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  1. That 1982 game must have been one hell of a battle! 5 OTs???!!
  2. DuggerUnion

    2018 Hoosiers

    I agree 100 percent! I know that it's if's and butt's. But if Ramsey hits those 2 overthrown passes, totally different game.
  3. DuggerUnion

    2018 Hoosiers

    I agree with everything you said in this post. It is the same ol stuff, can't put a bad team away! IU had them on the ropes and let Rutgers play the " Rope a dope" . This should have been a 3-4 score win. I don't want to sound completely negative, a bad win is always better than a good loss.
  4. DuggerUnion

    2018 Hoosiers

    Lifelong Hoosier fan here, but it seems to be the same sh/t different year!! I love my Hoosier football, but man is it ever difficult to be a die hard fan!😤
  5. DuggerUnion

    Linton at Ritter

    I used to enjoy the Linton threads, so I'll bump this back to page 1. From time to time I would get a little butt-hurt from some of the cocky posts and occasional cheap shots at Dugger. But for the most part, us folks from Dugger respect Linton football highly. (Although some of us are jealous)!😁 Hopefully everything goes well for the Linton faithful and more posters come back to the GID as the Miners' record improves.
  6. DuggerUnion

    Linton @ Sullivan

    Wow, Sullivan is for real!!
  7. DuggerUnion

    Linton @ Sullivan

    Gotta love Linton/Sullivan week! Good luck to all!
  8. DuggerUnion

    Linton @ Sullivan

    I don't know?.?.? Just hoping to see a competitive, hard hitting, injury free game. Good luck to all.
  9. DuggerUnion

    Wood Memorial

    You may be in favor of contraction, but I didn't know that you were able to speak for every school or community!
  10. DuggerUnion

    Wood Memorial

    How is it "right" to take away the opportunity for kids to play football? Why do you think it is in the best interest for "all" involved? If a school wants to play football, and has enough kids interested in playing, why do you think it is better to shut it down! Just because of a poor record??? What if they have "lay" coaches? What if the program has less kids signed up to play this year? What happens if the school is in a rural area? Your response to these questions???? CONTRACTION!!!!
  11. DuggerUnion

    Wood Memorial

    Hate to see any team not playing. Hopefully they can rebuild and come back stronger.
  12. DuggerUnion

    Good camps?

    Does anyone know of a good camp or two in central or southern Indiana? Daughter is looking for a camp with college coaches, would like to get noticed. She has always been top three on every travel team she has played on.
  13. No disrespect to Linton fans or posters!! But I think a lot of people chalked this game as a W. I did as well. Congratulations to Eastern Greene on a big win, and good luck to both teams going forward!
  14. Jasonville had a team in the teens and twenties also. There is a sign when you come into town from the west that says something like, this is the sight of the first football game under lights in Indiana.
  15. DuggerUnion

    2017 Hoosiers

    Does anyone know what happened to Tyler Natee (the BIG running back)? I haven't seen him play at all this year.