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  1. Trojan Dad

    Hats off North Central (indy)!!!!

    Gonzo....you gotta love that....this is how I now see you...........
  2. Trojan Dad

    2018 Hoosiers

    Fair statement.....but they did earn more bowl games than the Hoosiers. But I don't disagree, conference was much weaker prior to expansion
  3. Trojan Dad

    2018 Hoosiers

    Now that one I agree with DT. MSU just had a bye week (2 weeks to prepare for the Hoosiers) following a tough loss at Arizona State. So given the history, and knowing that cannot lose another one this early, IU will have to be at their best to have a solid chance. Not sure I completely agreed with you about UVA. If you look at their history, they've won many more games than IU, been to considerably more bowl games than IU and went to a bowl game last year. I do agree they are on the bottom half of the ACC. But historically, the Hoos have been a better program that IU...at least on paper. IU had to go 3-0 to have a shot at a bowl....the Big 10 EAST is just so tough....they will have to earn 3 more tough games to make it....and none are gimmes. Perhaps Rutgers (road game), but IU has a tough schedule....they have winnable games to include Maryland, Purdue, Minnesota (road) and Iowa, but none are easy. Getting one from the Big 4 (MSU, Michigan, Penn State and OSU) would be a big bonus.
  4. Hey BD! Watching him play last week, man with his size, Dawand sure stands out. Mercy! Is his favorite sport still bball? What do you see him playing at the next level?
  5. I don't know Muda....my wife has been enforcing that rule on me for years. If I even get the sack and body weight look in my eye, the flag is out and thrown!!! We need to bring back the "Wild Turkey"!!!
  6. Trojan Dad

    Eastern Michigan 20 Purdue 19

    It certainly stings. You write a team a check for $550K and they still take the victory home with them. Ouch!!
  7. ??? The visitor stands were full and people were standing. I thought we put some nice coin in NP’s wallet.
  8. LOL...true...and vice versa....quite the adventure friday night driving from CG to Carmel and NC. LN, LC and WC typically not as bad, but still can be a challenge.
  9. Trojan Dad

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    This is for Coach Nowlin.......
  10. At least a team knows where it is early in the season. Adding New Pal was major deal...the Dragons along with Cathedral are the non-conference games, making it a really tough schedule. I think getting non-conference games isn't getting any easier. Not sure how the MIC schedule is set.
  11. Its a marathon and not a sprint Ly. Not sure why we want to make a call on greatness from such a small sample, at the beginning of a season. I will say CG's schedule is like running the gauntlet..the first 4 games are a bloodbath....what doesn't kill you makes your stronger...I guess.
  12. Ran a complete game out of the shotgun with a 5 wide receiver set. Days of Mouse Davis and the Houston Gamblers run and shoot of the USFL. It was brilliant. Defensively, CG ran a 3-5 with a full jailhouse blitz the entire game. Please share with the BD coaching staff!! 😉 Home crowd always great...students were jacked!! In all seriousness, Congrats Coach on earning Marian University Football Central Indiana coach of the week for the Copper Kettle victory!!
  13. Trojan Dad

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Calm down...no need for caps. Just a healthy debate. Saying it for the 3rd time, I disagree based on seeing both Carmel and New Pal play, I would put my money on Carmel. I haven't seen BD play yet, but guessing I would also lean toward them....just not sure until I do see them play. Again, if you want to make this judgment for one game early in the season, go ahead. Teams are typically judged how well they perform late in the year, and not for games 1 and 2. Carmel beat Louisville Trinity, but can't beat New Pal?? We just disagree man....and let's leave it at that.