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  1. FBCoach13

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    I write this after seeing a St Francis win a game 42-9 over Robert Morris of Chicago. The Cougs should have another shot at a third title in a row this year. Defense brings back as much talent as has ever been at USF. Offensively all of the receivers return as well as the all time leading rusher in USF history in Justin Green (Griffith). They lost NAIA POY Nick Ferrer (Westfield). They return 2 of 5 O-Lineman, but have possibly the best OLine Coach in the country at the NAIA level, so that’s not a concern to this fan. Quarterback is Matt Crable, a transfer from Grand Valley. He looked good tonight for the most part. Made one mistake, but showed a strong arm and good ability to improvise. With more time learning the playbook and in game experience, he should be pretty good. I would expect to see a great game in Fort Wayne on September 29th when Marian comes to town. The NAIA championship could come down to those teams as well as Morningside in Iowa.
  2. Game is at Woodlan. First game on new turf.
  3. Old thread, but insterested in what people are thinking after seeing Woodlan in week 1. Don’t know any specifics with Marion Local other than they have won 6 of the last 7 championships in their division in Ohio. Hope to see Woodlan compete with them.
  4. FBCoach13

    D2, D3 and NAIA Playoffs

    If both teams win this week that match up will likely happen next week in the semifinals. St Xavier will certainly have their hands full at Morningside though.
  5. They had the first PAT blocked. Went for 2 on second TD and missed. Down 14-12 hit a 25 yd FG from the left hash to win 15-14 (would have been good from 28, no further, lol). Play calling on offense will be key for Woodlan. Eastbrook’s defensive scheme was asking to get beat all game and wasn’t taken advantage of. Woodlan should have won by a couple TDs last week. In tight formations Eastbrook loaded the box and left receivers one on one with no safety help, but Woodlan continued to run up the middle instead of utilizing their athletes. In the spread, Eastbrook unexplicably only had 4 guys in the box and Woodlan shredded them. Problem is they ran the spread about 20 percent of the time. Don’t want to bash the coaching too much though because they put together a fantastic defensive game plan, and the defense certainly won that game. If they can figure out the right calls on offense this week, I like Woodlan to win.
  6. FBCoach13

    D2, D3 and NAIA Playoffs

    For those interested, Franklin lost by 1 in OT after going for 2 and failing. UIndy lost a close game as well. In better news, Trine won 63-24 and will play at Wartburg (the team Franklin lost to) Saturday. Also, USF won a close one 26-21 and will host Northwestern (IA) on Saturday in Fort Wayne.
  7. FBCoach13

    D2, D3 and NAIA Playoffs

    Completely spaced on the Griz! Congrats to them as well on a fantastic season. Hopefully we will see some deep runs.
  8. They still are. My post was talking about the Saint Francis stadium just to clear up the confusion. Zollner is the must better choice for how many fans will travel to the game.
  9. I figure seating has to be the biggest issue here as I'm sure Lowell will travel very well to this game. USF just isn't great for high school games. A couple more sets of bleachers have been added on the visiting side, but I wouldn't count on any more in the future being added because it would take away from the view of the lake behind it that Sister Elise absolutely loves. Should be an exciting game at Zollner, hopefully the field isn't in too bad shape. Everyone should stick around for the Saint Francis playoff game on Saturday, I'll be there rooting my Cougs on!
  10. I'm sure weather was a factor. Could also be everyone read the message board and saw no one was giving them a chance. Could also be a, been there, done that thing for a lot of the casual Concord fans with this not being their first rodeo in a Regional game.
  11. FBCoach13

    D2, D3 and NAIA Playoffs

    Just a quick shoutout to some smaller college teams in the state. UIndy, Trine and Saint Francis all enter their respective postseasons undefeated! All host playoff games this Saturday. Saint Francis comes into the postseason ranked #1 and defending national champs! Great job by the smaller schools in the state and keep it up in the playoffs!
  12. FBCoach13

    Regional scores

    Doesn’t start until 8:30.
  13. FBCoach13

    Regional scores

    Should point out that it’s Woodlan, not Woodland.
  14. Been said by a couple people already, but calling the NLC very weak is laughable. Also, I find it interesting that the Minutemen only have 4 lineman. Oh, and Cain is the QB and Lietzan a RB. I consider your prediction irrelevant based on the bad information provided in the rest of the post (even if it ends up being correct). I don’t have a prediction because I don’t know much about either team, but I will certainly be pulling for the Minutemen!
  15. Hopefully Saint Francis isn’t there either!