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  1. MarshallCounty


    Sectional play...Step Up or Step Out.
  2. Let's go Vikings, take State. http://www.inkfreenews.com/2018/10/11/vikings-unified-in-its-march-to-state/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  3. MarshallCounty

    NIC Week # 8

    Tip of the cap to the Jimmies for sporting the helmet decal. #class #respect #km
  4. MarshallCounty

    HNAC Week 8

    Great win by Triton. Congrats.
  5. MarshallCounty

    NIC Week # 8

    The Lions were flat, but that isn't an excuse. Campbell the Jimmie QB was good last night. The Lions had a lot of miscues in coverage in defense. Time to regroup.
  6. MarshallCounty

    2018 PCS rankings - Week 8

    Thanks Rudy, always enjoy it.
  7. MarshallCounty

    HNAC Week 8

    Thoughts and prayers for the Triton Trojan community after the passing of legendary educator and wrestling icon Sam Davis. RIP
  8. MarshallCounty

    what contraction?

    I have spoken to a number of individuals from different schools in SE Indiana. They are seeing numbers down in all sports. Soccer numbers are down, cross country numbers are down, tennis numbers are down. Students are shying away from extra-curricular numbers for whatever reason in this part of the state.
  9. MarshallCounty

    John Glenn

    Bremen has had numbers fluctuate like that recently. I expect Glenn to turn the tide next year. Should be more respectable. Also goes to show what a difference a coach can make for a program. My nephew graduated a few years ago from LaVille. When he was there they were at the bottom, Howtraser came in and turned around the culture. Was impressed by them when they beat Bremen the last year in the NSC.
  10. MarshallCounty

    John Glenn

    Peaks and Valleys, a lot of places go through peaks and valleys. Glenn is at a low point, I suspect it will turn around.
  11. MarshallCounty

    Favorite Rivalry games

    Another game up north that I have had the pleasure of seeing is the game between Tippy Valley and Rochester "The Bell Game". Valley just won on Friday, handing the Zebras their first loss of the season.
  12. MarshallCounty

    Favorite Rivalry games

    The Mangy Lion Game in Elkhart is a pretty cool game.
  13. MarshallCounty

    Favorite Rivalry games

    Jimtown had our number for a long stretch, but in the last 8 years or so Bremen has closed the gap. I always respect Jimtown, you won't find me ever hating on them. I root for them to when every game except 1in every sport.
  14. MarshallCounty

    WEEK # 7 in the NIC

    I don't know if he was putting down a team, just pointing out that if Bremen has done this to the South Bend School, what would Penn of done to them. The NSC schools joining the NIC I believe is a good thing for Penn because it gives them scheduling flexibility.
  15. MarshallCounty

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    All the Bremen fans I spoke with thought the flag was not necessary, it was in good fun.