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  1. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    All Home Teams
  2. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Regional Championships

    CarMel The Grove MC hammer ZVille z-pac NP noparking FourWheelDrive > LandOLakes heaven EVC BL next pp snack for WL NOT lol BC Woody STARS Luther Stangs SW WL eats their lunch .... way to go Brebruf.......
  3. Hoosier Conference 2017

    And then ther was PP killer WL scratch LCC ... Andrean .... next up ... Brebeuf Jesuit .....
  4. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    The Knight defense was a no show ... not a single punt by the Panthers ? The O was respectable and was surprisrd at STeams .... LCC lost 2 of the 3 facets badly .... The Panther running game is impressive and who knows if they can pass .... they may not need too .... i dont think its as strong a running game as RCs title team ..... but still impressive.... they r def vulerable to the pass ..... they could b taken out ... jus not sure if ther is anyone left w the right skill sets to do it .... nice win Panthers ... looked like a coulple injuries hopefully minor. The Knights will jus have to get better ... or get used to it :) With a decent D and solid ST play think they could have givin em a game ... credit goes to Pioneer ... good game.... good luck...
  5. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Oh yeah.... that one was a biggie!! may both teams come thru injury free...
  6. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I believe that was JDKnights team was it not?
  7. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Mayb Tippy could dig it up . ... but i cant think of any LCC team overcoming bein 30pt dogs
  8. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Championship

    EB P Miss WL McC THN CA MM BG LV Attica EG S MC
  9. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    That works too!! cant thank takkel4 enuff .... :)
  10. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I think 10 Our Fathers and 20 Hail Marys should cover the offense .... but what do i know ... the priest may go harder on him .... to render takkle4 his pound of flesh :)
  11. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Ohhh.... idk ... i think theyre gonna attemp to do jus what he said ... makes sense .... eek out some success right up the gut ...if they can execute the timing... ...rather than goin wide vrs the panther speed .... stay 2 dimentional and keep em off balance seems like a good plan .... And... PLAY DEFENSE.... mite give the knights a punchers chance in this one LoL
  12. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Well.... that wòuld b one way to keep the score down .... another would b.... to play some DEFENSE .... LoL
  13. Sectional 29 Championship

    For yrs to come..... funny u say that ... due to family freindships that go back to Purdue in the 50s ...ive followed Ritter FB since the late 70s..... its very odd to me that outside of when LCC was facing closure .... that the 2 schools appear to track pretty close together of when their up and when their down .... very strange
  14. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Mayb ... 42-3 ? 12 seems a bit generous :)