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  1. what makes high school football more enjoyable then Pro's and NCAA is the lack of outside interference to the game. I agree with Muda as well keep it simple and quit whining if a bad call is made. And I've seen some good ones, the best is the refs calling an obvious missed extra point good, it went so far left that one of the chain gang could have caught it. The whole stadium was in awe of that one. *%#!?* it up buttercup
  2. If i recall correctly, it was the Center Grove AD or Head coach who approached New Pals AD with the offer for a two year agreement. There was a story sometime back in the Greenfield Daily Reporter concerning the addition of CG to New Pal for the next two years. For the record I think New Pal is making a mistake playing CG, just not much to gain even if by some miracle they can win or even be competitive. It's not like they will see them in any post season play. Guess you can say they didn't shy away from a challenge or something like that. I just hope they can come out of the game injury free. Now Kokomo does make more sense since there may be a possibility of post season play. There has been a lot of turnover the past couple of years on Hoosier Heritage coaches (PH, Yorktown, New Castle, Mt Vernon, New Pal). As mentioned before some usually regular teams are stepping up the intensity with these new coaches. Now with Mt. Vernon added to that club it will be an interesting time with the coaching changes.
  3. FYI From the IHSAA website for 2018 -2019 enrollment numbers. Center Grove 2500, Zionsville 1928, Whiteland 1845, Kokomo 1769, Columbus E. 1534, Greenfield Cent 1510, Pendleton Hts 1421, Mt Vernon (Fort) 1227, Cathedral 1184, Roncalli 1184, Shelbyville 1156, New Pal 1119, New Castle 1023, Delta 871, Yorktown 801, Chatard 700 New Pal is the bottom half for size in the Hoosier Heritage. I added the others for reference of past and future non conference opponents. Interesting how Cathedral and Roncalli have identical enrollments! Tin foil hat anyone?
  4. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    Having followed the Hancock county teams and New Pal more closely I have noticed Coach Ralph appears to let the starters play full pedal to the metal for three quarters, come sometime in the fourth if you pay attention he starts to substitute players until eventually it's the JV team. CrimsonAce attempted to point this out last year in some of his post, haven't seen him lately though. You should be able to confirm this by looking at the quarters when New Pal scores its TD's. Of course it doesn't help that they play in one of the most underwhelming conferences in the state. To my memory the Hoosier Heritage has a pretty poor tourney record. But you play the hand you are dealt.
  5. Thanks, that explains it. I've only had the pleasure of watching Cathedral play New Pal once at a regional. At that time the total listed offensive lineman for Cathedral was four times New Pals total linemen for both O and D. The shear number of players is a huge advantage. I remember New Pal was beat like a drum that night.
  6. I don't mean to rile up anybody or imply anything but when Cathedral uses another schools field for a home game do they pay a fee to use it. Fields and stadiums require maintenance. Just curious.
  7. HHC - Week 1

    Mostly guessing. Aug. 18 Anderson at Yorktown, Yorktown Centerville at Delta, Delta Eastern Hancock at Greenfield-Central, Greenfield Franklin County at New Castle, Franklin county. Hamilton Heights at Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Muncie Central at Pendleton Heights, Muncie central New Palestine at Whiteland, Whiteland Shelbyville at Greensburg, Shelbyville
  8. 5A - 2017

    Having watched the New Pal scrimmage last Friday I would think they should not be ranked. They struggled all night to get anything to click. They need a lot of work to be competitive. I would say they do not even get out of sectional. See how they do against Whiteland this Friday., not sure what they have coming back but I wouldn't be surprised if Whiteland beats them with room to spare.
  9. From what I saw at the New Pal scrimmage tonight they should not be ranked this year. They still need a lot of work to be competitive. Good chance they loose the conference title,. Will almost certainly lose to Whiteland, the question is how bad. Most likely not make it past sectionals.
  10. 2014 Cathedral football schedule

    Burtal yes, but the Irish can hang with the big boys. Maybe even more brutal for their opponents.
  11. New Pal vs Columbus East

    My prediction is the team with the most points at the end wins.
  12. Chatard at New Palestine

    EastofIndy, on 13 Nov 2013 - 16:47, said: h0tr0d, on 13 Nov 2013 - 08:42, said: Just curious on the both of yours thoughts on the game? The game was awsome from the New Pal side of things, I do have to admit before the game I fell victim to the PP syndrome and did not have much hope of NP winning. I have been in the stands for the New Pal v Chatard and Cathedral regional games in the past and have always came away disappointed. The game was hard fought and was tied at half. I think New Pal just came out with a bigger chip on their shoulder and just grinded out the second half of the game. Of course if Chatard wouldn't have stalled on the last drive we'd most likely be seeing a Chatard v Columbus East game tomorrow. I am more of a believer now and hope that they have enough in them to beat Columbus East. It's another week and another game. Don't live on the past, get better from it. Go Dragons
  13. New Pal vs Columbus East

    Having watched sectional 21 (NP,MV,GC, PH, etc) suffer at the hands of Cathedral / Chatard for years, it gets to be a love / hate relation. You love the challange and opprotunity to play them and measure your ability against the best, you hate the numerous outcomes where it seems you never make any progress. Looking forward to a heck of a game in Columbus. Some interesting matchups. Go Dragons.
  14. By this time in the year the teams are pretty well tuned up. The big factors in games like this will be coaching and intangibles. The rain may very well be one of those intangibles. Good luck to the Royals
  15. Chatard at New Palestine

    Advantage Running game Chatard by alot Passing game New Pal a little better Overall offense Chatard Run defense Equal Pass defense Chatard Overall defense Chatard Special teams Chatard by alot Coaching Chatard (lots of experience) Outcome; Chatard wins due to coaching (most important in my opinion) and experience, they have been here way too many times. Feeder program is awsome. New Pals inexperience and size is their downfall. very solid players at all positions.