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  1. TCfootball70

    ICC Week 6 Pick Em

    Heritage at Park Tudor Lutheran at Scecina Monrovia at Beech Grove Speedway at Washington Triton Central at Cardinal Ritter My Picks: Park Tudor Scecina Monrovia Speedway Triton Central
  2. TCfootball70

    ICC Week 5 Pick Em

    Beech Grove at Brown County Indian Creek at Triton Central Lutheran at Park Tudor Scecina at Roncalli Linton at Cardinal Ritter Monrovia at Speedway My Picks: Beech Grove Triton Central Lutheran Roncalli Linton Monrovia
  3. TCfootball70

    Week 5 IFCA Coaches Poll

    Just imagine if Cathedral, Roncalli, and New Pal were all playing in the class of their enrollment!
  4. TCfootball70

    ICC Week 4 Pick Em

    Cardinal Ritter at Speedway Scecina at Beech Grove Oldenburg at Lutheran Park Tudor at Traders Point Triton Central at Monrovia My Picks: Cardinal Ritter Scecina Lutheran Park Tudor Triton Central
  5. TCfootball70

    ICC Week 3 Pick Em

    Beech Grove Triton Central Brebeuf Jesuit Scecina Monrovia
  6. TCfootball70

    ICC Pick'em Week 2

    Beech Grove Monrovia Cardinal Ritter Scecina Triton Central
  7. TCfootball70

    Indiana Crossroads Conference Pick Em Week 1

    Lutheran Cardinal Ritter Triton Central Scecina Speedway
  8. Park Tudor is leaving the conference after this year and Cascade will be replacing them. More info in the press release: https://twitter.com/Cadethletics/status/1007051401661435905
  9. Well, I will have to go back to my original comment since you claim next year's schedule is weak. "Kokomo and Center Grove = Weak 🤔" I will agree that the quality of the HHC has dipped in last 4-5 years, but prior to that it was a very strong conference with multiple teams often in the top 10 of 3a and 4a. Still if New Pal was in their enrollment class of 4a, they'd have been middle of the pack in SOS last year according to Sagarin. Wouldn't call it strong, but not necessarily weak either.
  10. My feelings are just fine. If you are going to quote Sagarin in response to a comment of mine that mentions the schedule of this coming year, then the inferred reference is to this coming years schedule. I am starting to realize a logical conversation cannot be had with you about this, but enjoy your dots...
  11. Odd you quote sagarin here. 2018 rankings with SOS are far from coming out and SOS rankings from 2017 do not include this year's schedule. So, I'm failing to see how that is a source for 2018 SOS? So...yeah...
  12. Kokomo and Center Grove = weak 🤔