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  1. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 9

    Did I miss a memo? When did we stop being able to see who 'Liked' and who down voted our posts? I enjoyed seeing who down voted my posts and who enjoyed my bitter humor!
  2. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 9

    Its a sensitive world my friend. The comment must have hurt someone's feelings.
  3. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 9

    You can probably sell me on that pretty easily. My thought on the closer score is simply because they played Eastbrook tougher than I thought they would and they got a pretty good sectional draw. That might cause them to play a little more inspired ball. Clearly Ole Miss is the better team though.
  4. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 9

    Saragin ratings say: Oak Hill is a 16 point favorite (They will win by 35) Ole Miss is a 24 point favorite (They will win by 14) Eastbrook is a 70 (yes 70) point favorite (They will win by 170) Madison Grant and Frankton are listed as a draw! (Frankton has a key athlete who is now eligible after putting in the work in the classroom. With him they win by 14)
  5. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 8

    By the Saragin Ratings Ole Miss is a 45 point favorite over Alex Eastbrook is a 29 point favorite over Blackford Oak HIll is a 23 point favorite over Frankton Madison Grant is a 15 point favorite over Elwood Warren Central is a 147 point favorite over Dugger Union.
  6. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 7

    I was at both of those games myself and I agree 100%. Shelbyville is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Pal could probably put 100 on them in the first half alone.
  7. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week 7

    Warren Central (121) is a 148-point favorite (1.75-point home-field advantage) against Dugger Union (-28.71). I'm just saying, when Eastbrook gets to 70 on Alex, remember Tigers, life could always be worse!!
  8. Bittergymteacher


    Youth Shoulder Pads and Helmets (3rd - 6th grade) 1. Best quality for the price? 2. Best company to purchase from when ordering in bulk? 3. Best company to work with for a brand new youth program? And go......
  9. Bittergymteacher

    CIC the start of conference play

    I think your wrong. I HEARD a RUMOR that someone leaked some information to a certain school board about a joke a Coach made on the playground while he was in 2nd grade back in 1963. It had to do with an elephant and a donkey. I cannot repeat it do to the sensitive nature of the world today. There is an investigation going on right this minute. If they decide to hand down a suspension of some sorts, this could change the outcome of the whole CIC standings. Please wait for further details. Hang in there Madison Grant folks, this might be the break you need!
  10. Bittergymteacher

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    I am confused on why New Palestine beating Center Grove would be considered a huge upset??? This is a 5A school, who just happened to get the best running back in the state as a transfer (only because his dad's business had to move of course. No funny business there) vs a 6A school. If you believe in the Jeff Sagarin's Indiana High School Football Ratings, New Palestine is predicted to win this game by a touchdown. It should be a great game. I don't think you can say either team would be an upset pick.
  11. Bittergymteacher

    CIC Week One

    because doesn't
  12. Bittergymteacher

    Dwenger defends coaching hire

    From the school officials - “The incident involving Mr. Garrett's physical contact with a member of the Bishop Dwenger football team during a practice in August 2014 occurred in view of other coaches and team members. There was nothing hidden about the incident or kept secret.” From a player there that day-“Things were getting chippy between Peyton Philpot and Louis Garrett. They were talking trash to one another for a while then Philpot caught a deep one over Garrett and they shared words after the play." “It was now when Jason Garrett took off for Peyton Philpot. He picked him up into the air and tackled him to the ground and open palm punched his helmet 3-4 times while verbally attacking him.” How can you say we have our own understanding of what happened? The school admits it happened. The coach admits it happened. Eye witnesses all admit it happened. Now, I understand I am a public school guy but please educate me on what we are missing when everyone involved has admitted that the physical altercation happened? Maybe it was 1 slap instead of 2. Maybe he knocked him to the ground instead of picking him up and throwing him to the ground. Maybe he called him a punk instead of a *&((*&**@((. Maybe it all stated with him breaking up a fight that led to the rest of his actions. DOES IT MATTER??????? An adult coach got physical with a high school boy and is now that schools head football coach when he should have probably been let go and told not to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Bittergymteacher

    Dwenger defends coaching hire

    Did I read that right? This adult coach picked the kid up in the air, tackled him to the ground, slapped him in the helmet 3-4 times while verbally attacking him, all because he roasted his son on a deep route and had been trash talking all day?????? He admitted to doing this and only had to sit out 2 weeks? In public education if you question a kids toughness parents want you fired immediately. I couldn't imagine blowing a kid up, smacking him around, yelling at him, and becoming that schools head coach a few years later. Very interesting stuff. Good for him I guess.
  14. Bittergymteacher

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Yes they will.
  15. Bittergymteacher

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Sir, I have done much research on state championship picking 37 weeks before the actual game. The science just does not add up for South Newton. It is a lack of hydration issue. They have the kids walking the halls to make it happen. You get someone in that building that can get that sophomore boy out of his slump and into the water boy position and you might have something there. Until then, they are going to come up a week or 2 short.