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  1. Titan76

    PAC Week 5

    If you really loved him, you wouldn't let him stay in Princeton. LOL!
  2. I thought all you HH fans liked real grass!
  3. Titan76

    PAC Week 4

    I think North Posey had some kids go down last Friday at GS, haven't heard if they will be back or not, but either way, I would still say SR should win this easy.
  4. Titan76

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    This past Tuesday night GS 7th grade defeats Vincennes Lincoln 32 to 30 in an exciting double overtime game. GS goes to 2 and 0 GS 8th grade falls just short, losing to Vincennes 20 to 16, to move to 1 and 1. Both teams travel to Pike Central next Thursday
  5. Titan76

    PAC Week 3

    I understand completely, and that is why I think the running clock decision should always be left to the losing Coach, And if they chose not to take it than the winning team need not worry about running up score.
  6. Titan76

    PAC Week 3

    I don't like the idea of a mandatory running clock rule. Although rare, teams have closed a large gap and made a game close, and have even came back and won...GS and Charleston a few years back I think GS trailed by as much as 28 at the half before coming back to win. Running clock should be the choice of the losing team, whenever they decide to throw in the towel.
  7. I don't remember the red. How many years did they wear red? Maybe ptown Pete can tell us. I thought they were white in the 80s and 90s. GS wore white under Jack Jewell then maroon starting when McIntosh took over, and under Obermeier, and Stefanich. Then Hart went back to white. I personally like the current white with block GS logo the best.
  8. Titan76

    Wood Memorial

    Has anyone heard if any of wood's 13 players have transfered to play at surrounding schools?
  9. Titan76

    Wood Memorial

    Maybe Wood could Co op with Princeton, I understand the Tigers have had several kids transfer out recently.
  10. Alot can happen in 2 months, heck they may end up at memorial....
  11. If you are going to call people racist, please actually understand the terms you use. Maybe you meant "inherent" racism or even "institutional" racism, but internalized racism would mean the Evans brothers are racist against other African Americans. Regardless of what type of racism you are acussing these folks of, I think the real problem people have with this family is with the lack of accountability. They try to run from the consequences of their actions rather than facing punishment and learning from their mistakes.
  12. So since you obviously have insider knowledge, and discussions with your brother, are the Evans boys at Princeton or not? If they are, how is their summer workouts going? Surely Princeton has done some 7 on 7 or camps, so how do they look? Big 8 champs, sectional champs?
  13. So....they are not leaving Princeton?....or just they are not leaving because of trouble?