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  1. Trojan Dad

    2018 Hoosiers

    Curious DT....do you see LV a notch above Purdue? I'm not so sure....trying to make sure my "homer" Big 10 bias is not clouding my vision. Sincere question...why or why not? I ask because other than perhaps money and his home/alma mater, what drives him to leave what he is building at Purdue in the Big 10 West?
  2. Trojan Dad

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    If you haven't seen it yet, watch and listen to Quenton Nelson mic'd up against the Jags....turn up the volume....its awesome! Gotta finish him into the dirt....Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!! Love this guy!! https://www.colts.com/video/big-q-colts-rookie-guard-quenton-nelson-mic-d-up-during-win-over-jacksonville
  3. We shall agree to disagree on that one.....;)
  4. Will be interesting to see where Russ lands. Awesome young man!!
  5. Trojan Dad

    2018 Hoosiers

    Perhaps, but Minnesota lost 55-31 to a 4-6 Illinois team last week.
  6. Trojan Dad

    Regional: Avon at Center Grove

    Bobref, was really great to meet you and chat a little. Come back to CG and next time we will go out for some grub prior to the game.
  7. Trojan Dad

    Regional: Avon at Center Grove

    Final 4 in 6A....3 MIC teams.....again
  8. Trojan Dad

    2018 Hoosiers

    Now that's an area we don't align DT. Very challenged defensive teams. Could score points, but consistently had the worst ranked D in the Big 10 and near the bottom of D1. Was not good dealing with the media. Struggled with player relations...and that eventually cost him his job. Great coordinator....do not consider him a great head coach....
  9. Trojan Dad

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    Will be at Rose Hulman tomorrow, watching my nephew play his final college game. The O Lineman was a pre-season 3rd team D3 All American and is a team captain. He has not disappointed and I am just so proud. He will graduate in May with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and was offered following his summer internship...and is still interviewing. Rose has been such a tremendous experience for him. Amazing how 4 years flies by.
  10. Trojan Dad

    Regional: Avon at Center Grove

    I don't think CG has to apologize for playing the gauntlet of a schedule they do...regardless when the toughest games appear on the schedule. That schedule has molded iron. We will agree to disagree their schedule hasn't prepared them for post season. True Avon won last year, but if memory serves me, CG had 4 turnovers. Steele as a freshman ran all over Avon for 269 yards. This game will come down to: 1) Can Avon stop the run? If not, CG will gobble time off the clock. 2) Can CG get pressure on the QB to help defend a very good passing game? 3) Turnovers for both 4) Speed vs size. (Avon big talented OL to CG fast talented DL) 5) Avoiding injuries in a most likely very physical game. (let's hope the injury bug avoids both teams) 6) What can Sampson bring? He's is such a dynamite player 7) Depth....can young men, perhaps not expected, step up and make big plays? 😎 Finally, special teams could factor big, especially in a close game. Safe night for both teams....they are both proud programs and they should be. Travel safe to and from Troy Oriole fans!! No matter what, this is the last game the CG seniors will ever play and cheer in Ray Skillman Stadium. Lots of emotion tonight.
  11. Trojan Dad

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    Coach G...he may be a brilliant coach..do doubting you and it does look like he builds great relationships with his players. I'm sure I don't know the entire story with the 2 individuals from Indy that he pulled scholarships last minute. It would be great to hear his side. I also realize that we as people develop over the years, and decisions we may have made when younger may not be the ones we make later in life. I just always felt for those 2 kids because once they gave their verbal commitment, recruiting changes (for most). The scholarships were pulled so late, they were left holding the trick bag. Just always left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Fleck. That is awesome BU....I had no idea...thanks for sharing. They say we all have a twin on this plant....Evan is surely mine.
  12. Tons of credit for NC this year. Last year, sitting in the stands at NC during the CG game, we were talking about how much better organized and disciplined NC looked. We agreed that night that NC would be a force in the future. I just didn't think it would be this fast. What a great job Coach O'Shea and his staff have done!! That being said, WC is just to darn strong this season. Anything can happen in this game as we all know, but WC has to be the heavy favorite, simply given the talent and excellent coaching they also have. That is no knock on NC. No matter the outcome of this game, NC has tons to be proud of this year and the future looks incredibly bright. (assuming the feeder system is in place)
  13. Trojan Dad

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    Fleck never restored my faith as to the type of person he is, when as a new coach at WMU, he pulled scholarship offers very late in the game before signing day from 2 Indy area players. (Warren and Carmel) The offers came from the previous coach...and I get he didn't want them. But he pulled them so late, it was impossible to get the recruiting going for them again. https://usatodayhss.com/2013/new-coach-no-scholarship-im-sorry-we-dont-want-you-is-first-thing-indy-area-recruit-told I just thought that revealed some about his character. He knew this would impact 2 guys...waiting so late in the game to pull them. Bottom line, the university made them an offer and they accepted.
  14. Trojan Dad

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    Good call Coach...I believe I heard on TV Minnesota has the youngest roster in the Power 5. I thought they said 52% freshman, which doesn't sound correct. I just know IU lost to a super young team....just dandy!
  15. Trojan Dad

    OSU - PSU and James Franklin

    Good call DT.....and they would have lost to Iowa at home had the Iowa QB not made a bad play at the end of the game down on the PSU goal line. Now they Lions have Wisconsin to play.