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  1. NVKnights

    Western Indiana Conference

    Greencastle is in the West. Edgewood is the East team you are missing.
  2. NVKnights

    WRC 2017

    South Vermillion just got themselves a good coach, as has been rumored for a bit... Rick Semmler‏@Rick_Sports10 Big high school football news! Greg Barrett has stepped down at North Putnam.He's heading to South Vermillion to be Wildcats new head coach
  3. Broad Ripple is also a bit of a surprise to see receiving votes
  4. NVKnights

    Sectional Assignments

  5. Nevermind- just saw other thread
  6. Maybe I am ignorant, but why are we adding Plainfield into the 5A Sectionals? Did I miss something?
  7. NVKnights

    4A Sectional Predictions

    Are you missing Evansville Central? They are 4A...
  8. Noticed a tweet yesterday from IHSAA saying that Sectional Alignments would be released no EARLIER than May 4th. Also saw that official classes will be released mid-afternoon today.
  9. And almost 3,000 more than the lowest school in 6A! That is crazy!
  10. I remember Tim Conner - he was like a Human Eraser on defense!
  11. I had a much lower enrollment number for Muncie - where do you see the new number?
  12. By my numbers, LaPorte is the largest at 1,983 and Evansville North is the smallest (other than NewPal) at 1,513... FYI, largest in 4A by these numbers is Jennings County at 1,487
  13. Here is my guess - but only using schools that HAVE to be in 5A - New Palestine bumps up due to success, the other 32 schools are the next largest using the enrollment numbers I have. If anyone has any concrete evidence that there will be a firm cutoff at a different number of teams I would love to hear it. Again this is my first time at this so feel free to criticize (nicely!) LaPorte High School 9 Adams High School 9 Michigan City High Sch 9 Munster High School 9 Elkhart Memorial High School 10 Elkhart Central High School 10 Goshen High School 10 Concord Community High School 10 Jefferson High School 11 Kokomo High School 11 McCutcheon High School 11 William Henry Harrison High Sch 11 Anderson High School 12 R Nelson Snider High School 12 Huntington North High School 12 North Side High School 12 Westfield High School 13 Zionsville Community High Sch 13 Decatur Central High School 13 Plainfield High School 13 Whiteland Community High Sch 14 Floyd Central High School 14 Franklin Community High Sch 14 New Palestine High School 14 Columbus East High School 15 Bloomington High School South 15 Bedford-North Lawrence High School 15 Martinsville High School 15 Bloomington High School North 15 Terre Haute North Vigo High Sch 16 Castle High School 16 Terre Haute South Vigo High Sch 16 North High School 16
  14. Once again, there is some confusion with how the IDOE has their numbers shown - http://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/enrollment.aspx?type=school&id=4741 If you click on this link, there are 150 students shown as "Pre-K" - so those obviously wouldn't be included in the high school enrollment, giving LaPorte 1,981 students by the last count. The smallest school I have in 6A (not named Cathedral) is New Albany with 1,996 students. Like Coach said, LaPorte is showing the highest enrollment in 5A. Got my reply in right after CavemenFB - ditto what he said!