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  1. If you are going to answer someone’s question, then do it. Don’t go on your usual qualification is bad. The question was why doesn’t Indiana use a conference champ and runner up system? You said they tried it, and it didn’t work. Fact is, Indiana has never tried a conference champ and runner up qualifies (along with wild cards), which is a system that is similar to that that Illinois uses.
  2. Transplantedpanther

    SIAC Week 6

    Bosse over North Central over Harrison Castle over MD Reitz over Memorial
  3. How dare anyone pick a team to play within 7 touchdowns of Memorial. Heck, Gibson Southern should be the closest, and that should be a 35 point spread for Memorial. These are 16, 17, and 18 year old kids people. Who knows what goes through their heads from one moment to the next. Upsets happen. That’s why they lace em up on Friday nights. I don’t care what sagarin or Massey or Calprep says they think the score will be (based on some equation that you must be a computer programmer to even begin to understand). Remember, it is what happens on the field, not what a computer program says will happen.
  4. Transplantedpanther


    Just thinking about this, hard to believe that I have been on this earth for 355 of these victories. It is truly amazing what I got to witness last night (especially since I actually did not get to see 600 at Jeffersonville).
  5. Transplantedpanther

    SIAC Week 4

    Nobody saw Reitz beating Castle by 17 either. So, I’ll pick Reitz over Central since the defense I saw last night was nothing like the defense they played the first two weeks. Also, Memorial over MD Castle over Bosse Harrison over North. This game could get ugly, and not in a nice way. What happened to Harper???
  6. Transplantedpanther

    SIAC Week 2

    New Albany > Castle THS > Harrison HC > North Bosse > Washington Memorial > OC Reitz > OHS Central > DC MD > Apollo Reitz gets 700 this evening at home. If it was a roadie, I would have picked it the other way.
  7. Hendo will be better than some people want to believe. They will beat North decisively. As for the score of the game, yes, The Reitz defense struggled against them some. Problems have been identified and are being addressed. But one other reason for the two scores in the final four minutes was a lot of players cramping up. Not an excuse though. Fact is, they found a way to overcome the adversity to win the game, which is what it is all about. Was it pretty, and what we were used to? No, but I will say that I prefer a couple of close games so that they know what it feels like in those situation. That said, they are still 1-0,
  8. Transplantedpanther

    SIAC Week 1

    THS > Castle Reitz > HC Central > Greenfield Central Harrison > CC North > Princeton Mater Dei > IC Bosse > North Vermillion Jasper > Memorial in the upset of the week. Jasper “uglies” the game up with their power running game, controlling the clock, and the defense does just enough to win it. Memorial will average 40 plus a game this year, but I only see a total of 21 put up by the tiggers this day. Final 24-21 Jasper
  9. Transplantedpanther

    Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Careful now. You are starting to sound like a P-5 apologist here. But in all seriousness, I look at this and say, fundamentally, we are saying the exact same thing. I agree with you on success factor and time table for it. Was totally messed up by the brass of the IHSAA. That said, let me ask that what I say come to you with your mind open. No predetermination, bias, or any thing else. It seems to me that as of now, the two biggest hang ups of a qualification system (besides the guaranteed 10th game) is conferences and (unknowingly) predetermined CLASSES. Yeah, I know. Nobody has mentioned classes. But, actually, they kind of have. In talking about team A making it with a 3-6 record while theam B has a chance to left out with a 5-4 record, I have noticed that nine times out of ten, those teams are from the same class. I have even been guilty of it myself. Like you, I do not so much want to blow up conferences, but as of current, what exactly does a conference championship get you in our current system? With $5, maybe a cup of coffee? That is what I would like to see changed. That is why I say, blow up the predetermined classes for a qualification tournament. Use a similar system to Illinois. 6 wins gets you in the field (with automatic qualifiers going to conference champs), and then fill out the field as needed with 5 win teams down until all spots are determined. Each class can have 32 teams in it, and if 192 teams in 6 classes isn’t enough, there can be 224 teams in 7 classes. And put in the use of a strength of schedule for seeding, it could be a system that could give you everything you are asking for. I hope to have a scale of it up and going by week 6, and update it weekly to show it in action and what we could have. And one other thing. While classes would be based on enrollment, I do not believe in the big enrollment multipliers that most other states use (1.5-2.0 on p/p schools). I would use (if introduced) a 1.1-1.2 multiplier which should put most p/p schools a fringe between two classes.
  10. Transplantedpanther

    Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    Those “automatic” bids that you speak of are given to the conferences to allow representation in the NCAA tournament. That is the only guaranteed way into the field. Conferences can elect however they wish to “give” that bid to a member school. They can give it based on regular season conference champion, conference tournament champion, or any school that they deem “deserves” it. But what you are glossing over is the fact that 1) several conferences actually use qualifying for the conference tourney, and 2) the conference tourneys are SEEDED. Teams have to earn their spot in the conference tourney through their regular season.
  11. Transplantedpanther

    GID Pollsters 2018 Time to Get to Work

    I’ll do 4A again this year.
  12. Transplantedpanther

    2018 GID poll?

    Have I missed the set up for the GID poll voting?
  13. Transplantedpanther

    Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    I’m trying to figure out how coaches “have a hand” in the tournament for an all in, unless they elect to not let their team play. I don’t get it. The decision of who plays who in the tournament is decided by the athletic association, not by the coaches. Please help me understand how that comment in regards to coaches made any sense at all.
  14. Transplantedpanther

    Seeding Playoffs - Interesting Star article

    While the premise of this statement is correct, the question was who in the last 30 years has gone to the all in. Since 1988, no one has moved from a qualifying to an all in system. I’ll even go a little further and say that since 1985 (when Indiana adopted the all in system), there were still no other states that adopted an all in system as Minnesota started theirs in 1984. Also, Minnesota uses a seeded system for their tournament instead of a blind draw. So, we learned here today that the system used in Indiana that everyone wants to champion on every other state is actually a copy of a system that Minnesota started first, no other state wants to use a blind draw, and people in Minnesota want to go to a qualification system. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=3&ved=2ahUKEwi0nPGfoczcAhVol1QKHerMAIEQFjACegQIBRAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fm.startribune.com%2Fmake-minnesota-high-school-football-teams-earn-spots-in-playoffs%2F452168163%2F&usg=AOvVaw1UpsXoyWUBNpuAeToLCSOD