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  1. Eastern Hancock Coach

    There was zero pressure on him to step down he wants to spend more time with his family and his grandchildren he is done coaching football, I would say our wins or losses are pretty good !!
  2. https://twitter.com/KyleNeddenriep/status/938034277496868865 Coach O'Hara moving on !!
  3. Cant blame the IHSAA for "letting this happen" they are in the tournament and by luck of the draw played Chatard. Why would they not play the game ? BR chose to play in the tournament. So not much anyone can do. Doesn't really matter who they drew tbh.
  4. Several of those teams that got beat bad are pretty decent teams. !!
  5. Did I just log on Harrell's
  6. That teams does a lot of annoying things
  7. 3rd down in 20 accepting failure and handing the ball off for a 2 yard gain, hate that
  8. Game announcing

    I have been announcing football and basketball for 13 years I do not do any of the "rah rah stuff" it's annoying when I go to other schools so I sure as heck don't do it, I will announce what happened on the play who had the Carry, Who made the catch etc. and who made the play on defense no matter which team it is, equal for both teams, worst thing I did this year was call Lapel, Shenandoah by mistake, I cannot apologize to Lapel enough for that insult. I do say offsides instead of encroachment, I don't need 15 football moms texting me asking me what that is.
  9. Finally excited for one of our Eastern Hancock games. Schedule has been pretty easy so far Monroe Central will be a huge test for us, should be a good one
  10. Jarett Lewis, Eastern Hancock quarterback as of last night he owns every Eastern Hancock passing record in school history.
  11. Random question but is the wheel heavy and take effort to spin ?

    Eastern Hancock hosts Centerville Yawnnnnn !!!
  13. Senior Football player Riley Settergren was killed Wednesday in a car crash in Northeast Hancock County. Riley would have been a starting defensive back this season. His brother Chase will wear his #30 this season, and then the number will be retired. The team voted Riley team Captain on Thursday morning. It has been a very tough week for all of us at EH but it has also been amazing to see the community and school come together this past week. Today is the viewing and tomorrow is the funeral. Please keep the EH community in your thoughts this week. Thanks http://www.wthr.com/article/eastern-hancock-high-school-student-killed-in-crash
  14. Sectionals are out

    As an Eastern Hancock fan, i'm not real thrilled with having Scecina in our Sectional, hate losing Northeastern. Enjoyed ending their season most years