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  1. littledog

    Sectional 41

    Cavs said, heck with the IHSAA and are just doing a round-robin.
  2. littledog

    Sectional 41

    Culver is going to lose by 17 but yet win by at least 14?
  3. littledog

    Sectional 41

    Need a lot more than luck to stop the Pathers...
  4. littledog

    HNAC Week 9

    It just hurts me to type out a score of 70-6 against my bluejays. lol
  5. littledog

    HNAC Week 8

    Could this be the week where all games are shut outs? Pioneer Laville Winamac Knox
  6. littledog

    John Glenn

    Didn't catch the whole thing but on the radio station the coach said they were extremely young and playing a lot of freshman and sophomores. I don't know how much of that is true but that could lead to not having a JV team.
  7. littledog

    6-0 Pioneer at 5-1 Knox

    Score was about what I expected. I was thinking it would be around 40-7. Knox has a physical defense but they severely lack the offensive fire power. Hopefully more teams can challenge Pioneer before the tournament so they get used to playing 4 quarters more often.
  8. littledog

    HNAC Week 7

    #22 for Delphi was one heck of a player. Best football player I've seen live this year.
  9. littledog

    HNAC Week 7

    Judson isn't a power and no one from Judson is saying they are. However, they are improved and have lots of team speed. Learning to finish is a big thing for this team. Some times that takes longer to learn when it's been a while since you've been truly competitive.
  10. littledog

    HNAC Week 7

    This thread gets too salty if someone makes a point about another team. Not everything is attack on another team or player. lol Couple things I know for sure... Mills could sling the ball and I would of taken him and Kiser on my team any day.
  11. littledog

    HNAC Week 6

    I was wondering why they were playing on Saturday as well.
  12. littledog

    HNAC Week 3

    It was a hard fought game between two pretty good teams. The turnover bug is what killed the bluejays. Also, #22 for Delphi is one heck of a player.
  13. littledog

    1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Do not say his name too much, he is always watching.
  14. littledog

    HNAC 2017

    Someone needs to tell that to Judson then.
  15. littledog

    HNAC 2017

    It will be a sad day when NJ and RC stops playing each other. Usually a great game to watch and be apart of. It's already sad enough that they don't get to meet in the sectional championship any more.