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  1. Bcaster

    PAC week 9

    26 PAC titles in 47 years of Patriot football. Remarkable.
  2. Bcaster

    PAC Week 8

    Sounds like there’s a decent chance that was the longest FG in HH history, but we may never know for sure. What we do know is that Leibering’s kick tonight would’ve likely been good from close to 50. He hammered it.
  3. Bcaster

    PAC Week 8

    Dave, I put you on the spot during the broadcast tonight. Said you’d probably know the answer. Was Leibering’s 41 yard FG a varsity record? School record? Both? Neither? Michael thought there was a longer one hit in a JV game a few years ago, but that 41 might be the varsity record.
  4. 400 wins in just 524 games played. Wonder what the record would be for fewest games to reach 400 wins.
  5. Bcaster

    0-9 and 9-0

    Add Boonville to the 9-0 watch list. They should be well favored in each of their final 3, all at home against Princeton, South Spencer and Mt. Carmel. If they do run the table, by my memory that would be Boonville's first undefeated regular season since 1974.
  6. Bcaster

    0-9 and 9-0

    I would favor them against both Forest Park & Pike Central. Both are at home. I’d guess Forest Park might get slightly better odds to go 0-9, but I’m hoping neither does. The winner of Memorial/Central in Evansville has a decent-to-good shot at 9-0.
  7. We didn't say anything about it on the radio because we honestly didn't see his wardrobe malfunction. Can't believe I didn't see that!
  8. It was encroachment. The whistle & flag must’ve come right before the snap. The ball was snapped and players started, but the officials had stopped play.
  9. HH/Jasper has often been decided by big plays & special teams and that was largely the case this year too. Jones’ punt shown above was huge. There were the big runs for Jones & Sigler. But don’t forget the final margin is because HH was 2-2 on extra points. HH blocked Jasper’s kick after the Cats’ first score which turned out to be a huge play. That forced the Cats to go for 2 to tie after their 2nd TD. And on that 2-pt try, I don’t think HH stops the play Jasper initially called if HH hadn’t jumped prior to the snap. But they did jump and Jasper fumbled on the 2nd try. These 2 programs have traditionally been among the best around in special teams. The Patriots won special teams this time and won the game.
  10. Thought Dawkins & Schmitt both ran well for the Cats. Both showed good strength & good vision.
  11. Looking at radar at the game last night, it appeared that most of the area was just getting rain by 7pm central. But there was one small storm cell southeast of Jasper that continued to produce lightning. That cell remained nearly stationary on the radar the entire time we were waiting in the press box. We kept hoping it would move away, but it just never moved. Very weird. On the drainage question, I was told last night that when they installed the turf (lol on the accidental misspelling by the previous poster, btw!) a good drainage system was installed that takes all the water to a large ditch which runs behind the visitors bleachers. (As you might guess, we had plenty of time to discuss lots of topics up the press box last night!)
  12. Bcaster

    PAC Week 3

    SS led most of the night after scoring 2 quick TD’s in the 1st qtr. TC got 46 yd TD run on the 1st play of the 2nd qtr. SS had a couple turnovers & in the 2nd half failed to score on a 1st & goal from the 2 and a 1st & goal from the 5. TC tied it up midway through the 4th. Late in the 4th SS got the ball back at the TC 20 but again failed to score. TC scored on the 1st play of OT through a bunch of missed tackles, and ran in the conversion. SS failed to score in OT as TC got its 2nd really nice pass deflection in the end zone in the 2nd half. TC’s effort was outstanding & commendable. They showed tremendous heart. SS is arguably more talented but failed to take advantage of its opportunities and failed to make plays when it really mattered.
  13. Bcaster

    PAC Week 3

    Purely a guess on my part, but I'd think the choice not to have a running clock in the SS/GS instance was more about a 1st-year coach wanting to improve his team by getting them as many reps as possible against a very good team, as it was thinking about a come-back. Yeah, by doing that you might turn 55-0 into 75-0. But there's no moral victory in avoiding those extra 3 scores. It just comes down to weighing the need for the extra reps against keeping everybody safe and healthy.
  14. Ryan, WTCJ has done a TC/Perry game of the week in the past. They did not show up to HH/TC this past Friday. Don’t know if they did Perry/FP instead or are not doing games this season. They would be the logical place to start, but I don’t know if they live stream or not. I know there was no other media from TC at my game. Can’t say on Princeton, as I don’t get to see them during football season. Sorry I’m not much help!
  15. Bcaster

    2 fouls on offense, 1 a PF

    Thanks. That was what I assumed. Evidently, the defense chose to accept the personal foul because after the penalty was marked off the ball was close to the original line of scrimmage. Based on the spot of the hold (or at least where the flag came down) that penalty would have resulted in the ball being marked farther back behind the original los. I thought it was strange to accept the penalty that resulted in better field position for the offense, and then wondered if perhaps they were required to accept the illegal contact to the head because it is a personal foul. By your explanation, that is not the case. Thanks for answering these types of questions. It helps me better understand the rules and how they're applied, which (hopefully) helps me better explain what's happening to the listener.