8. titandad1971

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    I'l make a prediction, the boat burning will be mentioned on the forum yearly, just as the Vincennes video has.
  9. Am I missing something here? One loss on the season and not a single vote in the polls?
  10. Wow, defense! And then that call! Balls! Congratulations Raiders!
  11. Go raiders! Woodlan (12-2) vs. Southridge (12-2) GAME TIME: noon ET, Raider Field. COACHES: Sherwood Haydock, 55-28 in 7th year at Woodlan, 188-147 in 30th year overall. Scott Buening, 47-15 in 5th year at Southridge, 59-43 in 9th year overall. SAGARIN RATINGS: Southridge, 72.5, 49th overall, 2nd in Class 2A. Woodlan, 66.18, 73rd overall, 6th in Class 2A. LAST OUTING: Woodlan defeated Eastbrook, 15-14. Southridge defeated Indianapolis Scecina, 24-7. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Woodlan 68-77, Southridge 85-70. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Southridge, 31-24.
  12. 0-0 At half, nobody's cruising to the endzone.
  13. titandad1971

    Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I had no dog in this fight, but after reading 5+ pages of comments, I have one question, has the line for the crow burgers started forming yet?
  14. Legitimate question, are danville fans at all worried about a let down after last week? I mean you just dominated the perennial 3a powerhouse, kids have a tendency to take a breath, or relax after a big win.