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  1. When did this thread become about the realignment of teams into respective classes? I thought it was to discuss how teams are selected to participate in a tournament, regardless of class. If you want to discuss the pros and cons of promotion/relegation then by all means start a new thread or resurrect one of the existing ones.
  2. Again, you are confusing promotion/relegation with how teams are entered into a tournament. They are two different things. Please stay on topic.
  3. ? The players always change. Thanks, Mr. Obvious, but I don't understand what that has do with not supporting a performance based method for who is allowed to participate in a tournament.
  4. The question for Caston is how long can it survive as a viable government school corporation? They are not the only school either partially or wholly serving Fulton county to close. Anybody remember Kewanna high school? A friend of my spouse is a graduate of that now closed institution.
  5. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/10/18/football-participation-down-small-high-schools-bear-brunt-caston-edinburgh-forfeit/1603287002/ Pride alone cannot sustain a marginal program, at least not for long. Contraction is the logical answer.
  6. Muda69

    Seeded sectionals

    And one that has been used against me in various arguments over the years. Just repaying the favor.
  7. Muda69

    Seeded sectionals

    Because IMHO chances to win a state title via a tournament should not just be given out for free, they should be earned. Simple enough. And again, emotional statistical outliers are just that, outliers.
  8. Muda69

    Seeded sectionals

    Yes, I would support that. So guaranteed tournament game = everybody gets a trophy. Got it.
  9. So that is your reason for not supporting a performance based method in who is allowed to participate in a tournament? And btw, that is different from a system of promotion/relegation.
  10. Muda69

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Agreed. The players at schools like OSU know they are really nothing more than unpaid cogs in a money making machine. If a player can escape to the NFL earlier than originally planned, more power to him.
  11. Then I don't understand your "pick your poison" comment. Using what metrics, and compared to what other performance-based systems?
  12. So are you saying the cluster system is the only regular season performance based system used to select teams for a state tournament?
  13. But now we have the opposite where 1-8 and 0-9 teams are in the tournament and being rewarded with home games and first round byes.
  14. Hence my statement that basketball is still king when it comes to Indiana high school athletics.