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  1. So come June after the government school year has ended if the athletic department is in the red it effectively shuts down? Fall sports would be cancelled until funds are raised? What government schools in Indiana have eliminated non-revenue producing sports like cross country, golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc. when the receipts from the money making sports fall short?
  2. So what happens if they do? And when you say "program" do you mean the athletic department as a whole or do you mean individual sports programs?
  3. I would assume the yearly financial data from government school athletic programs is easily available? But I wonder if it is broken down by profit/loss by individual athletic program?
  4. Muda69

    Greene County Invitational

    How many high schools are there now in Greene county? The last time I spent any real time there was the late 1980's and there was something like 7, which I thought was crazy for a county of that population size. Bloomfield, Eastern Greene, L&M, Central (Switz city), Linton, Worthington, Shakamak?
  5. I thought Missouri used to be on Delaney's radar? Is the B10 afraid to try and poach schools from the mighty SEC?
  6. Can you please answer my question?
  7. Muda69

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Last night was IMHO the perfect football game. Cases in point: 1. It was played outside in weather below 32 degrees. Last night I believe the NBC announcers made a point that this was probably the last game the Rams would have to play in cold weather or outside for the rest of the season. Pitiful. 2. It had at least one safety. 3. An offensive lineman scored the only touchdown.
  8. And may I ask what the name of this very government school is?
  9. Thank you for your sincere response. Why do you feel the coach needs to be fired? In all your previous posts you seem to indicate that a government school coach has the right to proselytize to children attending a government school. Whatever religion that coach is practicing is irrelevant, right?
  10. More ignorance surrounding the word "captive". I know it's hard for you to understand but it doesn't necessarily mean "cuffs and shackles". Let's do a hypothetical here. Let's say your son or daughter came home from their government school basketball game, where they are a member of the team, and said "Dad, Coach Jones led us all in a prayer in the locker room before and after the game. It was a non-Christian (aka Muslin, Wiccan, Satanic, etc.) prayer." What would be your response? Would it be to simply "walk away" or would you also wish to have words with the coach himself and/or his superiors?
  11. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/marion-county/2018/08/17/lucas-oil-stadium-indianapolis-colts-ncaa-final-four-public-stadium-financing/879179002/ Easy to do unless you are a captive student in a government room classroom, or a government school football player in the locker room. Bobref and I have gone over this before.
  12. Go for it. It could end up like this: Now Satanic Temple of Seattle wants prayer time on the 50-yard line, too: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/brace-for-field-day-on-bremertons-50-yard-line/
  13. I reserve the label "taxpayer funded boondoggle" primarily for sport stadiums, like Lucas Oil, in which almost all consistently lose money then come back begging to the taxpayers for more. A taxpayer subsidized building and it's emotional appeal are two different things.
  14. Click on your GID username is the upper right hand corner of the page. There should be a menu options labeled "ignored users". From there I believe you can add/remove individual GID users.