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  1. lou

    CIC 2018

    Good luck coach turner. Does this mean the return of the T.
  2. Any word on the coaching search?
  3. lou


    They can RIF and hire people depending the subjects they can teach. For example they might decide they can operate with 1 less business teacher but at the same time replace an English position that is available because somebody retiring or resigned. The question about money comes in play when hiring a new person. They might not hire the best football coach because he might have more year’s experience than another applicant and therefor would cost more. Don’t know if that is the case but I think it happens at a lot of small schools.
  4. lou


    with them having to RIF teachers I wonder if they will hire the best coach with what teaching positions available or will they go with the cheapest coach.
  5. lou


    I would vote for Sehy to come back. Be good for the program.
  6. Don’t blame them. Surprised they left in the first place. With rumors of Angola leaving that also probably played a factor as well.
  7. lou


    Has anyone heard any names being used around for this job? What teaching openings will they have?
  8. Norwell's regular season record might be bad the last couple of years but I think playing those bigger schools have helped them in the playoffs. I think Sourhern Wells would benefit by joining the conference in football. Playing the bigger schools help prepare you in the playoffs. How many playoff games have they won since they left.
  9. The problem Norwell would have is the cross over games with the small schools at the non varsity games. I know SW does not have a jv and freshman teams. It's been a while since I followed Bluffton and sa but they also at times had trouble fielding two non varsity teams. It's hard for Norwell and other big schools find these non varsity games especially after week two
  10. Doesn't make sense for Norwell to return. The reason they left several years ago was to avoid playing the smaller schools. They even stopped playing Bluffton as a non conference game a couple years ago. If you did your big and small they would not want to play any of the small schools.
  11. In a couple years it could be some unhappy times at the Tenders Thanksgiving and Christmas if one brother has to fire the other. Hopefully for SW that's not An issue I think Leo and jay county should join the six schools from nhc.
  12. Goodluck Coach Yencer No surprise since his brother is the Principal.
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