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  1. IrishUncle411

    End of half situation

    This played out this weekend... Last play of the first half the offensive team throws a touchdown and committed a penalty - holding. Defensive team obviously accepted the penalty. In the game, the officials deemed the half over and Another play was not run in the first half. The offensive teams head coach received an unsportsmanlike conduct flag arguing the enforcement of the penalty. And both teams went in for half time. Just prior to the 2nd half kick-off, the unsportsmanlike penalty was waved off because of “an error on the officials part”. Play resumed as normal and ball was kicked off from the -40. Was this enforced correctly? Should the offense have been given an untimed down after the defense accepted the penalty? Or do only defensive penalties grant untimed downs? Can officials wave off an unsportsmanlike flag? Any clarity...?
  2. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    You are right and wrong I guess. They will not be playing, but the IHSAA did allow them to count a video/computer practice. Apparently they decided not to have one, even with the go ahead from IHSAA. This is all heard second hand, but I feel fairly confident in the source.
  3. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    Doubt what counted?
  4. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    Wow, this got interesting!!! Globemstr3 is preaching from his soapbox, and GridironGal is calling him out. Globemstr3 is keeping true to his name, a traveler. Where GridironGal is turning me on.
  5. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    I wouldn't think kicking a player off for a school sponsored trip would go over very well. Seems to be very poor planning, or a complete disinterest in athletics. Either way, I think it would be in poor taste to punish the students. Just my opinion though, feel bad for whoever gets to make those decisions.
  6. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    Apparently the Godenati sent them all to Europe, or at least that is the word on the street.
  7. IrishUncle411

    Any word on Lapel's players?

    Has anyone heard who actually left and who didn't??? I really thought Lapel had a great chance of winning this week, such a shame.