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  1. SemiState Scores

    Any stream of this game??
  2. That's EXACTLY the point of this topic that I started. At what point - if EVER at all - do we get away from a crappy field being "just part of the game?" Especially this late in the tournament? OR do we just go nostalgic style and say "hey, that's part of it?" I agree with your statement that BD/Avon doesn't have anything to do with Pioneer/MC on grass....but let's just say I'm Pioneer or MC and my cleats/ankles are caked in mud, I can't do half of what's gotten me to this point in the season...I feel like this field is affecting my teams performance and a chance at the State title game.... Yet my other 1A counterparts in the South are playing on field-turf?? Is this a fair scenario??
  3. I guess what I was trying to get at-or ask -is the "fairness" of the situation? Half of the State will be playing on fields that are less than spectacular at this time of year, and can be a factor in the ballgame...where as the other half of the State the field will not be an issue. Is this a case of "it is what it is" or is there something that can be done?
  4. I had not heard that. So did they move it from a natural playing surface to field turf?? I'm not familiar with the FT Wayne area- does Dwenger have their own field and what did the IHSAA deem unacceptable??
  5. So-never really started a topic on my own. Been a long time reader of the forum-enjoy the discussion and banter. I'm curious first of all of how many games are being played this weekend on field turf fields as opposed to natural surfaces?? With weather in the forecast, has there been any thoughts of moving any games? I don't really have an opinion one way or the other- but I imagine I'd be frustrated if I was having to play for a chance at State and the field was a muddy mess when half the teams in the state aren't having to deal with such things?? I know some ol timers will say it's "November football" and you have to deal with the elements- I get that. Just curious as to others thoughts?? Is there any credence to neutral site semi-states every year to avoid such things??
  6. Kind of a "jerkish" statement - I know it's you and War Daddy's thing but really at this point in the season ...let it go man. Or not, whatever. Generally we try and encourage fellow conference schools in the tournament, but I guess some (individuals) will have that jealousy factor.
  7. I know most of the "tri-state" was at the "marquee" Gibson Southern v Memorial showdown- but for those that came to this game it was unreal. I've been around a lot of football in my life- and this was one of the best I've seen.
  8. So how good is Scenia without the HSE transfer/recruit?? Not trying to stir anything- just a legitimate question...are they still at this point playing for a regional??
  9. What is the "style of offense" that you speak of?
  10. That number seems kinda "skewed" considering we spotted ya like the first 6. I believe in the last 8 meetings, the record stands at 4 wins apiece.
  11. Southern Indiana is fortunate to have 2 great...dare I say "showcase".... sectional championship games Friday. I will always root for the PAC first and foremost (especially when playing the "vaunted" SIAC) - but don't come blasting over here acting like yours is the only show in town!
  12. Your scoring rundown is a bit off. Raiders score TD in first quarter but only end half with 3 points?? It was 10-7 at half (Miner blocked punt for TD, 2 pt conversion, and safety for 10 points)...Raiders kick field goal to make it 10-10...Cox long Run 16-10, Raiders answer 17-16.
  13. I gave you my proposed "seeding criteria" in an above post. Don't have time to look at each individual sectional you asked..I'm not sitting in a seminar with that kinda time!!