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  1. Ok Mr. Know-it-all...I was off by a yard (which in my defense- I was actually told by an official this year it was 3) but wasn't off in my "understanding of the rule" . My original premise- with the rise of RPO teams this rule needs to be more strictly enforced and isn't. In fact it is often just blatantly missed/ignored...as explained to me above, I guess officials have too many other things to be watching- like a coaches placement on the sideline.
  2. Well - I played in a RPO scheme in college so I have a pretty good idea of it's concepts as well as the rules regulating them. As I understand it, at both the College and High School level the lineman are allowed a "3 yard window" downfield when it comes to pass protection. I would be more in favor of the NFL's 1 yard ...but I digress. Most of the RPO schemes are built around a "zone-blocking" concept which in some cases, keeps the lineman moving laterally for a good bit...however when an uncovered lineman is trying to reach a LB, yet the ball is flying over his head for a pass - to me something is wrong there. I've seen it too many times to count - yet the officials I've encountered seem to give the benefit of the doubt to that "3 yard window" ...... To me its more of a problem of the way the rule is written I guess - to much in this direction and you'll have chaos all over!! We'll look like little 3 graders out there just running around playing ball.
  3. Rules Ideas

    OK - switching gears from the sideline debate. I brought this up in another thread that was on the regular forum, but it didn't gain much traction nor generate any response from any officials, so I'll try again on this thread. Illegal men downfield?? With the advent of all these RPO teams and having built-in pass plays packaged with runs ...why isn't ineligible man downfield called more often? Seriously, I don't understand why officials seem to refuse to call this rule? Most of these RPO plays are packaged with a "zone-blocking" scheme in which the lineman are taking more "lateral" steps than gaining any ground...I get that. But when the uncovered lineman...say the Center..is trying to reach our ILB and is standing right next to the middle official when a pass is thrown?? I don't get it?? Does that play happen to fast that the official just doesn't want to throw his flag?? I could show examples of numerous plays from our past season...to me it is sort of becoming an epidemic that if not handled will change the way the game is played, turning it into a sort of playground mess.
  4. Yup - I get the fact that officials have a million things to watch - but this - in my opinion- is the MOST missed call among officials.
  5. Rules Ideas

    I gotcha ...and am in total agreement with you. When the play is LIVE, officials should have their area. They shouldn't have to worry about me as a coach on the sideline. If you go back and read my entire post...my issue is with the official who has a problem with me trying to communicate with a DB on the opposite side of the field when no snap is innement.
  6. Rules Ideas

    I just don't get the "purpose/why" . I get the safety issue of the official. If he runs into a coach, by all means, flag the sideline and make it a 15 yard penalty. If the official is getting unfairly...or fairly for that matter, berated on the sideline by coaches, sure, toss the flag and give the team a 15 yard penalty. What I do NOT get, and get frustrated with....is when I'm trying to COACH. Yes, we coaches try and be as prepared as possible leading up to the game so that instruction is minimal during game time...but believe it or not, situations come up where my voice is needed...and is needed to be HEARD. 3 feet may not seem like much...but what is the big deal if the play/ball isn't "live" and I'm trying to yell instructions to my Defensive Back across the field?? I personally appreciate the officials who "get it" and allow a little leeway within the rule.
  7. Rules Ideas

    HA!! Good luck with that
  8. Watching some Pro football today (something I don't get to do a lot during the season) and it dawned on me - "is there a penalty in high school football that results in an automatic first down?" I'm not talking when the 15 yards a PI gets you outs you past the chains....I'm asking on like a 2 and 23 and your QB gets roughed- that is an automatic first down correct?? I seem to remember a "goal-to-go "situation we had during the season where an unsportsmanlike was called on the opposing team- yet I don't believe we were granted a new set of downs?? So- what are the penalties that come with an automatic first down in high school?
  9. 40-Second Play Clock

    From a coaches perspective, I'm not sure I've noticed THAT much of a difference. I'd be interested to hear from a official's perspective how they have received the change? I imagine they (officials) would be more apt to side with the old style 25 second clock as it gave them more control over when the play would start and such....?? Don't know though.
  10. I genuinely dislike posting still images or even discussing calls because again- we're all human and officiating crews are all out there trying to do their best. This conversation has already gone on WAY longer than I had anticipated/wanted. The whole point was -yes, an official missed a call on the 2 pt try...but they missed others along the way as well (as pointed out, the above scenario happened on more than one occasion in the game) some people just can't quit needling and I have the typical male DNA to have to prove that I was correct.
  11. Geez you guys wear me out - I know what I'm talking about and yes, it did happen on multiple occasions. Sorry for the size of pictures, I'm not tech savy enough to shrink them.
  12. Yup...about 3 times throughout the course of the game - and no flag was thrown. Again - it is what it is - my only point was to point out to Mr. Know it all that calls were missed on both sides. In the end we are STATE CHAMPS and thats all that matters!
  13. Then it goes to Sagarin ...pretty simple actually.
  14. I know the difference and I can reference at least 3 times in the game this happened but was not called. Again - officials miss things and its part of the game - I wasn't going to bring it up till Mr. Smarty pants had to get on here and I was simply trying to illustrate that missed calls are part of the game.
  15. And I commend the IFCA for at least trying to get the ball rolling on something (seeding) that should have taken place long ago. My only complaint is that the IFCA only takes into account the opinions of AD's and Head Coaches - while being a dues paying member of the IFCA- I can only voice my opinion on message boards like these. But..ah is the life of a lowly peon I guess