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  1. Seasonal immigration had been happening in and around Frankfort/Clinton county for decades, primarily for seasonal agriculture work (picking tomatoes, beans, etc.) Some individuals just decided to stay, find other jobs, and raise a family. Then when the large scale illegal immigration from Mexico started those individuals looked for place where they may already have family/friends, so many came to Frankfort. A number of small factories in and around Frankfort were happy to hire them, as well as surrounding industries in Lebanon, Logansport, Lafayette, Delphi, etc.
  2. https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/overview.aspx?type=school&id=0997
  3. I'm not surprised. The majority of Frankfort High School's student body hail from a culture where soccer is the primary sport, not American football.
  4. Poor to middling. lol, having a soccer game before/after to the varsity football game in order to increase the gate? Regarding that: 1. Frankfort has a separate soccer field, they do not share it with the football field. 2. When you drive by the soccer field during a game their are always dozens of people sitting outside the fence, either on a small hill at the south end of the soccer field or along the sidewalk adjoining Maish Road. People do that so they can effectively watch the game for free.
  5. That is probably true. And I hear players are starting to abandon ship.
  6. Why? As recently as 2011 the Hot Dogs went 0-11. The last three games of that season they were outscored 146-0.
  7. Muda69

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    You are probably right. The refs would call the game before it got to that level. A lot of Frankfort players could probably get hurt.
  8. Yes, we do. See Frankfort High School as a prime example.
  9. It's only 59 miles from Arcadia to the South 9th Street Ivory Tower. Just saying................
  10. Yeah, scuttlebutt around town is he bailed because there is little to no football talent walking the halls of FHS, apathy abounds, and he couldn't stand to coach another 1-9 or 0-10 team. Hats off to Mr. Byers for taking on a literal no win situation.
  11. Yes, we do: http://indianahsfootball.homestead.com/files/logsFrankfort.htm#loaded https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/overview.aspx?type=school&id=0997
  12. Muda69

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    lol, this is Frankfort's homecoming game and Western Boone won't even have to dress their varsity starters. The Stars JV should be able to handle the hapless "4A" Hot Dogs without any issues. 96-0 (never forget) is a real possibility.
  13. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24703207/buffalo-bills-cb-vontae-davis-abruptly-retires-football-half-vs-los-angeles-chargers I don't remember ever seeing this before.
  14. Yes, pretty much this. Also there isn't much risk if the website is still running http and it's a static site where you don't have to login or submit any other kind of information. Those kinds of sites are becoming increasingly rare, however.
  15. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/putnam-co-football-coach-banned-accused-of-head-butting-student-telling-another-to-commit-suicide/77-593181081 Power can corrupt, especially when it is power over children.